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I'd like to second Demera as among the best Ethiopian spots, if not the best. I was there for the first time a week ago. Two of us shared a vegetarian sampler (you pick your own dishes for it) and a meat sampler (again, you pick your own dishes for it). Dishes were nicely spiced and flavorful; the injera bread was the best I've had. Comfortable setting and good service.

May 27, 2008
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

Seeking Seafood in Evanston

Bonefish Grill has a location just west of Evanston in Skokie. Bonefish is a mini-chain, but I've always found the fish fresh, perfectly cooked (frequently grilled) and sauced.

Jan 10, 2008
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

Best buffalo wings near downtown??

I've always loved the Buffalo Wings at the Goose Island Brewpub - the original one on Clybourne near North. I've not been to the Wrigleyville outlet.

Jan 08, 2008
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

Appetizers before the Opera?

I would appreciate recommendations for restaurants serving tasty appetizers that I could dine at before attending the Lyric Opera. The restaurant needs to be within a short walk - say 5 to 10 minutes - of the opera (30 N. Wacker Dr.). Many thanks.

Nov 07, 2007
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

inexpensive date night downtown

Kan Zama, a Lebanese restaurant, is very good and reasonably priced - that there are a few tables where you sit on rugs on a raised floor adds to the fun for some people.
Kan Zaman
617 N. Wells

P.S. I posted this as a reply to the Quartino responses only because there seemed to be some technical problem for me in repying to the original post.

Sep 07, 2007
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

Xel-Ha is closed

Last night we had a reservation at Xel-Ha, the new Yucatan-style Mexican restaurant that had Chowhounders had recommended but which we'd not yet been to. When we got there it was closed - no sign saying anything about it. We called, and the answering machine said something about a lease problem and that they were hoping to reopen at another location. We hope it all works out; we're sorry to have missed sampling their cooking; we'll certainly go if they reopen; but we wish we'd been called since they took our number when we made the reservation. As a result we strolled south one block to Kan Zaman and had a delightful time. The beef shish-kabob was the hit of the night.

Aug 09, 2007
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

Where is the best Canolli in Chicago?

The cannoli, and much else, at La Scarola, 721 W. Grand, is always delish.

Aug 07, 2007
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

Skagway to Emerald Lake: Food Recs Please

We are planning a drive from Skagway, Alaska to Emerald Lake in the Yukon. Recommendations for good eats along the way would be greatly appreciated.

Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan

For our cruise port days, we'd appreciate any recommendations on great food. Thanks!

Anchorage Recommendations

Need recommendation for an early dinner in Anchorage. Downtown preferred. I've read about the Glacier Brew House; any opinions on the beer and the food would be greatly appreciated; but I'm certainly open to dining at whatever places seems the tastiest. Many thanks.

Must eats in Juneau, Stagway, & Ketchikan

Chris and all, thanks for this report. We will be stopping in all these same ports in August. I am also looking for food recs for the drive from Skagway up to Emerald Lake, plus any other thoughts on these ports, if anyone has them. thanks!

Jun 24, 2007
chowhunt46 in Pacific Northwest

Cape Cod Room, yea or nay?

Depending on your interest in traveling to Evanston, I recommend Oceanique on Main Street as a marvelous fish and seafood restaurant. It describes itself as a French-American sea food restaurant.

Jun 21, 2007
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

Wilmette/Glenview for drinks & dinner

Bonefish, though a chain, features a nice array of tasty fish dishes - particularly those that are simply grilled and sauced. They also have a range of wine, beer, and bar drinks for a happy hour. It gets crowded on weekends, so make reservations. The location near the intersection of Grosse Point Road and Skokie Boulevard fits your location requirement.

May 23, 2007
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

Solo diner - near Northbrook Hilton

If steak is what you're looking for, I've always enjoyed the Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse in Northbrook. It's in the Renaissance North Shore Hotel on Skokie Boulevard, just south of Dundee Road.

Mar 28, 2007
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

Top 3 Hot Dogs

I love the recently opened Fredhots and Fries, in Glenview, a near north suburb just off the Edens expressway. It deserves a longer post. It does all the usual suspects well - dogs, polish, burgers - and exotic sausages, like cajun chicken, elk, and reindeer (for Christmas). It also has a sandwich of the day, like marinated grilled pork. The fries - which are not crunchy enough for me (but neither are Hot Doug's) - are wonderfully perked up by the accompanying belgian garlic mayo, or aoli mayo, etc. A friendly staff. And they are open until 7 PM.

FRedhots and Fries
1707 Chestnut Ave

Jan 26, 2007
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

great greek for birthday-- start to finish!

Try Periyali on Milwaukee in Glenview.

Nov 03, 2006
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

Seville and Granada, Recommendations please

I would appreciate recommendations for restaurant and tapas bars for an upcoming trip to Seville and Granada. Upscale or downscale, doesn't matter, so long as the food is fresh and prepared in a way that makes for memorable dining. I've searched the boards, and know this has been discussed before; but usually without addresses or an indication of an area of town where the restaurant or bar is located. Seeing the best recommendations again, preferably with an indication of the area of town, or an address, would be helpful. Many thanks.

Oct 19, 2006
chowhunt46 in Spain/Portugal

3 days in Baltimore

Thanks for all the replies. It has given me lots to plan on and vastly improved my chances for good chow.

Tiki Drinks

With the closing of Trader Vics I need advice as to where to find good tropical (tiki) drinks anywhere in the Chicago area. The food is a very secondary consideration. Although places in Chicago are easier to get to, recommendations throughout the area are welcome. In particular, how do the drinks at the Tiki Terrace and Hala Kahiki compare. A recent post talked about the food at those places and that is what put this subject on my mind.

Oct 06, 2006
chowhunt46 in Chicago Area

3 days in Baltimore

Chicago hound visiting Baltimore for 3 days needs lunch and dinner recommendations. I am especially interested in fish. Upscale or downscale, doesn't matter, so long as it's fresh and prepared in a way that makes for memorable dining. Nonfish recommendations, too, if you have a personal favorite. I'm staying in in Habor area. Many thanks for any tips.