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Saratoga Racing Season Restaurant

Hi, coming up during racing season for our annual visit. Looking for a good restaurant suggestion, it seems lots of places have closed recently that I searched for. No specific requirements as far as food, prices up to $30 for entrees I would say. Going to Chianti one night, so maybe not Italian, but anything else works. Thanks.

Looking for top 2 restaurants in Saratoga Springs

Thanks for the suggestions. Price doesn't really matter, just looking for good meals.

Saratoga Help! Can't remember...

It must be Dine then!! The location sounds right on! I didn't realize this was as popular a restaurant. I always heard of One Caroline, Mouzon House, Chianti, etc, but hadn't heard that one mentioned as much. What a shame it closed, we really enjoyed it. Thanks for the help!!!

One Caroline we've been to a few times and always liked. Hattie's I have heard of and have never been to. Perhaps we'll give that a shot. Thank you!

Saratoga Help! Can't remember...

Perhaps it was Dine, I just don't know anymore. I am going back at the end of this summer, so I will try to figure out where it was and see what is there now! Thank you all for the help! If anyone has any suggestions for top 2 restaurants to go to, I'd appreciate it. No specific criteria, just favorites, not to miss! Thanks.

Looking for top 2 restaurants in Saratoga Springs

Wow, thank you!! I had no particular ideas or wishes, been a while since I've been, just want to see what people think at the moment.

wait before you go to MP TAVERNA [Irvington]

I've been twice and liked it. The fish dishes were very good, smashed potatoes were great and I love the ice creams! Planning to go back again in a couple weeks. Crowd was mixed, I went once without kids and once with and both were fine.

College eats near Syracuse University

My votes would be for Faegans (on campus/M street) and Dinosaur BBQ for lunch or dinner. Cosmos (also on M street) for breakfast. Been a while though!

Looking for top 2 restaurants in Saratoga Springs

My husband and I are going next month and are open to any suggestions... Thanks!

Saratoga Help! Can't remember...

Ok, then obviously it wasn't that. It was more than 8 tables where I went. I guess my search continues....

Saratoga Help! Can't remember...

I had wondered if that was it. It may be. Sad to hear it closed if it was that. Thank you.

Saratoga Help! Can't remember...

No, not upstairs. Mare I've been to, but it wasn't that. Thank you!!

Saratoga Help! Can't remember...

Nope, definitely not one of the more "common" places, although I do like both of those. Thanks!!

Saratoga Help! Can't remember...

I was in Saratoga 2 years ago and went to an amazing, off the beaten path restaurant but can't remember what it was. It may have been Italian, it was a small place, maybe 20 tables and during racing season it seamed to be almost all people associated with the racing world, owners, etc. If I had to guess I'd say it was east of the Broadway strip, perhaps off Caroline St, but I could be totally wrong. I do remember that I had duck, it was amazing! Any guesses where this is?? Sorry to be so vague, but my memory is terrible!! Would like to go back this summer...

Best Sushi in Lower Westchester

Great! We really liked it. Thank you all!!

Best Sushi in Lower Westchester

Thanks all. Trying Fujinoya tonight.

26 S Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530

Best Sushi in Lower Westchester

Any suggestions?? We tend to go to Sushi Mike's because it's close by.

Anyone eat at Dolphin Restaurant in Yonkers?

We went there for Mother's Day, granted service on Mother's Day is notoriously bad, but this place was awful. The food was pretty good but the service was SO bad that no one cared about the food by the time we left.

Find me a Restaurant in Hastings or Yonkers for 9 People

LI In-Laws making me crazy. Need to find a place in Yonkers or Hastings but not further north that's reasonably priced for a 5pm dinner for 7 adults and 2 kids. Been to and liked Rain Water Grill, maybe something similar? Help please! Thanks.

Tarrytown - Best Choice Pre-Theater?

Jack and Dyl's is nothing great. Went twice and never went back while living in Tarrytown for 6 years. Chiboust is SO not worth it. The food isn't anything great and the service is just awful. Over-rated in my opinion. I love Swagaat, the new Indian place where Cafe Tandoor was. Sweet Grass Grill is better for take out. Noisy and the service isn't good at all. I'm debating trying Tarry Tavern tonight.

Cafe Tandoor
19 N Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591

Jack and Dyl's
49 Main St Ste A, Tarrytown, NY 10591

Sweet Grass Grill
24 Main Street, Tarrytown, NY 10591

Golden Wok Too in Ardsley

Has anyone been? Is it any good? Thinking of trying it.

Chinese in Westchester

Thanks all. We ended up just getting crappy take out from a place that our friends like, next to Staples on 119 in Hartsdale. Will definitely try Aberdeen though.

Chinese in Westchester

Hi, I am looking for a suggestion on very good Chinese food in lower-mid Westchester, preferably on the west side of the county. I have yet to find somewhere decent. Looking to go tomorrow (Christmas Eve) night. Thanks!!

Sweetgrass Grill in Tarrytown sort of open!!!

While I do have a toddler, I have never brought him here. We live in Tarrytown and order takeout (Bison Burgers) from here quite a bit. We just ate in for the first time this week. The food is very good, but the service is really awful. I ordered my burger without a bun and asked for extra of the pickled tomatoes that they serve on the burger instead as I usually do. The waitress said they were out of the pickled tomatos. I asked if they could just give me sliced tomatoes and she said yes but I'd have to charge you. Seriously?? If you want any sort of substitution they charge you. Rude. Their prices are high enough, give me some sliced tomato instead of my bun. Better for take out I'd say, the decor is nothing to speak of and the service is not what it should be. I hope it lasts but I wouldn't be surprised if this place doesn't make it.

Whole Foods

I went in the middle of the day on a Wednesday and it wasn't bad. It took a few minutes to find a parking spot but the store itself wasn't too crowded. The store is beautiful and huge!

Ultimate Westchester Restaurants 2006

1. Blue Hill at Stone Barns (Pocantico Hills)
2. Harvest on Hudson (Hastings on Hudson)
3. Iron Horse Grill (Pleasnatville)
4. Sushi Mike's (Dobbs Ferry)
5. Coromandel (New Rochelle)

Totally disagree with Chiboust in Tarrytown, that place is so over-rated, the service is terrible, it's over priced. I don't get it. Also Mighty Joe Young's. Over priced and the food is just average.

Dinner in Manhattan- Midtown West

I need recomendations for dinner in Manhattan with an out of town business associate who's looking for something fun and is staying in the 40's on the west side. She likes Rosa Mexicano and Bond 45, something along those lines I guess- any type of food is ok except sushi. Thanks!

Jun 07, 2007
stephsu in Manhattan

Need Suggestion for B-day Dinner in Westchester

We are going to be a group of 6 going to dinner for a Birthday celebration somewhere in Westchester. Anywhere from Croton-on-Hudson to Tarrytown to White Plains as that's where we're all coming from- nothing much farther north or south.

We don't need anything too fancy but something nice- like in the $20ish range for entrees. American, or anything not too ethnic would work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Best Supermarket Westchester

I drive 15 min to Whole Foods every week from Tarrytown. I would rather pay a little more for a more civilized shopping experience- not including the parking lot which is awful. I eat a lot of wheat/glute free foods so there's nowhere else like it in the area for that. I do try to buy organic produce and again, no one else has the selection. Also their milk, eggs, etc are very well priced.

I wouldn't buy much at Apple Farms, it's dirty, the cashiers are rude and they don't take credit cards.

Stop and Shop is walking distance from my house and I rarely go there as well. My husband does pick up eggs and milk there for himself, but their produce is disgusting.

Also in the disgusting category is the market in Tarrytown, I think it's called Novello market or that may have been the old name. There are bugs in the produce dept and their prices are insanely high.

Stew Leonards is over-rated and not worth the drive for me. I don't find their prices to be worth it and their produce is only ok.

I wish that Fresh Direct would deliver to Tarrytown and the west side of the county. When I lived in the city I ordered from them a lot.


We agree with Suey7L above. We had much of the same experience. The service and food need a lot of work. At first we gave them some slack being a new restaurant and all. But the entire dining experience left plenty to be desired. Way too expensive for what it even tries unsucessfully to be. If you want organic food go to Comfort around the corner, or make it yourself from Whole Foods. This is a no go.

Birthday Dinner in lower Westchester

According to Zagat's or citysearch or any of those. Not the very highest $ like Stone Barns, etc but the tier below.