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Dinner in Poughkeepsie- help!

try twist. it's kid friendly, not kid-focussed. definitely upscale, but casual enough that you can feel comfortable in jeans.

Hudson Valley diners

i don't see the point. you can't expect much when you're going to a diner. a greasy spoon is a greasy spoon.

Mexican place in Hyde Park?

i ate there last summer. i believe it's called el mariachi. small, authentic, with the usual mexican groceries available as well. i think it's worth a try.

Fish Market in Wappingers Area?

I swear by Gadaleto's Fish Market in New Paltz. It's the only place around where I will buy fish, and I'm very picky. Steve Krause, the head monger, is really helpful in sourcing unusual or hard to find seafood, as well. Check it out.

Catering in for 50 people

$500 is dirt cheap for 50 people. I would try Trader Joes. Frozen apps, soup stocks etc. If you have any cash left over, hire a culinary student to heat everything up for you. Good luck.

Woodstock, NY

I love the Bear Cafe, just outside of town, and the Red Onion, in nearby Saugerties. If the weather is nice, the deck at the Bear is where it's at.

Old World Wine in Sonoma

Seghesio Family zins. This is a small family-run winery. Grandpa was from the old world. You cannot go wrong here.

Jul 19, 2007
groover8 in Wine

Soft-Shell Crab Question

you should have no problem keeping them a day or two... your fish monger would do the same... i'd suggest storing them in a resealable bag and gently burying them in a container of ice and store it in the fridge. that should keep them cold enough to last a day or two. you may need to change the ice. happy grillin'! =)

Jun 29, 2007
groover8 in Home Cooking

anniversary dinner in woodstock, ny?

The Red Onion in nearby Saugerties is excellent. Definitely romantic, old farmhouse... really well prepared food... good cocktails, nice winelist. Worth a visit.

Need Good Restaurants in Hyde Park Area

in hyde park, i definitely second the twist rec. or edo, if you're in the mood for sushi...

Aubergine-how is it these days?

their website is under construction and the phone number is not in service... I hope they haven't closed....

what happened to the formatting of the site??!!

It was so slick and polished, now it's so 90's....

Dec 27, 2006
groover8 in Site Talk

Canned Almond Paste

a #10 can's not so big if you're making stollen to give to friends for the holidays ;^)

Canned Almond Paste

I would suggest Ginsberg's. They are a major food service distributor and do carry almond paste. I think it only comes in a large #10 can, but keeps well in the refrigerator.

Ginsberg's Cash and Carry
Route 66
just south of Route 9H
Hudson, New York 12534

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 3 pm

Chicago dog place in Poughkeepsie?

I must claim ignorance as to how hot dogs are eaten in Chicago, but perhaps the reference was to Soul Dog, which is located in Po-town, west of market st. and a few blocks up from the river. They have several different types of dogs and numerous sauces and toppings to choose from. I'd consider it a well-kept secret.

New Paltz area update

how's the beer there?

New Paltz Favorites

i definitely second that. freshest seafood in the area. i'd serve it to my grandmother. nice inexpensive wine list, too. if you go, say hi to dan for me!!

Best way to prepare ribs without a grill or smoker?

agreed. long and slow. I find 3 hours at 300 F does the job. Peel the membrane from the rib side first, or at least run a knife tip down the bones to split the membrane. I find this makes a better eating finished product.

Oct 12, 2006
groover8 in Home Cooking

One night in Poughkeepsie/Rhinebeck

HAve you considered Twist Restaurant, in Hyde Park, between pok and rbk? lwe petit bistro is great, cia is the cia, and twist rocks. check it out.