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Outdoor seating for lunch in Mid-Peninsula

I like Mistral also, but they've mostly enclosed the patio so they can use it year-round. It doesn't have a total outdoor feeling anymore.

Outdoor seating for lunch in Mid-Peninsula

I concur with Bravo Fono -- it's a great place to sit outside and the food is good. A few more suggestions in Foster City (where I live): Most of the restaurants at the Edgewater Place shopping center (anchored by an Albertsons) have outdoor seating on the lagoon. Chevy's and Portofino come to mind. No great food here, but the water views are really nice. Also, weekdays only, Cafe Savini at the bottom of the Metro Tower (the tallest building in Foster City behind the Safeway/Longs shopping center), has outdoor seating on the edge of a very pleasant little park in front of the Metro Tower. Cafe Savini has good sandwiches, salads and pastas. Pasta Grotto, a neighborhood place in the shopping center on Shell Boulevard, has a few outside tables. It's just a view of the shopping center and parking lot, but somehow I like it there (not many tables and they're far enough away from each other that you get some space and privacy). I prefer the Swiss specialties to the Italian ones there.