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Morimota Soba Ale By Rogue

i've never seen this beer before... where have you guys had/bought it?

Oct 13, 2006
amyreneet in Beer

champagne brunch

am looking for a champagne brunch to take a friend from new york. the 3 i'm considering are utopia ($1 mimosas), zanzibar on the waterfront ($25 buffet with bottomless mimosas), and mansion on o. i heard mansion on o is really cool, but i feel like for $40 i could eat a REALLY nice brunch in a fancy smancy hotel, and the reviews i read seemed to think the food was mediocre. has anyone eaten brunch at these places who can advise? thanks!

The perfect pancake

i quite enjoyed the pancakes at tabard inn. cute place too.

komi - regular menu or tasting?

wow, high praises all around for the tasting menu! sounds like i wouldn't really save all that much money with the a la carte menu, so i will just have to suck it up and sink that much money into one meal :( from the sound of it, it'll be worth it though.. thanks for the input!!

komi - regular menu or tasting?

i STILL have not eaten at komi (this befuddles me too), but when i finally called to make a reservation, they told me they only do $67 tasting menus on the weekend. While i am willing to shell out money for a really great meal, with wine, that meal would be at least $100, and that's a price i'd like to reserve for special occasions. On the other hand, if i'm going to spend $75 with wine going there on a weekday, i think it'd be more worth it to just eating brown rice for the next 2 weeks ;) i can't find prices on komi's a la carte menu, so i have no idea how much i'd pay on a weeknight.

has anyone eaten from both their regular and tasting menus that has an opinion on whether i can get a great meal on a weekday or if i should just shell out for a weekend tasting menu?