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Grasshopper in Durham

I agree with Jeanne. It's only fine. Nice style, but the food tends to be either bland or crudely seasoned. I can't think of anything I've eaten there that's good enough to recommend. Not a favorite, but they do have lovely outdoor seating.

Xiloa in Durham

I had lunch at the new restaurant on 9th St. and was pleased to find that we have a new, moderate to inexpensive restaurant in town that is actually good. You may, as I was, be a little turned off by the idea of "a taste of the tropics with a twist of the southwest," but don't be. The "southwest" that they're talking about is not the sort of Tex-Mex that Americans think of, but might actually be authentic soutwestern cuisine such as Indian tacos which are on frybread, bean patties, and a marinated mushroom dish that looks interesting. My friend and I shared the maduro, which were sweet, tender on the inside and crisp on the edges. They were served with a vinegary cabbage salad and a nice fresh cheese ball that was a little like a salty mozzarella. We also had the green chili pork stew, which was more of a soup -- brothy rather than saucy, but very delicious. Tender hunks of pork and potato with a little cilantro sprinkled over. Served with rice on the side. Make sure you ask for chili sauce to mix in with the stew... hot! hot! hot! The day I was there, the owner was offering samples of the refrescos. I tried the bitter orange and the passion fruit. If they have the bitter orange, get it, it's really unique and worth the $2.50 for a glass. I will definitely return and try other things on the menu.

Spice & Curry/Durham

There's an Indian grocery in the same mini-mall as Saladelia in Durham. I can't remember what it's called. If it's not in that one, then it's in the adjoining mini-mall next door that has Eastern Lights. I'm pretty ignorant about Indian products, so I can't vouch for its quality, but there was lots of stuff there that I had never seen before.

Greensboro Recommendations?

I'm going to Greensboro for the first time and some moderately priced lunch and dinner recommendations. My meeting is at the Arts Center. Anything good nearby?