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Fresh Yuzu

My FIL thought he bought a lime tree, but it turns out that it is actually a yuzu tree! He gave us an entire grocery bag of yuzus and I have to use them soon. I'm already planning ponzu sauce and cocktails with the juice. Can anyone else tell me the best way to store them or freeze the rinds, maybe? They are too valuable to waste!

Nov 23, 2008
HilaryAnn in General Topics

Damn, I want some Skyline Chili!

I have never, ever heard it pronounced Ska-lee-nee - and I grew up in Cincinnati. It's Skyline, as in a city skyline. Is that a joke pronunciation like Tar-jay for Target?

Nov 11, 2007
HilaryAnn in Chains

What Would You Serve For A Buffet Style Brunch?

I would make a strata. It's a basic breakfast egg casserole. You can doctor it up with anything that fits your fancy. Also, you make it the night before and refridgerate it, so it's a really fast prep in the morning.

Oct 13, 2007
HilaryAnn in Home Cooking

pasta with pecorino and pepper

I went to a restaurant in Rome that served a variation of this. They laid 2 nice slices of prosciutto in a cross on the plate, mounded the cacio e pepe in the middle, and then folded the strips of proscuitto over the top of the pasta. It made a nice little package and the proscuitto kind of melted. It was a great presentation.

Jun 09, 2007
HilaryAnn in Home Cooking

If the Bay Area Only Had a .......

Yes, I was referring to Cincinnati chili - Skyline Chili in particular. I grew up there and keep a can of Skyline in cupboard at all times. IT is a poor substitute for the real thing, but a substitute nonetheless. I did just find a recipe for Stifado - Greek beef stew - that was almost as good as the chili.

If the Bay Area Only Had a .......

I would love to see more independent butcher shops in San Francisco - like the kind I went to growing up. Lots of deli meat plus actual cuts for cooking. I hate to have to make a trip to the grocery store when I get the itch to make a Sunday stew. Anyone know a good one around Civic Center / Hayes Valley? I'd love to find one.

Selfishly, San Francisco also needs a Skyline Chili. Open late with inexpensive, Greek-style chili over spaghetti with cheese. I miss it.

Civic Center SF dinner

Hate to be doubley negative in one thread, but I'd skip Laurel's. I've tried it twice, neither time was great. There are other, better places nearby.

Paul K next door to Laurel's is great. Zuni is always a solid choice.

Civic Center SF dinner

I work at the court next door to Soluna and I can't recommend it. The service is pretty awful. The food confuses me. They throw one hundred awesome ingredients on each dish and somehow it all manages to taste mediocre. I don't know how they do that.

Entertaining East Coast family in SF

Is it just me or has Suppenkuche gone downhill in the last couple of years? I live around the corner and still go for dinner semi-regularly, but it doesn't seems as good these days. The spaetzle, in particular, just isn't as delicate onion/cheese creamy. And the weinerschnitzel is drier.

However, it is still good, solid food and a fun, albeit loud, place to eat. Excellent Reislings, too.

Yum Yum Fish - au revoir monsieur poisson

I'm so sad to hear this! I loved that French guy and the sushi.

Woodhouse Fish Co.

Everything our group ordered was outrageously boring and poorly executed. The fish and chips were left sitting on the counter and, when finally served, cold and sitting in grease. It seemed like they didn't have the fying oil at the right temperature. When we left we all smelled like deep fried smelt. I had to hang my jacket out the window all night to get rid of the smell.

I mourn the loss of World Sausage Grill, as well. Habenero sausage with extra spicy mustard...I miss you.

SF This Week with Mom -- Ferry Building Recommendations Please

I like going to Mastrelli's Delicatessin, getting a sandwich, and going to the wine bar for a glass or two. You can also get a few snacks there. Their marinated olive / cheese plate is great and comes from the creamery next door. Or, Taylor's Refresher is good for a burger and a beer. There's a Sharffen Berger outlet in the ferry building, as well.

There have a smaller version of the Saturday Farmer's Market on Thursday evenings in the Summer/Fall with some vegetable stands and live music. Good timing on your visit...

Coming to SF mid Oct

Nothing around that area is going to be super cheap, but you can take a bus adventure to other areas - or a cable car if you don't mind paying the fare. It's hard to find cheaper foods around the more popular sights in San Francisco. If you don't mind wandering, try the Mission for burritos or, if you are truly adventurous, the Tenderloin area for excellent Indian food. Be aware, though, this is kind of a dicey part of town, so don't go if you're nervous and stay away at night.

Hayes Valley is down Van Ness about a mile and has a bunch of nice little restaurants and great boutique shops. There are busses that run straight down Van Ness. You can get off at City Hall and check that out, too. It's beautiful inside. In Hayes Valley, if you're in the mood to pretend that you're in Chicago, Moishe's is great for huge deli sandwiches and Patxi is perfect for deep dish pizza. If not, Flipper's is excellent for extensive burger options and has an outside patio. Frjtz has inexpesive crepes and excellent Belgian french Fries with a patio, as well. There's a new place called Cafe Grillade that is good, albeit kind of chain-y feeling. Arlequin Cafe has excellent sandwiches and a super secret huge back patio. They also have a wine shop. The owners are very nice and helpful and the wine prices are surprisingly reasonable. All of these places are on Hayes Street between Franklin and Laguna - about 3 blocks. Very convenient if you want choices for food and fun shopping. Your wife will die for the shoes on this street. They're too expensive for me, but great for window shopping. Try Haseena on Hayes between Laguna Octavia and Laguna for affordable, cute clothes.