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Anyone know of places in montreal to get some real hummus?

Im talking about hummus that is served as a main course and not the sad excuse for it we often find in the grocery store..

Masabcha or anything similar?

Aug 02, 2009
larson in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Ammos, Laval

Has anyone eaten at Ammos in Laval?

The website is at

If you have been there, what did you eat? how was it?

Howmuch should i expect to spend on a dinner, without the wine?

Thanks in advance..

Feb 06, 2009
larson in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

bulgarian food

Anyone know of any bulgarian restaurants in montreal or the surrounding areas?
Even any restaurants that might offer some bulgarian dishes would be good

Any help would be appreciated


Oct 03, 2006
larson in Quebec (inc. Montreal)