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Aft Kitchen and Bar - New BBQ at Queen and Broadview

I went last week for dinner. It was packed on a Tuesday night at 630 p.m
My hamburger was salty as was my french fries.
I hardly ever return food but I had too.
The waitress was really kind about it and I then ordered a caesar salad that was tasteless.

I talked to the manager who told me that it was a new chef in the kitchen and i wasnt the only one complaining about the salt.

Conclusion: I really need to go back.

Dr Laffa - Second Location Opened Today

Finally - the second location opened today. (3023 Bathurst St - Just south of Lawrence, on the east side).

They are opened from 11 am to 10 pm but they close early on Fridays and are always closed on Saturdays.

They will also be closed for Passover to call before going or to follow them on twitter or facebook for updates on their hours.

As for the space - it's take out only but there's some stools and a long counter along the window and 2 walls.
As for the food - it's beyond good.

It will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood!

Where to buy Honeycup Mustard in Toronto?

I finally found it - at Good Bye Gluten on Avenue Road.

Where are you eating on Pi Day 2012?

a bunch of foodies (we were 6), shared a few pieces of PI at Wandas Pie in the Sky. It was a great way to celebrate.

Chowfind : Dr. Laffa -Middle -Eastern Veg - Duferin and Finch

I love this one in the city does Laffa like these guys. Ive organized two tweets up at Dr. Laffa and everyone I know loves their food. Im a huge fan of the sabich.

Anything good at Yonge/Sheppard?

what about Ichiban on Spring Garden Gate?

Deep Fried Pickles ISO

Im searching for the best Deep Fried Pickles in the GTA.
So far Ive had them at Frescos Fish and chips, Caplanskys, and The Firkin on King. On Friday I will try them at Buffalo Wings (Mississauga) as well as St. Louis.
Anywhere else I should eat them?

Mr. Combo - Review

Went to Mr. Combo for my first time tonite. It was a Sunday nite and at 630 p.m this restaurant was packed to capacity (42 seats - I asked). Mr. Combo can be found on the north east corner of bathurst and sheppard and clearly it's a popular neighborhood restaurant.
I ordered a variety of Salads (babaganouj, beet, mushroom, hummus etc) and a platter that consisted of potato perogies and falafel balls.
Everything was tasty and fresh. I really cant complain.
I especially liked the babaganouj...something was in this recipe that was different than other babaganouj recipes that I have tried at other restaurants.
I will certainly be returning to try more of their menu.

Has anyone else tried this restaurant?

The Burger's Priest new location??

I dropped by this afternoon to wish them luck. The space is great (although he upped the anty with his religious beliefs).
I will go there - the minute they open at LUNCH.

About Cheese on Church

im in love with their blue cheese choc chip cookie. HEAVEN. Just the right combo of sweet and salty. Someone knows how to make a great cookie!!

Natrel Dark Chocolate Milk

Has anyone seen it on the grocery shelf? I think it's a brilliant idea.
Saw it at IGA beahes and Lady York - but Im sure it will be everywhere next week.

Suggestions for a fun dinner with senior US executives?


Deep Fried pickles

Ive tried them at Fresco's fIsh and Chips (kensington market) and at Caplansky's.
Where else should I try them?

356 College Street, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

New York Subway Open Again

went there today for lunch. Had my usual, mix veg burrito.
Oh so good.
The restaurant has new floors, ceiling and tables - plus a new sign inside.
This place rocks.

Kid Friendly AND good food?

What about The Grilled Cheese (kensington market) or the Old Spaghetti Factory?

Old Spaghetti Factory
56 The Espl, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

New York Subway Open Again

I am so happy.

Cafe St. Germain - Avenue Road

Went to check out Cafe St. Germain (1767 Avenue Road) last week.
Loved the was a bit strong though.
Lots of tables were filled (with neighborhood moms) which is a good sign.
Has anyone else been?

Doritos Intense Pickles

Has anyone seen it out yet?

I got to try this...

Il Gelatierie

I agree. Awesome. They have a spicy chocolate gelato that I keep returning for.

South African visiting Toronto on Friday - need authentic Canadian food experience

I take visitors to:
Poutinis...queen st. west

2 nights in & bar suggestions

Yes Yes chef and Black Hoof.
Dont forget Poutinis.

The Black Hoof
928 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

1112 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA


I read a few previous posts about these donuts...sounds like its worthwhile. Thanks.


Heading to Kingston and here's whats planned.

Lukes for Friday nite dinner. We went last year and were blown away by the food.
Saturday morning - take out sandwiches from Pan Chancho to take to Sandbanks.
Saturday in Picton - Buddha Dogs

Need help for Sunday Morning - we went to Pan Chancho's last year and would like to try something different.

Any other "must-try" food adventures in Kingston or Picton. Please share.


Buddha Dog
163 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R2L3, CA

Visiting for the Fancy Food Show

I went to the show in NYC last year and loved it..which is why I am returning to Washington for this years show. I walked my way thru the show from 9 to 5 p.m on both days. I did not go out for dinner after the show - just drinks. Highly recommend it.

Visiting for the Fancy Food Show

oh DC chowhounders....this is PERFECT.
I will be blogging. Stay tuned.

Visiting for the Fancy Food Show

I will be in Washington July 9 -11 for the fancy food show.
Seeing as I will be eating my way thru the show - I will not have a lot of opportunity for meals. (sad but true).
However I am looking for:
-little snacks (unique foods I could only find in DC)
-a great BAR...think molecular, upscale, cocktails.
-a great bar for beer. boss is looking for a fabulous Italian Restaurant.

Staying near the convention centre. Plus I will have a car.
Many thanks for your help - in advance.

Where can I find Kiwi Berries?

love kiwi berries but I think they have a very short season.
Havent seen them for a while.

Finger Limes?

i bought them in montreal at Jean talon Market while visiting Montreal last year.
They were Very very (very) expensive so I only bought a few.

Never seen them in Toronto before ...but will check St. Lawrence market. Thanks.

Buster Rhino - downtown T.O.!!!

Im a huge fan of Buster Rhinos and wish Darryl all the very best. This is great news.

Buster Rhino's
2001 Thickson Rd S, Whitby, ON L1N, CA

Groupon: Maroli

thanks..I would have missed this. Im a fan!!