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PHX Metro: Need special place for 60th

Thanks all for your help. Any thoughts on the Compass Room? Any good place for jazz after dinner?

Dec 07, 2006
JenyPHX in Southwest

PHX Metro: Need special place for 60th

Help! Looking for place for my Dad's 60th birthday in two weeks. Looking for any great ideas for group of 6. Would love to live music, dancing and dinner. Is Marco Polo even open these days?! Thank you for any suggestions. Thank you

Dec 04, 2006
JenyPHX in Southwest

Big 10 nostalgia foods -- alum cravings? [Moved from Midwest]

Is there still a special dish from a certain restaurant you fondly recall from your Big Ten college days? Particular craving you still get for that ice cream or beer or plate of pancakes? I'm trying to put together a guide and appreciate any two cents you can offer! Thank you!

Oct 02, 2006
JenyPHX in General Topics

Beers of the Midwest

Looking for the best advice on regional microbrews. What are your favorites? What stout or pale ale makes your mouth water to think of? Thanks!

Oct 02, 2006
JenyPHX in Beer