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Where to go for brunch this sunday?

We are three ladies seeking recommendations for a mid town brunch location open this sunday. Preferably somewhere comfortable and not noisy where we can chat leisurely.
Thanks in advance..

Where to buy good quality stainless steel flatware in GTA or online

If you are willing to stand in line, it might be worthwhile visiting the William Ashley warehouse sale..I believe it is on now. A number of years ago, I bought some stainless there at a very good price..You could enquire if they still stock such at this sale.

dinner suggestion near Massey Hall

We are going to a concert at Massey Hall and would like suggestions for a quick dinner before the concert..somewhere within easy walking distance please! Good food, reasonable price since we won't be spending much time there..thanks in advance!

ISO Good Tea Sandwiches

I would second the Picklebarrel rec.
I ordered from them a couple of weeks ago, the party platter..5 doz dainty can ask for a larger proportion to be the rolled sandwiches, more decorative..and they will charge a bit more..basically some tuna, some egg, some salmon and some cream cheese and lox..quite resonable..can see eg and price on website under party sandwiches.

Recs for a casual dinner - Yonge & College

I'm not sure if you would be willing to take subway to College and University and walk south-west a few blocks to Baldwin St..lots of interesting restaurants. eg La Bodega, Midi Bistro, Matahari Grill.
You could check their websites for details.. and then it is a decent walk back to Yonge/College.
Or walk south a couple of blocks from Yonge/College to Elm street..Adega, Oro eg are excellent but not sure of your price range?

What can I wrap fish in to bake it that is natural?

I am interested to read all these suggestions using vegetables to wrap fish in and bake. I would use bok choy, since I love it so much. But I am wondering if it should be baked covered or open, knowing that one would wish to eat the bok choy as well? Those of you who are experienced,does it dry out too much if baked uncovered? Thanks for your help!

Jun 26, 2009
culinarydelight in Home Cooking

Restaurants near Bloor/Islington

We are taking a vegetarian daughter ( early 20's) out for her Birthday dinner with her 97 yr old grandfather..need a restaurant that would have interesting vegetarian dishes, could be pasta, as well as entrees that would appeal to a fish/meat lover..preferably entree prices low twenties..does anyone have a favourite they would suggest..many thanks!

Dinner suggestion dundas and chesnut?

We are going to stay at the Metropolitan Hotel and are looking for suggestions for dinner in that area..perhaps something more reasonable than Hemispheres or Lai wah heen in the hotel itself.. For example are there any suggestions within a 2 - 3 block radius of the hotel..smaller dining rooms with good food? Any chinese restaurant on Dundas that is really good?
Thanks for the help!

suggestions for a dinner in the west end..mississauga or port credit

We are meeting friends from Hamilton for a dinner mid way between our homes and would appreciate recommendations for an upscale dining experience in the mississauga to port credit vicinity. Open to suggestions of all types of food, but would like high quality with price under $50 per person for appetzer and entree...please tell me I am not dreaming??

suggestion for dinner near the Fairview theater?

We re going to meet friends for a play at the Fairview library theatre on Saturday ( near Sheppard and the DVP). Can anyone suggest a nice dining room/restaurant with really good food closeby? Any help appreciated, but preferably not a chinese food venue.
many thanks!

has anyone been to mezza misto ?

wondering about going to this "new" restaurant near Yonge and Lawrence on saturday night for dinner..has anyone been there, would you recommend certain dishes..what is the price range?
Thanks in advance!

favourite slow cooker recipe

I have inherited a slow cooker and would like to use it next week when I am entertaining some guests after a busy day at work. Does anyone have an entree recipe that they would share for either chicken, beef or pork that is outstandingly delicious ? Preferably not simple stew like fare ! Thanks so much.

Jan 18, 2008
culinarydelight in Home Cooking

Indian restaurant for dinner

Hi All,
Please help me choose between the following indian restaurants in mid Toronto.
Kamasutra, Tabla , Amaya.
I assume they are all about the same price range and wonder which you prefer? We are going out Saturday evening for dinner and would like to try one of these, please help me decide or feel free to suggest another in that same general vicinity. Please note, I cannot eat really spicy (hot) dishes.
Thanks so much,

recommendations for reasonable dining in Las Vegas ? [Moved from Elsewhere in America board]

I am coming to Las Vegas next week and would appreciate some "chowhound Finds " Could anyone please recommend some favourite dining rooms in Vegas, where the food is great and the prices are reasonable? I know some of the buffets are good value...but so much food!..are there some small places that you love to go to for a great value meal ?
Thank you..
We are also visiting Bryce and Zion Canyons, so suggestions for that area of Utah would also be appreciated.

Oct 17, 2007
culinarydelight in Southwest

Balsam dinner much better than star review suggests

As a follow up to a post several weeks ago, I just wanted to let you chowhounds know that myself, plus 3 others had a delightful dinner at Balsam (queen and balsam) earlier this week. We had agreed to go there last week before reading the star review, but decided , on the recommendation of another friend to try it anyway...and we were glad we did. The portions are not large, but the waiter went out of his way to warn us..and also point out that mains were included in the entree other words you need to order any "sides" you wish. Dinner was initiated with a complementary appetizer of a seared scallop on tomato relish with horseradish froth..yummy..then we sampled different dishes including a spinach salad with candied walnuts, beet and warm goats cheese..truffle papardelle...rack of lamb with vanilla sauce..expresso coated filet..quail..I'm sorry I don't remember the details of all the seasonings..I do remember that the sides of rapini in a balsamic demiglaze and bok choy with chili sauce were was the chocolate cream cake for dessert. Dinner was about $50/person including dessert and a glass of wine and tip
Their patio out front looked very nice, private as it is raised from street level, but it was too cool to sit out that night. They are also going to have a back we will return in the warmth of the summer to enjoy their patio.

Beach Eats: Let's Be Honest

Hello Beachdiva,
Have you eaten at Balsam and what would you recommend? I am going there next week with friends and wonder what is good and how high to set my expectations?
Thanks, Culinarydelight

5th Elementt??

Yes, we did go to 5th Elementt on Sat. and were able to take advantage of the 2 for 1 prix fixe which was truly a bargainat $30. for 2. The scallop wrapped in smoked salmon was the best appetizer that our party enjoyed, the lamb shank was delicious as was the shrimp risotto for a main, dessert was not outstanding,,creme brule had odd "lumpy" texture and chocolate mousse was ho-hum..word of caution though , the wines were marked up very high, some 5 X , so they are making for price reduction through the alcohol. Service was excellent, owner pleasant and asking for feedback. The waitress mentioned another 2 for 1 deal in March?

5th Elementt??

As far as I know, no one has yet replied to me, stating that they have been there. I am possibly going on Feb 24, will post a critique afterwards if so.

Lunch Bay & Wellesley Area

Try 5th Elementt, on Bay north of Wellesley ..They have a special Prx fixe $15 for lunch that I am meaning to try..haven't been there yet and would appreciate a post or reply if you do go?

5th Elementt??

Visit the link below and I believe you should be eligible for the dinner for 2 @ $30.

5th Elementt??

Recently received an internet 2 for 1 offer(thru menu palace) on the prix fixe menu at 5th Elementt and wondered if anyone has tried this restaurant..on Bay near Wellesley? Menu sounds interesting and 2 for 1 makes it INCREDIBLY cheap so am sceptical???

Wheatberry availability in Toronto?

I have bought them in bulk barn and possibly John Vince

butter tarts fit for a queen?

Thanks, I believe Cake Boutique was the one mentioned..

butter tarts fit for a queen?

Last summer I read a recommendation for a bakery near Bathurst and Wilson that made very good butter tarts..does anyone remember this place and are they still operating?
Any other recommendations for the best butter tarts in North Toronto would be welcomed, thanks!

Saturday or Sunday lunch

A group of us are going out on the weekend for a BD lunch. Can anyone suggest a midtown local that has excellent food and ambience at reasonable prices..and of course if open at lunch!
Thanks so much.

toronto nibbles for visitors

Can't help you with the scarborough area, but from that campus they could take the U of T shuttle down to the University ave campus and then explore Baldwin street (2 blocks SW of University and College).It is a delightful assortment of cuisines, they could wander and chose restaurant of interest. Most are safe choices!

Adega- any recent visits, pls share your review.

Yes, I was there last Friday, service was quite good even though it was busy.
We had a light dinner, salad with goat cheese to start..was delicious then tagliatelle with shrimp and it was delicious, tomato sauce with just enough nip to make it interesting.. the number of shrimp was generous, but they were not overly large..
Specialties that night did not excite although I noticed most of the diners had the fish, a type of portuguese sea bass?

german restaurant on Victoria park?

there used to be a small german place on victoria park, north of st clair but south of Ellesmere that was excellent, does anyone know if it is still there and what the quality is like? THanks so much!

restaurant near St Clair and Warden

We will be visiting a patient at Providence villa this evening and I wondered if anyone had a recommendation for a little favorite place in that neighbourhood to eat at. Can be italian, thai, whatever, food of excellent quality, but very reasonable , definitely not a chain..the sort of place you would go to frequently for a quick bite, not planning to spend alot of hours there, fast and friendly..I think you get the picture..

fresh turkey for thanksgiving

Where is your favourite butcher to use for a good quality fresh turkey at a reasonable price? Please suggest for the Toronto area only, Thanks