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Green Eggplant closed on Eglinton

Walk yourself next door to the Abbot on Eglinton where they serve great food (seasonal produce, house-made sausages, quality chicken and beef, delicious desserts). The atmosphere is always cozy and friendly, and they make a good drink too. Why go anywhere else?

Green Eggplant closed on Eglinton

The new name is Super Sweet Home. I went in to look through their menu. Pretty much the same as Green Eggplant. They're now charging for their dips/bread appetizer.

I spoke to a server who still works there and she said the quality of the food has improved and their fries are now homemade.

Green Eggplant was always busy but couldn't compete when two new restaurants opened up (The Abbot and Doppo Zero).

Green Eggplant, in my opinion, was always quantity over quality.

Fine dining in North York/North Toronto area

I am searching for a nice restaurant where my mum and her two sisters (who are in their 80s) can celebrate a milestone birthday.

My criteria is as follows: good food, comfy seating and not too noisy. Price can be moderate+. Thanks for your suggestions.

Le Papillion

I heard Le Papillion (well that entire block) will be history down the road. Guess what's taking its place. Condo, condo, condo.

I still miss The Colony in Scarborough

Any suggestions for breakfast in the Ellesmere, Birchmount, Lawrence area. I used to be a regular at Taya's and The Colony (when it was around). Since Taya's changed hands a few years ago, it's never been the same.

Looking for pistachios on Lawrence Ave.

I don't know if I have the correct name of the store... I think it might be Lodan. I hear they have the best pistachios (from Iran perhaps?). Any help is appreciated.

Cozy Keg-like in Scarborough?

Re Barclay's on Lawrence... I heard it closed a while back. I never got there but heard it was a good old fashioned-style restaurant. Anyone know what happened?

Where did My Place Fish and Chips go? (Scarborough)

The plaze is being demolished and I miss my fish and chips.

Where did My Place Fish and Chips go? (Scarborough)

Does anyone know if this Victoria Park south of Ellesmere fish and chip shop relocate?