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After the recession, what will you buy?

thats funny, theres not a single drop of bourbon in that bourbon chicken...

The great flatlands of Kansas suggestions (1-70)?

I was afraid of that. All my research didnt point out anything especially promising. I know there is good food in Lawrence, but I was hoping to find something a little farther out when I had gotten some distance behind me.

The great flatlands of Kansas suggestions (1-70)?

LC's is a Kansas City gem. haha thanks for the imput though! I will miss great BBQ and burnt ends. KC has become quite the culinary epicenter of the midwest. Colorado Springs from all my research doesnt appear to be quite as developed, although it might not be a fair comparison considering size. Denver looks to be a much better bet. I am excited, but I've never been to the Springs, so I guess we'll see!

The great flatlands of Kansas suggestions (1-70)?

I am moving from Kansas City to Colorado Springs next week. The majority of the trip will be along the long stretch of 1-70. Does anyone have any good suggestions of any great can't miss places?? I dont want to get too far off the beaten path but still good food is worth traveling for!


Dinner in Gladstone, MO / North K.C. area.

i live right next to the airport and there is definately NOT a jack stack up here. Arthur Bryants, another famed bbq institution has a quick serve post inside the airport terminal, but I dare not step a foot inside...The only BBQ up north is Smokebox BBQ, and other random joints. Nothing really worth salivating over.

Passing of Sam Fujisaka - Please share Memories

I usually just troll these boards, just reading and absorbing but never adding to the discussion. Sam always astonished me with his knowledge, wit, and obvious charm...and thats saying a lot considering this is an online discussion board. I always marveled at his well crafted, intelligent responses and wondered how the man A. knew so much and B. had time to write it all out for the rest of the world to know. I was envious of his career, taking him to the far reaches of the globe to assist in making those people's corner just a little bit better...He put his knowledge to use and left the world a better place.

Blessings to his girls. I never knew your father, but he is loved by thousands and we all celebrate his life with you.

May 07, 2010
asiansensation007 in Site Talk

Kansas City

No, dont get confused...Geghis Grill in P&L is NOT the same as Ghengis Khan Mongolian BBQ. The former is a chain. The latter is not. Ive never been to the P&L

Kansas City

I used to work as a hostess at GK so I've eaten almost everything on the menu. The food is what you make it (be eing a build your own set-up) but I must say it IS heads above BD's. The only thing I like about BD's is the lamb and duck options. And they don't charge extra for scallops and shrimp. But the garlic chicken wings (included in the buffet) at GK are amazing. And the egg rolls/crab rangoon/skewered meats are a nice added touch. The egg drop soup is crazy good too...just eggy, rich goodness. If you ever go to GK, the secret is the hot pots. Those are delicious. Try the basil chicken or the seafood. They are a hidden gem on the menu.

Have you seen the Pioneer Woman Cookbook? What do you think?

Ive always wondered how she has so much time for her blog when she's supposedly out castrating calves and homeschooling the kids and baking a homemade apple pie...

keeping a blog is alot of work...all the uploading of pics, photoshopping, writing, etc.
its pretty obvious they are loaded...her house is huge and gorgeous

Left Lasagna Out All Night. Can I eat it?

ive mistakenly left food out several times and never once had stomach problems...i think i just have a forgetfulness problem.

What's your favorite crystal light flavor?

I am addicted to the raspberry lemonade...not the same as raspberry ice.

What's your favorite 'Value Menu' item from the fast food restaurants?

$1 BK Double Cheeseburger--i hold pickle, ketchup and mustard and add onion, lettuce, and mayo.

Costs an extra 15 cents for the lettuce but eats like a real burger and is pretty big!

Nov 04, 2009
asiansensation007 in Chains

If I was on Top Chef...

I know that nothing replicates the pressure and mental head games of actually being a contestant, but everytime I watch Top Chef, I always imagine what I would of made if given that challenge. I always take one of the losers dish in the QF and reinvent it to something better and for Elimination, I just dream of some amazing, in-my-head perfect dish. Of course I have no idea if I could actually execute this if i was actually IN this situation, but it always makes watching fun. For instance:

QF: Flinstones
I would of made an earthy, meaty, eat-with-your hands (entree) TV dinner

Herb Roasted Chicken Drumstick
Roasted Baby carrots with Honey Cardemon Glaze
Wild Rice Pilaf
Berry Crisp topped with dollop of yogurt

I groined when I heard Mike's disasterous leek plan. Susan Goin's Roasted Leek Recipe would of been a much better choice and it's easy and delicious!

Morel mushrooms, and carmelized onion crepes drizzled Roasted Leek cream sauce, sided with some kind of sauteed greens.

Now, do I think I would of beat kevin? No, that man has a midas touch when it comes to food (sans restaurant wars). but especially in past seasons, its funny to compare your ideas against those who are competing.

Mezzaluna - Kansas City (Waldo-ish)

thanks for the review. i work really close to there and i had eyed it a few times. looks like i'll take a pass.

KCMO- Cancun Fiesta Fresh

The street tacos arent $1 on Tues? Didn't they use to be??? Darn. I have actually heard about this place for months and I just started working downtown and was going to try it out next week.

What the diff between the tounge and the cheek tacos? Do you prefer one over the other? I am a huge carnitas fan and I am looking for some porky goodness as well

Indian Restaurant in KC?

i love vietnam cafe but i havent been there in almost a year. The prices are great and food is simple and satisfying. What did you order?

EMERGENCY! Meeting my Korean parents for the first time here, what to cook?

Part II

"No, the salad bar does not equal free samples"

So after damaging our culinary credibility with our welcome to America lunch at Applebees, my (American) parents said their goodbyes and said they would drop in later that night to say hello. It was now just me, my sister, and my birthparents (bp) and Seung, their oldest son (who has been studying English in Chicago for the past four months and came too He was our stand-in translator with the verbal capacity of a six or seven year old). We left Applebees and went back to my sisters apartment so I could put the little 3 lb pork roast in the oven which would be that night's dinner.

We went shopping for the rest of the afternoon, and Seung mentioned needed a pair of jeans. It was strange to help our little brother pick out clothes and my sister, the fasionista that she is, pulled and tugged and critiqued every selection. obviously we all felt very comforable very quickly. Our birthfather tried to buy us something and he took us into the coach store to pick out a purse, much to our shock and polite embarrassment. We barely got out of the store as the gawking salespeople looked on with fascination and obvious disappointment ("they could of bought any purse they wanted and they refused?!?!) I just couldnt do it when the RIBBON alone that tied around the purse handles was $38. Besides, it was just awkward.

My sister, who was on a jeans-induced mission, drug us all over the shopping plaza until the Koreans finally called it quits for the day and told us they wanted to stop by the market on the way home. I told them I had made dinner, but they indicated they wanted to go anyway. I shrugged and figured we could move onto my familiar turf (as opposed to my sisters, which is shopping)

We went to a local grocery chain, Hy-Vee, and immediately the bp made a beeline for the fruit section. I had bought fruit for their stay, but my mother had seen it at the apartment and I could tell it did not meet her approval. While the parents sifted though apples, cantaloupe and grapes, my sister and I showed Sueng all the different free samples in the store. (we were all hungry at this point) For some reason, Hy-Vee had several chips and dip platters out, along with bread and spreads, and hummas and crackers. I didnt really notice the carb theme until Sueng remarked that all we eat is chips. My sister and I turned our backs and browsed the fruit section ourselves and when we turned back around, to our horror, we saw the family had gravitated to the salad bar and was plucking things off the bar and eating them on the spot. They thought they had just discovered the motherload of free samples. We quickly explained that wasnt how it worked and we moved on with our shopping. They ended up purchasing $50 worth of steaks, sesame oil, salad dressings, fruit, little debbies and coke. I thought this was going to be a little grocery run. Boy, was I wrong. But I didnt argue as I learned along time ago that its pointless to argue with an Asian mother.

We went back to my sisters apartment and to my shock I discovered our little intimate dinner had turned into a party as my sister had invited all her friends over to partake in this blessed event. My little 3 pound roast didnt stand a chance...

To be continue tomorrow...

PS--for inquiring minds, the roast was prepared the night before. I marinated the pork in soy sauce, minced ginger, black pepper, onion, brown sugar, and garlic. I also made slit in the skin and embedded slivers of garlic into the pork itself. Thanks for the roast ideas...i dont know how I let this easy and economical choice slip my mind. I had never made this before but I was excited to give it a whirl.

EMERGENCY! Meeting my Korean parents for the first time here, what to cook?

As for Asian origins, yes I am fully Korean. But I like to call myself a Twinkie--yellow on the outside but white on the inside. I have an Asian face, a German last name and a brown-haired mother. I was adopted as an infant along with my twin sister.

I grew up on a pretty American diet of speghetti, tacos, meatloaf, and cream of mushroom chicken. I'm not going to say it was right or wrong, but I'm alive and healthy, so that's that. I really started to branch out in high school and traveled all over the world doing missions/ relief work in china, thailand, russia, brazil, etc. The food wasnt fancy and I wasnt there to explore. But I ate some amazing food every now and then, and it really opened my eyes to the amazing food possibilities out there. I loved trying everything and I developed a fierce passion for all things ethnic and authentic. I love everything from pho and samosas to a good med rare hamburger and carnitas.

I noticed when I visited Korea last year, food was a huge part of the culture and where we spent alot of our time. I jokingly complained that we simply went from one meal to the next...we'd eat lunch for 2 hours, get up and 2 hours later sit down for another 2 hour dinner. I ate my way through Korea and along the way I fell in love. I fell in love with a family I never knew and a of which culture I had missed out.

EMERGENCY! Meeting my Korean parents for the first time here, what to cook?

Well the disagreement was done in private and my pleas were subtle. There wasnt any loud outburst or over the top displays of emotion--although I was crying a little on the inside.

Kaimuki is right, my korean parents had no idea as to what was going on...they were simply along for the ride. I feel bad we assulted their senses so soon after their arrival. They were the consumate guests, gracious through and through. I was still very respectful to my american parents, I simply "suggested" once or twice another alternative. I see now where I get my chowsiness, as my birth parents are little chowhounds themselves. As Ive said before, my korean mother makes bulgogi I still dream about..

It was very interesting though, watching Korean family dynamics. My mother always took the backseat and when I was in Korea, the oldest son, Seung, sat in the passenger front seat and the father drove. Yet, the mother was always in control. Even though I didnt speak Korean, it was evidently clear whatever she said, goes. Seung said that she "controls the house." It didnt matter how much I protested or told her no, she always had her way!

Sidenote, second installment will be coming soon...

EMERGENCY! Meeting my Korean parents for the first time here, what to cook?

Part I--Welcome to Mediocre America

Sorry guys, it has been a couple of weeks and i have yet to reply. Their visit was great and yes, food played a big part of it!

My adoptive parents and my birth parents (bp) all met for the first time at the airport and it was a highly emotional moment for my bp. I'm not sure if all Koreans are so emotionally open, but they couldnt stop holding everyone's hand. They brought along the oldest son who is only 10 months younger than my sister and I. Last year, when I met him, he spoke NO english at all. He has been studying for four months in Chicago and he has made amazing progress. I would say his conversation level was on par with a 5-6 year old--more than enough to communicate. And he reads quite well. A handy electronic pocket translator filled in the gaps.

So we leave the airport and standing outside our car and the bp announce they brought special tea and would like to sit and talk and then go to lunch. i can tell my parents are slightly uncomfortable because they are unsure of how to handle everything but agree. We go back to my sister's apt and sit and look at babybooks and talk about my sister. (they met me last year, so there really are no questions about me...) after spending an eternity scrutinizing every photograph, and no tea, the bp annouce they want to take us all to lunch. My parents automatically volunteer Applebees. I cringe. I take my dad aside and tell him that although I know they are trying to be polite and be cost conscience (my dad has been unemployed for 4 mo now), dont worry, these people WILL buy lunch and they do like to eat good food.But as a middle child, nobody ever listens to me. I tried to comprise with Outback Steakhouse as it is across the street. But again, Middle Child Syndrome and my pleas go unheeded.

We end up at applebees and my parents my sister and I all order sandwiches I order the cowboy burger "pink" (I asked for med rare but the waitress said only pink or no pink). My sister orders the quesidlla burger pink. Hers comes our pink, mine, not so much. Overall, a "C" burger.

Of course my poor unsuspecting bp and their son all order steak. I cringe, again. And I pray by some miracle Applebees might cook a semi decent steak. Of course my prayers are in vain. Their steaks come out with sides of fries and veggies. They take a few bites and then proceed to eat a few fries, cutting them up with their forks. My sister educates them on the finer points of "finger food". Most of their food sits untouched. Welcome to American dining at its worst. But really, we had a great time at lunch, talking and comparing culture stories. I didnt sulk all afternoon. Obviously the company makes the meal, no matter what you're eating--case in point. The bill comes to $88 for seven people. Not bad.

My parents say their goodbyes and my sister and I are left to entertain for the rest of the afternoon.

There is much more to the story...from Korean cooking to my miraculously multiplying pot roast. Stay tuned.

CNN Blog "Living on Food Stamps"


My sister is unemployed and she is a single adult recieving the full $ might seem a little excessive, but with NO other income, she is in pretty dire straits. They (the govt) says food stamps are only meant to supplement, but when you dont make any thing else, the $176 becomes your sole budget for food and then it doesnt look quite so cushy.

Meeting Biological Korean Parents for the 1st time in KC...where to eat?

I want to kind of know ahead of time where we're gunna go...otherwise my chain loving sister will automatically default to the nearest crapplebees.

What is on your Superbowl Menu?


you cant do a culinary hit and run...

you have to post the recipes for the tikka masala meatball and bulgogi beef tips. you have qite the ethnic range going on there...i am sooo jealous.

EMERGENCY! Meeting my Korean parents for the first time here, what to cook?

wow thanks everyone for the advice! hmm i never thought about a cooking lesson. i LOVED her bulgogi...thats stuff dreams are made of. i just wonder if you can find traditional bulgogi ingredients in a regular grocery store. we wont have time to run to the city market. its definately something im gunna run by my sister!

otherwise i think a roasted meat is a great idea. for breakfast, i was thinking about this:

although someone help me if you think the butter/cheese is too obscene for an asian palatte. :


i will keep you all updated!

Meeting Biological Korean Parents for the 1st time in KC...where to eat?

Here's a little more of a backstory:

But my biological Korean parents are coming to Kansas City on Friday afternoon and staying until Saturday evening. My twin sister and I are unsure of where to take them when we go out to eat because 1) we dont have a ton of money between us 2) they dont speak english 3) i dont want to introduce them to something totally offensive or foreign

By point three, I mean that I heard certain things about asian perferences such as they dont really like dairy, (cheese too?) or Mexican cusine. Plus, since Asians typically eat their meals family style (at least I did when I visited them last year) would it be weird to order for them and what if they dont like the food?

We are going out to lunch on Friday afternoon, preferably somewhere close to the airport / Northland (think like Barry Road...chain heaven, ugh) eating dinner and breakfast at my sisters apt and going to the plaza for lunch and dinner before they catch their flight home that evening.

I was thinking perhaps Genghis Khan...i saw this coupon online

and they do have AMAZING basil chicken pots, calamari and chicken wings. but is it a bad idea to take koreans to an american chinese restaurant?? Furthermore, i know Genghis Khan's claim to fame is their bbq but honestly im just not that impressed (i know its my fault since i make my own stir fry but still) and i know that big grill and ingredient bar might confuse my parents (remember, they dont speak or read english!)

My sister was voting for Chipolte, haha but I was ADAMENT that our parents would not leave with the impression that this is American food.

Dont crucify me, but would the Horizons at the Ameristar be a bad idea...its got food from everywhere, and frankly, it does LOOK impressive...i'm desperate here.

What is a good semi-inexpensive place in the northland for lunch and one dinner on the plaza???

Thank you SO much!

EMERGENCY! Meeting my Korean parents for the first time here, what to cook?

The short story is that I and my twin sister were adopted from Korea when we were babies and grew up in America. When I turned 18, I allowed my adoption file to be viewed by my biological parents should they ever inquire of my whereabouts. Frankly, I never actually thought anything would come of it. Lo and behold, two years later, I get a slew of pictures and a heartfelt letter from the parents detailing their lives and how they desperately wanted to meet my sister and I. I actually went to Korea last year after they insisted and I had an amazing time...they were SO hospitable and gracious....I actually stayed at their house for a week eating and traveling all throughout the country, catching a glimpse of the childhood I never had. The food, well it was incredible. Garlicky bulgogi, tender kalbi, firey kimchee... i still dream of these meals. They took me to the finest restaurants in Korea and these remain some of the most memorable meals of my life. My mother is also quite the cook--i know where my voracious love of cooking comes from. :)

Now, a year later, we're in the middle of a recession and life is so much different than when i took this trek. money is extremely tight and I'm looking for a job. I get a phone call and my parents are coming to america in a few days (on Friday!) to stay for just 36 hours ( WHAT!) See, they never met my twin sister, she didnt come with me. So they are getting impatient and desperately want to meet her too. She just got a job as a teacher and is in the process of getting her Masters. She isnt exactly swimming in cash either. So here's my question: We are going to eat out for dinner one day and lunch another. But to save money we are going to do breakfast and dinner at home. I heard Koreans dont eat much cheese, or dairy for that matter so I'm unsure of what to do for breakfast. Does this mean they would be repulsed by buscuits and gravy or cheesy breakfast tacos? When I was in Korea, we had bulgogi, kim bop and salted fish for breakfast...i doubt my sister would go for that. I am cooking at her house and I want them to be impressed. I just dont want to make anything TOTALLY foreign. It also seems that most breakfast items could be potentially seen as dessert....french toast or pancakes drenched in syrup, cinnamon rolls, danish, etc. And I know again, asians arent huge fans of heavy starchy sweets. Please somebody help!

And while you're at it, any asian friendly (semi-inexpensive) dinner ideas?? I thought about chinese but then I figured that would be kind of lame. besides I'll never begin to even come close to how well they do it, so I might as well not set myself up to fail....

Thank you SO much!!

Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, et el. taste?

Looking at Freshology, it may be great food, but the prices are indeed quite high...$52 to $67 PER DAY. Even with the "build you own" meal plan, the first meal starts at $25. When I say "cheapish" I thought more in the $7-10 range. Especially when you consider ethnic foods, your food bill for one could easily be within $5-$6 and the food still super delicious! I guess it just amazes me that people will pay that much per day for the sake of convenience.

What's the best "extra mile" a restaurant has done for you?

wow thats amazing. on your subsequent returns was the surly waiter still employed?

Top Chef -- 12 Nights (spoilers)

I agree about point five. i think they could of gotten really creative if given more time, even with the challenge at hand. Case in point: Jeff. Lords a leaping is not something so obvious like say a partridge in a pear tree or geese a laying. He started freaking out as soon as he found out WF didnt have frog legs so he starts tossing cheese in the cart. 300 people is alot and they have barely any time from conception to execution. To sit there and ponder a clever alternative would of been wasting precious time.

That said, I am looking forward to next week. I wonder what sponsor got the shaft since this "freestyle" cooking will be product placement free

Top Chef -- 12 Nights (spoilers)

a few observations:

When jamie ended up in the top three in the QF, I immediately hoped she's lose, if not only to keep the pity streak alive. Those were some huge scallops though

Fabio saying he was a "bad boy" so his grandma made him stir the polenta...too cute.

when fabio drew ladies dancing, I immediately thought do something with "ladyfingers!" The same goes for Eugene, I totally thought calamari rings fried golden would of been good...although a deep fried app probably wounldnt of worked.

I'm so glad WF doesnt have frog legs for Jeff's sake. i cant imagine that being too popular a dish

I also loved how everyone came together to help radhika and hosea. If i were radhika, i would of sat in a corner and cried.

the new judge looks well, harsh. I loved it when carla called out for gail