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Bay Area Burmese Restaurant Roundup 2.0

Just a note that
is a better link for Grocery Cafe in Oakland

Grocery Cafe- Burmese food! [Oakland]

Seems to just be the prepared Burmese food for now. But seeing as how it was $15 dollars for enough soup for 2 and 9! samusas, I may never cook again.

Grocery Cafe- Burmese food! [Oakland]

New spot still figuring things out, but they are currently serving a limited menu of Burmese food. Tea leaf salad, coconut chicken noodle soup, etc. Tried the catfish noodle soup and samusa. So good and super cheap! Nice rich broth, yummy cruncy bits and chewy noodles. Samusa were lightly fried, flaky outside and potato pea filling with nice ginger flavor. Delish chili sauce. Corner of 10th ave and e 23rd in Oakland. Info on Facebook:

Plum > Ume [Oakland]

Any reviews?

Dungeness Crab Prices 2013/2014 Season

Anyone seen the supply at Lucky Seafood recently? planning to go Christmas eve...

Kainbigan Filipino Food [Oakland]

I went a couple weeks ago. I'm not very knowledgeable about Filipino food, but I very much enjoyed it!
I had Chicken Adobo, it was a generous portion, very savory with a distinct ginger flavor.
BF had the garlic noodles, which were also delicious. I questioned the pricing of the noodles as they cost the same as other entree on the menu but are just noodles and sauce with no veggies or protein. He didn't seem to mind as he really likes carbs and doesn't eat meat, but I wondered if they are very labor intensive or something, anyone know? A couple of the veggie options on the menu online weren't available. We plan to go back I want to try the afritada and he wants to try the garlic Shrimp.
This place is a few blocks from where we live and it would be great for the neighborhood if it was successful! Maybe take some of the Champa over flow? The chef is clearly trying very hard and seems very genuine.

Can we get more Filipino food popularized than just adobo and sisig?

Kainbigan just opened in my hood:
I'm not very knowledgeable about the cuisine myself but I enjoyed the meal I had and plan to go back. The chef/owner is very genuine and welcomes feedback. It would be great for the neighborhood if the place survives...

Dungeness Crab Prices 2012

Also 3.99 at lucky seafood on east 12st, easier parking. Got a nice 2 pounder and the tank was packed.

Emeryville: Wally's Cafe and The Bank Club - a roadhouse with Lebanese Mexican food and draft Trumer Pilsner

Ya, looks like it is still consistent. How about the Tamales or other off menu items? Yelp doesn't have any recent report on those...

Emeryville: Wally's Cafe and The Bank Club - a roadhouse with Lebanese Mexican food and draft Trumer Pilsner

Thinking about trying tonight, any updates on Wally's?

Anniversary dinner in SF: Jacket required atmosphere preffered *AND* a great bar/great cocktails?

Jardiniere has a great bar and an upscale vibe. Many people dressed for the Opera, Symphony and Ballet.

East Village/ Lower East Side Rec

OK so have a res at Prune, Vandaag and Aldea. Yes I realize that Aldea is the wrong hood, but I just liked the look of the place. Any final votes for the winner? I'll be sure to report back..

31 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011

103 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

May 10, 2011
sfeater in Manhattan

East Village/ Lower East Side Rec

Thank you for the input so far. I have a res at Prune but still would like to explore some other options. I have looked into these suggestions and while they look like great places I would def check out with some more time in the city, I'm not sure any of them fit all 3 requirements of celebratory, innovative, has cocktails. Except maybe DCGB but there website really turns me off... I know I'm asking a lot at my price range, but any other thoughts would be much appreciated!

May 03, 2011
sfeater in Manhattan

East Village/ Lower East Side Rec

SF Hound coming to NYC for a ladies weekend in late May. Looking for a celebratory yet mid priced dinner on Saturday and prefer this hood for proximity to continued revelry later in the evening. Would like a cocktail menu, food in the innovative realm though specific cuisine not important, cost around $60 pp (including a drink or 2 but light appetites; the 4 of will likely share a number of dishes), nice design and fun atmosphere a plus.

On the short list:
WD50 would be perfect except for the price and lack of available reservations...

SF restaurants I would consider for this occasion:
Bar Agricole

NY restaurants we have enjoyed in the past:
Momofuku (the more casual location)

Any thoughts on these choices or other recommendations would be much appreciated!

Apr 27, 2011
sfeater in Manhattan

mac n' cheese (Drunken Goat Style)

I know this is an old posting, but I also have been searching for this recipe for years. Here it is!

Dec 13, 2010
sfeater in Home Cooking

Dungeness Crab Prices '10

I googled Lucky Seafood, are you referring to the one on 8th st or 12th st?

Drinks and light appetizers for girls' night out

Second Bar Agricole, just had a girls night here last night and it was one of the best dining experiences I've had in awhile. I recommend the Tequila Daisy, the chicken liver toast and the corn pudding.

Happy Valley's dim sum - Oakland

Thank you so much for trying Robert, moved a couple blocks away recently, but was hesitant to try because it is always empty at night. Going to try for dim sum this weekend and will report back. Anyone else have recommendations on what to order?

Escargot in SF?

I really enjoyed the escargot at L'ardoise, and the place is so charming. J Church would get you there from union square in under 15 min.

Decent mid-scale dinner around Golden Gate Park?

Great, Thanks!

Decent mid-scale dinner around Golden Gate Park?

Koo's website doesn't list prices on the menu. I get the idea that it is more upscale but can anyone give me say average nigiri price and average roll price?
Thank you!

West Oakland: Mandela Foods and zucchini pupusas at Comalapa Pupuseria and Taqueria

Do you have any idea about Comalapa's hours? My SO lives in the area but it never seems open by the time he gets home from work.

Organic/biodynamic wineries worth visiting in Napa and Sonoma?

Frog's Leap certainly is bio dynamic. Close friends are long time employees there and bio dynamic farming is one of the main features on the tour!

Bacon Waffles

well, delicious! I have to admit that you lose some inherit pancake fluff, but certainly not all. The bacon is in very small dice and along with the shredded cheddar and onions is mixed into the batter. You get 2 large pancakes and they come with syrup! and they some how manage not to be greasy...

Bacon Waffles

perhaps more drift, but I love the bacon, cheddar and green onion pancakes at ST. Francis on 24th in the Mission

UVA on Haight

Thinking of trying it for wine and snacks this evening, as opposed to the regular CAV or Hotel Biron. Anyone have thoughts about stand out wine or antipasti?

Ice cream/dessert fun for 4 year olds?

delessio isn't far

Delessio Market & Bakery
1695 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Relocated from Vancouver, want to treat hubby

Sounds to me like Bar Tartine would fit the bill.

Bar Tartine
561 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Best Locally Available Hot Chocolate Powder?

The new Elbow place in Hayes Valley has 2 flavors of drinking chocolate in nice tins that would make pretty gifts. I'm sure they are expensive, but the hot chocolate i've had at the shop is very good.

Ubuntu in Napa

downtown sf to downtown sf generally takes me an hour. Two hours would only be during 5:30 pm traffic. Not that I am suggesting public transit but 21/2 hours is ridiculous.