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Kabobs in NOVA

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Kabob Bazaar in Arlington. They are my go-to place for kubideh (2 skewers) on basmati/saffron rice with bread. They only require 10 mins lead time for pickup orders and also near a metro stop (Clarendon metro @ Highland St). Fast, cheap eats, and tasty. Hard to drive away for more than 5 minutes with the intoxicating aroma filling up the car. Not a fan of their other skewered meats but their mains are at least average if not better.
Shamshiry wins with their moist and tender chicken (though they have buttered rice) and a more polished dine-in area. Menu options include the raw egg on your rice to let it slightly cook. Some dine-in guests get to have the extra crispy rice from the bottom of the pot. Certainly a treat if you're familiar with either option.
I'll have to try Rose and Amoo's in Vienna plus the one Afghan place mentioned earlier. Tried King Kabob by GMU years ago and that turned out very bland.

24 hour or late night places in Northern Virginia

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Yechon in Annandale. 24 hr korean place. They start to get busy from 3a - 5am, following the club closings.
Most other options mentioned earlier are good too if u need greasy food.
*edit* just noticed wayne mention it earlier :)

Yechon Restaurant
4121 Hummer Rd, Annandale, VA 22003

Cajun / Creole food in DC?

New Orleans Cafe in Adams Morgan does this (subbing Hillshire farm Kielbasa for andouille sausage) .. and I find it unacceptable.

your favorite burgers and beef ribs in washington, DC area ...including Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Tysons Corner, etc

made a 2nd trip with a different friend. I had the Wellington and buddy had the plain. Wellington was tasty, borrowing flavors from its many toppings. However, my friend's plain burger was unremarkable. Also, can't help but think the patties are significantly smaller than 10oz.. maybe they're only 1/3 lb patties? if not for the fries, I would have left hungry.

your favorite burgers and beef ribs in washington, DC area ...including Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Tysons Corner, etc

hmm. I happened upon BGR at Lyon Village after their first week of being opened. Found burger at BGR under-seasoned (or not at all) but liked the fries.
BGR has 10 oz of aged prime, so no bleed factor when cooked. Note: the special is only available during lunch. They seem to have more options for their double-dipped fries then for their burger. Standard fries here are Yukon gold, with option for sweet potato fries. There are three other seasoning options avail for your fries. Friend enjoyed the turkey burger, but not so much with the veggie burger. Lobster sliders looked interesting. Could probably put away 4 of the burgers if tempted.
Ray's burger is 10oz of fresh prime and a lot of meat juice (depending on temp). Strangely enough, often my 2nd burger is over-done (even if ordered separately 5 minutes later). LOTS of options for your burger here, but keep it simple. Cant recommend the fries. I always order 2 with dutch mustard seed guoda and only one other topping. The meat juice hits the brain and stops me from consuming more. Not complaining b/c am happy :9 Signature Ray's Hell Burger is definately worth a bite. Packs a 1, 2 punch without the 3 on exit.
FYI, Ray's Hell Burger has a take-out/carry-out in their old location, just a few doors down.

Ray's Hell Burger
1713 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209

the philly cheesesteak (not in philly)

I think South Street Steaks is the location I mentioned above for College park.
Update: Sports Cheesesteak in Woodbridge seems to have a new cook (or the owner's gone nuts).. Either way, the philly's gone from best to worst. If it's a new cook helping out then the spot is a hit / miss, depending on who you get.
Regardless of which joint you visit, remember to let them know what a philly is to you. Al's Steak at del Ray is done w/ LTM (and Al is from philly). Sports prefers American (the owner is also from philly). Other people like whiz.

the philly cheesesteak (not in philly)

Interesting thread. Gonna have to check out Philly Water Ice Factory (not far from work) and MaGerks.
Haven't done Baltimore for cheesesteakes but here's my 2c for VA and MD around the beltway:
"plain" (steak, cheese (prov, amer. or whiz), and fried onions): Sports Cheesesteak and Hoagie Shop - Woodbridge, VA 22192. $10 for a 1/2 cheesesteak (that's a 1 foot sub). Sauce is brown as the onion is cooked w/ the meat. Bread and flavor is spot on. Will eat 2 subs if/when time permits.
LTM philly-style steak & cheese: Alssteaks @ Del Ray in Alexandria VA. LOTS of meat, notably fresh Amoroso, and the LTM. Still a sizeable meal w/o the LTM
I just can't stomach the sub shop in College Park. They cover the meat w/ the lid, effectively steaming it. What's w/ the white sauce?!?
Philly Mike's just doesn't give you any meat or filler, regardless of what style sub you want.
Mario's has a good steak & cheese w/ provolone & sweet pickles. Very unusual but in a good way. Bread's not perfect but works. I just keep forgetting to tell them to hold the mayo.


It's on their printed sandwich menu, left-side center. Like flavrmeistr, I haven't been able to get past the Capri. I've ordered enough of their sandwiches to try all the meats they use (on the sandwiches) and by far, the Capri is my favorite.
Altho, I've been curious to try the muffaletta. How much more filling is it over a large sandwich?
re: waiting in line. Rule of thumb for the place is call ahead if you're not going to be there by 11:15am (or wait for late lunch)

2 Amy's

The perceived quality of food is reversely porportional to the noise level. The food doesn't seem to taste as good when there are 8 kids screeching at the top of their lungs. I suggest if you're going for lunch, get there early, say before 11:30a. Otherwise, make it a late lunch @ 3pm. I fear that more seating room upstairs = longer waits for the food, but at least you get to sit.


co-worker (from philly) stated that the best he's had in the area was in Woodbridge, next door to the Shell gas station off of 123, before you cross the bridge that goes back into Fairfax. Has anyone tried this place or at least know the name of it?

Best Popeyes in NoVA?

The King St. location used to be best location but current mgmt seems to be running the flavor into the ground (as compared to before). That being said, I haven't had good biscuits from Popeyes in AGES... The texture of the biscuits are like glue paste w/ oil. They're still better than KFC tho.
If you want good biscuits, (like they used to be 12+ yrs ago), head over to Kilroy's ( ) in north springfield. Made w/ lots of good old-fashioned butter.

Best Popeyes in NoVA?

worst popeyes in the area was the one located in DC, 12th and F St. Thankfully, it's closed. Strange thing about it was that it had a walk-up window...

Vocelli pizza

It's been a while but they used to carry a (medium) spicy italian sausage as a topping. Had ordered that along w/ a "philly" pizza. But since switching to a mild sausage it's just not as good and haven't felt compelled to order from them.

Is there such a thing as a good "pizza by the slice" spot in DC & Metro Area?

Anyone know of a good philly cheesesteak place in woodbridge? I was told there was one but the guy couldn't remember the name of the joint.

Is there such a thing as a good "pizza by the slice" spot in DC & Metro Area?

Best bread for a philly would have to go to Als Steak ( in alexandria. However, Al's cheesesteaks are done a little too healthy for me. I'd rather go to Mario's in Arlington (bread not as good but the fillers are much better with the grease/flavor)
Only by the slice place I like better than alberto's is Rubino's but that's in Herndon. Disclaimer is that I haven't been to Tony's, Luciano's or Pomodorro's.

Best Pizza in DC Metro Area

My vote for NY-style pizza goes to Rubino's at the Herndon Clocktower. You can order a whole or slices. Don's in Sterling is pretty good. Alberto's at Dupont (across from paradiso) is ok but will definately fill you up. IMO, Valentino's (@ duke st) dough works for the sicilian but not for the regular pizza. Corner Slice in Bethesda only if you're really hungry and broke.
For gourmet pizza, I prefer Pizzeria Paradiso. Toppings at 2 Amy's wins hands down but I don't get why you'd have to order the pizza well-done AND sliced. Been 3 times, and 3x soggy.

Cici's vs Top This Pizza

It's par for the course, considering what you're paying. But I wouldn't go as far as visiting them w/ any regularity. Except for the comment on delivery pizza, everything else mikeR said is spot on.

Apr 06, 2007
hungryT in Chains

Can't-Miss Cheap Chow?

hmm. I'll have to visit those kabob houses. So far for beef/meatball kabobs, it's Kabob Bazaar but anything chicken at Shamshiry (I found their meatball kabob kinda greasy and slightly underflavored). Both priced lower than most kabob houses in the area.

Arlington-Falls Church Rotisserie Chicken

There's also Pollo Campero (sp?) at Bailey's Xrds and Herndon. 7/10 solid taste but nothing worth mentioning
The chicken at La Choza Grill (VA Rte 50), 7/10, chicken was smaller than expected, skin was tasty but meat wasn't, bean/onion mixture was pretty good though(bonus +1).

Arlington-Falls Church Rotisserie Chicken

EPR gets a 9/10.. no yucca fries, but great chicken
Pio Pio is inconsistent but can be better than EPR on their good days. 7/10
Polo Int'l in sterling (by RoomStore) is actually pretty good. 8/10
Edy's (peruvian) is ok but they got yucca. 8/10 (bonus for the yucca)
Crisp 'N Juicy is consistent and good (but not great) 7/10 (for MD and VA branches)
Peruvian Chicken & Steak (rte. 50 at Wilston 2 plaza?) wasn't bad 6/10 (but that was last yr)
Chicken on the run (bethesda). not worth going unless you're starving. 3/10
Caribbean grill. their "jerk" chicken is more of a wimp. 2/10
.. have not tried Super Pollo, will have to. I know I've been to more but can't remember.

Best Pizza in DC?

Rubino's is good for a local thin-crust w/ lots of cheese. Some people will argue that you shouldn't overdo it w/ the extra cheese.
For delivery, I'd lean toward Vocelli (altho, I liked Papa John's much more back in their early days)

Food Factory/Ravi Kabob in Arlington

Kabob Bazaar is excellent. Haven't had a bad meal yet, been 15 times and ate in 3 times (no soda refills tho). I find myself often pulling over to the side to snack when picking up lunch from them as the smell drives me crazy.
Ravi Kabob (the original) is fine but I had some temp. issues my first time up, so I'll have to try them again. The "smell" didn't was non-existant on arrival and it was also un-noteworthy on my drive back to the office. Moby Dick at Fair Oaks really sucked, but the G-town location was good. Will have to try their Arlington location some time.
Mediterranean Kabob in Rockville is worth AVOIDing... heh. Just greasy, bland fare.

Chinese in Arlington

lowbar, that's how I normally go out when I have chinese, vietnamese, or thai food. No menu needed. Just drop in and chat w/ the chef and leave it in their hands. Sometimes, we've had to fight w/ the chef to make sure he didn't pay our bill. Kinda spoils you to the typical experience.

Pizzeria Paradiso-has been?

Noise level at Dupont Circle too high? The place barely seats 25 (30 if it's really crowded). Both the G-town location and 2 Amy's have 2x the room of the Dupont location. If Dupont is too noisy then what say you of 2 Amy's? Deafening? You can't even hear a plate drop and break on the floor at 2 Amy's.
Not a criticism, just wondering what you're comparison is. FYI, I haven't been back to PP since late fall/early winter when the temp was up in the 70s. From other posts, 2 Amy's apparently has an issue w/ undercooking (read: very chewy dough) their pizza when they get busy. I just have to re-visit during early lunch some time.

Talulla in Arlington--any good?

I picked up lunch from Ravi Kabob today. Driving back to the office, I didn't go crazy from the smells as I do w/ Kabob Baazar. Bread and rice were alittle underdone, chicken slightly overdone but decent. Cucumber sauce runny, chickpea mixture was reasonably spicy (enough to notice but not sweat). Decent lunch but don't get why people would drive in from MD to get lunch from Ravi.

Pizzeria Paradiso-has been?

Steak Tartare in DC?

Capital Grille offers steak tartare. They have locations downtown, at Tysons, and Balto.

NY Hound Not Fooling Around

Note that 2 Amy's is a Neopolitan pizza and Paradiso is a traditional style, different but good in their own ways. Value-wise, 2 Amy's and Mia's Pizza offer their's in a 12" for the same price. Paradiso offers an 8" or 9" at the same price point w/ the 12"/14" available for much more $.
In regards to 2 Amy's, I had trouble looking for them the first time so I ended up there at 1pm. Pizza was undercooked (extremely chewy) and not sliced. With the exception of the dough issues, it was better than Paradiso. Busy or not, the pizza should be cooked to temperature and be sliced when brought to the table. I will have to try again either before/after lunch rush.
OTOH, I've had a consistently good experience at Paradiso (3 times at Dupoint, 1 at G-town, 1 at Mia's [related]). While particulars of Paradiso may rank slightly below 2 Amy's, it's their consistency that has me loving them. Being able to snack on the olives is a nice bonus too (which they brine in-house).

Inexpensive eats, DC?

forgot 1 more.. it's a Hit or Miss.. Hit w/ the tourist, Miss w/ most of the locals. Walk down the hill from the Hyatt to the "New Orlean's House". It's white, can't miss it.
If you have to resort to chain-foods: Chipotle, ruby tuesdays, baja fresh, california burrito, &.. (umm.. that cheap chili & dogs place...), and a fake-upscale deli place in the CBS/Gannett building (the one w/ the HUGE screen outside)

Inexpensive eats, DC?

I think the burgers were recommended at the Boulevard Grill. Something else was recommended at the restaurant across the street from them too (maybe crab cake?).. Both are east of the metro stop at Highland street.
Anyone know if Hunan No. 1 (behind the 3033 Wilson Blvd building) is any good now? I stopped going there ages ago when the good chef left.
Avoid the Subway between the Cafe Asia and Red Hot & Blue.