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Chilacates -New Taqueria on Amory in JP

It's a great addition to the JP food scene. A good looking place but very small with counters along the perimeter only for dining in. I ordered three tacos on my visit last week: fish, pollo tinga and al pastor. The pastor was excellent. Great flavors of pineapple and cilantro. The pollo tinga was good. Never had tinga before so I don't have anything to compare it to. The fish was grilled nicely and very fresh. Not a Baja fish taco, however. I prefer the ones at Dorado Taco by far. I need to try the tortas next. I definitely recommend the place.

Chilacates -New Taqueria on Amory in JP

Going tonight. Will report back then.

Dinner near Fan Pier

I have been hearing good things on this board about Sam's but I had lunch there last Saturday and the food was not good at all. Two of us had the tuna sandwich and the other two had the burger. The tuna was two thin pieces of overcooked tuna with so-so slaw on an uninspired, plain bun. The burgers were, again, two thin patties of overcooked beef. Later my dining companions admitted it tasted "funny". Having said that, the service was fantastic and there are plenty of nice little up scale touches. The room and view are gorgeous. I will try the place again. Maybe it was just an off-day. It happens.

Best Fish and Chips in Boston?

Morse Fish Co. in the South End has great fish and chips. In Jamiaca Plain, J.P. Seafood. I had to get over the embarrassment of ordering cooked fish in a sushi restaurant but it's really good and a huge portion.

Morse Fish Co
1401 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

bon savor

I had the Moqueca on my last visit and enjoyed it very much. My DC had the chicken and wasn't offering to share so I know it was good.

While the food is unexpectedly great, the service might be the real reason I keep returning. It couldn't be more friendly or helpful.

J.P.'s Bon Savor - A Revelation

Although I live in the neighborhood, I had dismissed this restaurant as some sort of Magic Pan Tea Room. I was wrong. Had a truly inspired meal this past weekend and plan on returning soon and often.

Starting the meal was an amuse bouche of some fresh slaw type mixture on a toasted baguette. Good, not great but a nice way to start a meal, never the less.

Next up was Baked Argentine Empanadas for me and French Onion soup for my partner. Didn't get a taste of the soup (it was gone before I could ask) but heard it was excellent. The empanadas were light and flaky and the meat inside deliciously seasoned.

My main was the Moqueca de Peixe. A shrimp, mussel and clam stew in a coconut and cilantro broth. The broth was an amazing combination of flavors that didn't overwhelm the delicate seafood. Very well balanced and satisfying.

My partner had the Sage Roasted Chicken Breast. Neither of us usually order chicken in a restaurant but this was something special. Again a wonderfully complex broth. Brussel sprouts, fava beans and herb seared breast with a great crunch on the outside and moist on the inside.

My partner did the 3 course Prix Fixe (menu says only available mon-thurs but our server said it could be ordered any day) so, for desert, the Dulce de Leche crepe. I'm not big on sweets but this was good. Really good.

The service was great. Very friendly and helpful. Some good wines at a good price and a small but attractive room.

With the new chef from Eastern Standard in the kitchen, I'd put this right near the top of my J.P. faves next to Ten Tables. It's that good.

Zon's in JP - Closed or moving???

Guess it's closed based on this post.

The new Bella Luna?

Had dinner there shortly after they opened. Calamari salad was fresh and lemony. Pizzas were under cooked and just plain bad. Sat in a booth for two which didn't have enough leg room for one. Running the smokers gaunlet as you walk in does nothing to improve the dining experience. Doesn't seem like it attracts a terribly discerning crowd so none of this may matter.

Restaurants everyone seems to love but you don't

I'll third that opinion. Never understood the attraction to the food. The decor leaves me cold as well.

Restaurants everyone seems to HATE but you love

I have to agree. Have always had a decent meal and competent service.

City Feed on Centre - when's it opening?

I ate at Real Deal over the weekend. Wasn't impressed. Very "chain-ready". Had a Buffalo Wing sub that was dry with little blue cheese dressing. Onions rings and fries were o.k. My partner had a burger which he said was good but they didn't ask how he wanted it cooked so it was at least medium. I will say they are very friendly in there which does count for something these days.

Where to find fresh fish in JP?

Maybe the new City Feed & Supply location on Centre Street will help fill the void.


El Sarape in Weymouth Landing has great carnitas as an app. but it's not pub trans accessbile. Worth the trip tho.

Real Deal Deli Coming to J.P.

Anyone been to the West Roxbury location? I'm wondering if their thin crust pizza is worth a try when they open on Centre St.

James Gate, J.P.

Order from the pub menu. The dining room menu is a little too ambitious for the kitchens abilities.

Dakshin closed for Health Violations

There have been several favorable posts regarding the food at the Indian restaurant, Dakshin, in Framingham. This appaling story appeared in yesterday's MetroWest Daily News:

South End/Boston Medical Center--delivery

If you're looking for a good burger, falafel or kebabs try Andres Cafe on Harrison between Worcester and E. Springfield.

Fine dining near Westboro, MA?

Romaines in Northboro has consistently good food and service.

Fish and Chips

Morse Fish Co. on Washington in the S.E. has very good Fish & Chips. Very light and not at all greasy. Good value too.

Orinoco -- Sat. night glitches?

I eat there quite a bit and love the food. They usually run out of something by the time I get there. Not to the extent you describe however. Their main problem seems to be delivering all entrees to the table at the same time. Still consider it one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants.