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Your Favorite Cheap Pasta is...

Not sure why people on the board are answering pork noodles and ramen to a pasta question...??

But Max, which just moved from the East Village to Driggs in Williamsburg, has a "Lasagna Fatta In Casa" (homemade beef lasagna with b├ęchamel) which has long been a cheap-date favorite.

The rigatoni (w/ sausage, tomato cream sauce) at Lucky Strike at is also great, filling.

Both of the above are $15.

May 31, 2014
NakedDuck in Manhattan

Good crepes?

Any good/authentic-French creperies you'd recommend in Soho or Tribeca area?

May 31, 2014
NakedDuck in Manhattan

Spaghetti-eis in NYC?

Anyone hear about spaghetti-eis being served at Dolce Gelateria (formerly L'Arte Del Gelato) in W. Village?

Is it authentic... at all close to what you get in Germany?

Sep 11, 2013
NakedDuck in Manhattan

Best Chorizo & Eggs / ALTs in Palm Springs

The last couple times I was in Palm Springs (once for Coachella, a couple times not) I discovered the locals all make chorizo and eggs. I stopped off at the worst borderline-fast food place in Desert Hot Springs, and even there the chorizo and eggs rocked. And then they were grilling it at a pool party there...

I also had a local avocado lettuce and tomato (ALT) w/ bacon on a brioche bun that was amazing... any places known for this?


Apr 05, 2013
NakedDuck in Los Angeles Area

Kaya Toast in NYC?

You guys rule. Thanks!

Apr 23, 2012
NakedDuck in Manhattan

Kaya Toast in NYC?

Does anyone know if anyone in NYC serves Singaporean Kaya Toast?

Apr 22, 2012
NakedDuck in Manhattan

Williamsburg lunch thats close to subway

The Bedford on the corner of North 11th and Bedford has just eclipsed its peers on the block (Cafe Colette, Allswell)... it's been a nice space since it opened in 2010, but suddenly it's hopping. Apparently one of the Chefs from Hotel Griffou joined, and there seems to be a lot of DJ set promotion.

In any case, if you want, Chef makes artisanal tacos for on $5 at daily happy hour. Beats San Loco, although...

In terms of lunch (well, really, daily brunch), try:

* Currant jelly-filled wafflers with whip cream and candied pecans or *Pulled-Pork Hash with to over easy eggs topped off.... sole supplier of La Colombe Coffee in Brooklyn

110 Bedford Avenue
(on the corner of North 11th)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Mar 26, 2012
NakedDuck in Outer Boroughs

Chipp Pizza

I dunno, there's a pretty crazy dearth of this sort of thing in Sheepshead Bay, and I actually liked their Margherita DOC better than Motorino's... I'm also a big believer that you should always eat Neapolitan pies in....

Feb 28, 2011
NakedDuck in Outer Boroughs

Seville or Bitter Oranges in Jewel Osco or Whole Foods?

I have a recipe that calls for Seville oranges... does Whole Foods or Jewel Osco carry these or bitter oranges? Or is there a more common substitute? Thanks!

Aug 18, 2010
NakedDuck in Chicago Area

Cuban near Fontainbleau

sounds perfect - thanks!

Cuban near Fontainbleau

Hey, I'm going to be at Fontainbleau over Labor Day and wondering if there are ANY little Cuban places near FB... or any other cheap places by that property... would love a Cuban breakfast without a cab ride thx

best pizza/slice in the burg near bedford?

thanks guys... i actually (before seeing this) ordered a pie from Driggs after reading other posts elsewhere, and yeah, was solid. i was really disaapointed with Vinne's mainly because it was so close and always packed... i didn't mean to diss fornino - i actually had a good eat-in epxerience there a couple years ago. i guess i just wanted a non-artisan local... looks like Driggs is it... still miss being by Carmine's though

Jul 27, 2009
NakedDuck in Outer Boroughs

best pizza/slice in the burg near bedford?

Carmines is clearly the best, but i moved away from Graham Ave... anything good near Bedford stop? not impressed by Vinnie's or Fornino

Jul 26, 2009
NakedDuck in Outer Boroughs

Benjamin Steakhouse Burger?

has anyone had the burger at Benjamin Steakhouse? the one that was challenging the BLT and Burger Joint (on GrubStreet and Eater)

May 30, 2009
NakedDuck in Manhattan

Cheers Thai

i second that i just brought an out of town guest to chai, which was great and very inventive menu. cheers i thought was really eh... okay for take out i guess, but definately not a destination... even sea or planet thailand while touristy and noisy are better

Nov 24, 2006
NakedDuck in Outer Boroughs

root beer popsicles

know where in the city I can get em?

Nov 24, 2006
NakedDuck in Manhattan

rootbeer popsicles in williamsburg/union square?

random question of the day: anyone know where to get rootbeer popsicles either in burg or maybe whole foods or somewhere??

Nov 24, 2006
NakedDuck in Outer Boroughs

Sushi in Williamsburg

Could someone reccomend a restaurant in Williamsburg that has good sushi. I have been going to Samurai which is good but looking for a little more atmosphere... I know there is another sushi place right on that block too that I never tried... also open to seafood restaurant in general beyond Marlowe...

Oct 01, 2006
NakedDuck in Outer Boroughs