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Red Draw

My grandfather in Pueblo used to drink these, and he was in Arlington, TX during WWII, so the WF connection would work. Personally, I prefer the Michelada, but since I grew up in the Panhandle and lived in Laredo, I've been exposed to both.

May 17, 2014
wondertrev in Beer

Lower end Scotch tastes

Reminds me of a quote in Pelton's latest book on adventure travel/journalism: "Don't bother aquiring a taste for single malt, because they rarely have it in the 3rd world."

Aug 10, 2010
wondertrev in Spirits

Buffalo Trace White Dog (New Make Whiskey)

Tried some of a whim when I saw it at a liquor store near Toldeo (traveling from NY to ND). Maybe $15/pint. Owner said some folks said it was 'liquid cornbread." I can see where the were coming from, but found it quite smooth and easy to drink, even more so than some regular aged whiskeys (Rebel Yell, etc...). Don't know what it would mix with, but I'd gladly pick some up again if I could find it.

Aug 10, 2010
wondertrev in Spirits

Moving to Minot

Saw the Asian grocer near campus. Will likely hit that first week in town. If not, thank God for Amazon Prime.

Mar 27, 2010
wondertrev in Great Plains

Moving to Minot

Moving to Minot, ND, and was wondering if there was anyplace in the area that was worth noting. So far, it seems as if the most recommended places I've found are a home cooking place and a truck stop. Certainly a town of 40,000 souls would have something beyond a Petro stop.

Mar 26, 2010
wondertrev in Great Plains

Close to Embassy Suites w/9 yr old?

Thanks. We have a few places in mind for other nights, but these suggestions should work for the night we arrive.

Dec 09, 2009
wondertrev in Manhattan

Close to Embassy Suites w/9 yr old?

102 North End, by WTC

Dec 04, 2009
wondertrev in Manhattan

Close to Embassy Suites w/9 yr old?

Will be arriving 12/20, perhaps not until dinner time. I know of lots of places to go, but wife and kiddo may not be up for traveling across town after a day of traveling. Then again, the beer and nachos may satiate them somewhat. Any place terribly close worth considering? Or will I need to venture over to Chinatown, to Alfanoose, etc.... Kiddo and I are adventurous when it comes to food, wife is less so. I just don't want to go the Manhattan and eat at the Chevy's/Applebee's at the hotel.

Dec 04, 2009
wondertrev in Manhattan

Wanted: Recommendations for Great VT/NH Restaurants

We go to Hanover once or twice a year, and have had good grub at the following places.
Yama: tiny, very good Korean place
The Fort: a truck stop with hearty b'fasts, great corned beef hash, stick to your ribs chow, on last visit clientele included truckers, college kids w/hangovers and Dartmouth profs discussing Edith Piaf
Salt Hill Pub: good fish and chips, pot roast, very relaxed, live music at night
Murphy's on the Green: by Dartmouth, better-than-expected pub chow, Travel and Leisure says their Murph Burger is one of 50 best in US
Gusano's: some bitch, but as a native Texan, I find the food to be pretty damned good. Go early to avoid crowds. Owner is from Monterrey MX.
Three Tomatoes: standard Italian fare, small chain with locations in Rutland, Burlington, W. Lebanon.
Ramunto's: many say best pizza in area. Location by Dartmouth is largest, has good beers
Long Trail Brewery: by Killington, good onion rings and burgers, growlers to go, closes early (by 6?)

Try the skiing at Whaleback and Storrs Hill (all 2-3 runs). It's very low-key, much like skiing in the old days

Burlington is kinda neat, but IMHO not worth the drive.It's much livelier in the summer.

Yama Restaurant
96 Main St, West Lebanon, NH 03784

Salt Hill
2 W Park St, Lebanon, NH 03766

Salt Hill Pub
64 Main St, Newport, NH 03773

Hacienda Vieja tequila...opinions?

Just bought some on the way home from work for fajita night, and I'm impressed, especially at 20$ a liter here in upstate NY. If someone else was paying, I'd opt for Herradura, but this is pretty good stuff. I used to drink Cazadores when I lived in Laredo and went to tequila bars in Nuevo, and this is awfully similar. I'd like to try the two side by side. I think the earlier point about the lack of fancy bottles and advertising is accurate. You have to remember that the trendy Corazon was marketed by the same guy that brought Grey Goose to the market and made it chic..

Aug 06, 2009
wondertrev in Spirits

Anyplace good in Buffalo near UB?

Thanks for the tips, all. I didn't want to drive all the way through Hell and Creation and end up at Applebee's. Thankfully, the Residence Inn is near Elmo's.

Anyplace good in Buffalo near UB?

I'll hunt down the Post story. Sandwiches aren't really what I'm looking for. I'm looking for geographic advice as much as anything. I would assume being near a major U would put me near something a little exotic than a roast beef sandwich.

(I found the Post article, thanks.)

Anyplace good in Buffalo near UB?

I'll be in Buffalo for the first time next week for a conference, and am staying at the Residence Inn near the university. Does anyone have any suggestions on places to eat? I'm probably going to hit Duff's for the obligatory wing stop, but am clueless about what else is nearby and worthwhile. I'm burned out on pizza since I live in a college town, but I could be swayed if there were someplace exceptional. I'm not looking for anything fancy, but a good Vietnamese or Mexican place would be a treat. Also, is there a place that sells good six-packs in the area?

Thanks in advance....

Affinia Manhattan w/ kids

Hola, I'll be at the Affinia Manhattan for 2-3 days in January for, of all things, a rodeo (don't ask. It's for work.) I haven't stayed near here before, and will be taking the kiddo (8 year old, well-behaved, etc...) and wife. What's worth eating that kids and a non-adventurous wife will like? I assume there will be MSG-type restaurants, but I'm looking to avoid a glorified Applebee's.

Nov 25, 2008
wondertrev in Manhattan

Costco "Ultimate Fish Sticks"--yay or nay?

They're the only fish sticks I'll buy. They're kid food, but palatable for adults, too.

Nov 06, 2008
wondertrev in Chains

Bethel, ME-kids and college students

Thanks all,

I've been gone from Texas for so long that I'm half-tempted to try Maine BBQ and Gringo Harry's. Once I recover my senses, Cho-Sun and the Phoenix House will look better.

Texas Queso Dip

Sorry folks, as a Texas expat, I have to argue there is a place for Velveeta and Rotel. Typically, at event where you're feeding lots of folks and lots of beer is consumed. I make it for my Yankee friends in upstate NY, and they always devour it. The same happens at parties throughout Texas.

Now, I won't make it for myself, especially since I have access to good VT and NY cheese. However, if there is a Super Bowl party, and you need to make a lot and keep it around for a couple of hours, Velveeta and Rotel is the way to go.

Feb 27, 2008
wondertrev in Recipes

Bethel, ME-kids and college students

Any thoughts on where to eat in Bethel/Sunday River? Am headed there in a couple of weeks as the faculty chaperone of a college ski trip. I'm taking my 8 year old, so I'm not terribly interested in find dining, but I would like someplace with a good bar and good food. I'm not much of a Budweiser and burger guy, unless the burger is amazing. I hear the local Chinese/ Korean place is good. Anyplace with a good beer selection?

Also, is there anyplace that has reliable cheap eats for my students? I suspect most are under 21.

New Rochelle-near Residence Inn with kids

Thanks for the tips, y'all. As a expat Texan, I never would've thought to equate New Rochelle with Mexican food, but the Mexican Cafe was better than many places I've eaten in Dallas and Austin. Great service, and I had very good chiles rellenos. I usually make fun of chimichangas as faux-Mexican, but my wife ordered them, and they were quite good. The beef wasn't the ground glop, and the cheesy sauce was addicting. Margarita wasn't half-bad either.
Went to Coyote Flaco 2 nights later. Food wasn't quite as good as Mexican Cafe, but my wife's margarita was fantastic. They also had my old Laredo stand-by, El Jimador tequila. Enchiladas Suizas and Oaxaca both had good, subtle green and mole sauces, and we're stuffed with breast meat. The kid's taco had meat that seemed rather Taco Bell-ish, but the guacamole and beans were both good. I'd happily go to either place again. She'll be coming back here for work, so La Herradura is scheduled for next visit.

New Rochelle-near Residence Inn with kids

New Rochelle with Kids

Will be at Residence Inn by New Roc City, but I really want to avoid that place. Any suggestions for places within walking distance or a short cab ride? Wife prefers Italian, but I'm not that picky as I live in an upstate culinary wasteland. I hear there are good Mexican places in NR, but are they close to the hotel?

Lake Placid Recommendations

Just got back this Mon from LP. Am usually with kids or apres-ski, so I don't know about the fancier places, but we've always had good luck at the Mirror Lake Inn's Cottage. It's basically a pub with above avg. food, popular with locals. We've also had good luck at Nicola's on Main for good Italian. Folks from NYC might find it non-impressive, but for those of us from Upstate and Texas, it's pretty damned good. They also run a good pizza place, Mr. Mike's, where my daughter and I had remarkably good pasta Bolognese. We also enjoyed happy hour at the Hilton's Dancing Bear, and my neighbors say the Sun Brunch is pretty good. Haven't tried it myself, though.

It's September, so the town is pretty dead.

Copley Area w/kids

Am off to Boston for a conference-11,000 cops. Not only is it a bad week to be a criminal in Boston, I expect steakhouses and tittie bars to be jam packed. Am taking wife and kiddo, so was wondering what places in downtown are good, kid friendly, and unlikely to be packed with meat-head police chiefs. Would love to find decent Mexican nearby, but realize it's Boston, not Austin. Will be staying at the Copley Marriott.