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A&P stores closing; apparently one in Yorktown Heights

TraderJoes would be amazing but from what I heard from the staff in the Yorktown store, it is going to be a Shoprite. Dont know how reliable that is but it is the buzz I have heard through town as well.

Ethiopian in Mount Kisco?

september81, obviously, I do not know as much as you about Ethiopian landmarks but I certainly have had my share of Ethiopian food and I am standing by my review. As I stated, I had( and have) high hopes for the restaurant. It's a shame that I did not have the same experience as you had.

Ethiopian in Mount Kisco?

Ok, went to Lalibela last night and well, here goes.............
We arrived around 6:15 to an empty restaurant. We were greeted and seated right away.

The decor is pretty sparse and the some of the pictures on the wall didnt look like anything resembling Ethiopia or its culture, but, what do I know. We were given the paper take out menus as the real menus had not arrived.

The thing that really suprised me, is that many people are not familiar with Ethiopian foods and the proper way to eat it and the owner and waitstaff did not engage us in any conversation. I would have expected at least asking us if we had ever eaten this type of food, did we have any questions?? Nothing, just plopped down the paper menu and left. No finger bowls were offered so we had to use the restroom to wash our hands.

They dont serve liquor yet so had a club soda which was poured from and 8oz bottle into a 16oz beer glass. Kind of looked cheap not to fill the glass or should have used a smaller glass. Not a big deal, just an observation.

When we placed our order, we were still not asked if we had any questions. We ordered the combo platter and the Kitfo, rare. With the combo plate, you get a choice of 3 veggie options and I just asked the server to chose what she liked.

I won;t go into detail about the menu items, you can check the menu online but suffice it to say that we were really dissappointed. The kitfo came out like overcooked hamburger meat and the other items lacked any type of heat(spice)even though we told her we liked the dishes spicy. There was a generous portion of food and more than enough for the 2 of us.

One real pet peeve was that the table was waaay to small to accommodate the large platter of food, the injera and the drink glasses. We felt very closed in with no room for even the paper napkins that were stacked at the end of the table.

On a personnal note, the injera was way to tangy for me. It really overpowered any flavor that the dishes had. FYI- I have eaten this type of food before, many times so I am aware that injera, by the nature of it, is tangy.

I asked if the had authentic tea and they said yes. I also inquired about authentic coffee and was told no they had american coffee. So we ordered the tea. To me, it tasted like mint and cinnamon infused tetly water.

Sorry that my review was not a great one. I really so want this to be good as there are no places around here that serve this type of food. Perhaps it's just growing pains and I will give it another try in the future. Maybe one of you will have a better experience then I did.

Good Thai or Indian in Northern Westchester

Thanks all. Tried Ruchi in Peekskill and did not care for it at all but only had the luch buffet so maybe the menu items are better. I am going to throw caution to the wind and actually give the Ethiopian place a shot tonight. I usually never go to a place until the have worked out the kinks but going to go for it! I have heard that Thai Golden is good and I'm really not that far from carmel so will give it a try.

Thai Golden
5 Seminary Hill Rd, Carmel, NY 10512

Good Thai or Indian in Northern Westchester

Looking for some good spicy food and can't seem to find it in northern westchester. Any recs? Been to the Thai place in Shrub Oak and did not care for it. Excited to hear about the new Ethiopian restaurant opening in Mt Kisco but might give it a while to work out the kinks before I rush there.

ruchi peekskill

GIOny the food is Indian and it is located in the Beach shopping center in Peekskill. I have to report that my experience was not the same as rkaene. 3 of us had the lunch buffet there this past friday. We were not greeted with a friendly hello, just sat at a bare table. No silverware, napkin glasses, etc. We were not offered anything to drink, just told we could go to the buffet. There were enough choices, perhaps8 or 0 standard items plus a cold chopped salad. The salad was very good but the items on the buffet looked like they had been there a while. The flavor of the food wasn't just wasn't good . Very standard at most. The chicken vindalo was spicy and the flavor was just ok. Like I said, found all the dishes to be just ok. The service was terrible. When we returned from the buffet, we still had no silverware, napkins, water etc. I felt like we were bothering the waiter to get us water and utensils. BTW there were only 3 other tables there. Maybe it was an off day but I was really taken aback by the service and the quality of the food. Will wait till I';m down in lower werstchester and go to Panang.

Fleetwood News

Maybe it was a fluke because I didnt experience anything like what circuscookie and nakkos did. Because of your posts, I will give them another try just to be fair. Everyone is entitled to a bad day!

Fleetwood News

Had lunch at Yoshino friday afternoon. I love Spring Asian's sushi but felt it only fair to give the new place a try. Walked in about 1:30, only one table of 2 in the very small space. Probably seats around 25p, maybe. We(2ppl) were greeted as soon as we walked in and seated. Drinks were ordered and delivered soon after. No liquor...guess my weekend wasn't going to start early there! We ordered 2, 3 roll sushi lunch specials and chicken and shrimp pad thai. All came with soup or salad. Strange that the pad thai had chicken and shrimp, usually a choice of either but with only 2 small shrimp in the dish, I guess they needed to put something in there. The salad was typical iceberg with an ok sesame ginger dressing, the miso soup was very good. The pad thai arrived first and was a rather small portion with, as I said, only 2 small shrimp and about 4 pieces of chicken. The flavor was not authentic thai at all, in fact, reminded me of that stuff that you pour out of a bottle. I am a Pad Thai freak, so this didnt even come close to being good for me. Just to be fair, I don't like the Pad Thai at Spring Asian either. We ordered the sushi with brown rice and it came as ordered. The problem was that the nori was tough. I have never experienced eating any kind of roll, that gave resistance when biting down on it. It was not inedible but not enjoyable either. As for the service well, there really wasn't any. No, "how is everything, can I get you another drink," NOTHING!!!! Remember, we were the only ones in the place now and they saw us because the 2 servers were leaning against the wall right next to us, watching us eat. No water was refilled and we had to ask. Ok, so all in all, not impressed. I won't bash, I just will not be making this place a stop when I visit my friends in Fleetwood. Someone should have thought of a small falafel joint or good Greek take out(a la Lefyteros) more Asian or pizza!!

The Eveready diner in Hyde Park, NY

I have eaten at the Rhinebeck location quite a few times and was really surprised to find that the same items that I order there, were now $2-$3 more for the exact same dish. They have the same menu in both locations. I guess I should chalk it up to the new location and rent prices but it still took me by surprise. The food was, ok. Maybe they just need to work out the kinks in Brewster. Never had any complaints in Rhinebeck. Time will tell.

Great Burger-Herkimer,NY off I-90

Was in Herkimer on Fri night. Saw this place as a rec on the Roadfoodfood website as well and thought I would give it a try. Got there and it was all closed up....chairs on top of tables and dark. Anyone know if they are closed for good?

Whats a Lobster Rolls to you?

I make my lobster rolls with the lobster meat, a bit of tiny diced celery and a dab of mayo. Put it in a buttered and grilled, top open hot dog roll. Makin my want one right now!

Fleetwood News

Was in Fleetwood today going to have lunch at Spring asian and walked pass the old flooring store. Door was open so I asked one of the workers what it's going to be. He told me a sushi/Asian take out-delivery and some tables for sit down. He said they will be open in 2 weeks. The inside looks nice and new but really really small for a restaurant. Strange that they would open another Asian place in town with Spring Asian and great wall right there. Go figure???? Hey, I live in Yorktown and when a place closes up around here, they just turn it into Italian/Pizza! Cant anyone think outside of the boring box???

Price fixed dinners in Westchester

They are located behind the arcadian shopping center in Ossining. You actually go down the road(forget the name) between the shopping center and CVS. Be aware that it looks like a very residential neighborhood, Goldfish has a blue awning on the left side and the parking lot is across the street.

Price fixed dinners in Westchester

I've been to goldfish in Ossining a few times and it has been great. They offer different prix fixe every night except Sat. Friday is $35 for 4 courses, a huge amount of really good food. Thurs night 29.00 3 courses(less options) but amazing food and value. Can't wait to go back again.

Goldfish in Ossining

Back from Goldfish.
The space and vibe are very nice but be careful, the place is hard to find! Right in the middle of a residential street. Service was good. Since we were a group of women catching up and chatting, the slow pace of the meal was just fine. We all noted, had we been here with family, we would have called the service very slow. We all had drinks, martinis and wine which were all nice size and serrved perfectly. We all opted for the 4 course prix fixe. The family style appetizers were all very good and enough was served for our table of 5. Clams, oysters from raw bar were mediocre at best. Calamari, fried shrimp and smoked salmon were all very good and the mussels in garlic broth were delicious. Next was a choice of soup or salad. I tasted the NE clam chowder and it was delicious. Light, creamy and peppery with a nice bit of chopped clams. I had a romaine salad which consisted of a half head of romaine hearts on the plate, coated with a caesar type dressing and garnished with anchovy. It was dissapointing because after you cut through the top layer of lettuce that was dressed, the rest was plain lettuce.The other salad of arugula, asparagus, gorgonzola and pears was a better choice. Just a side note but very important...the bread served was outstanding. Warm crusty casa, multi grain roll, salt sticks, amazing. I have to say that the entree portions were very large..all except the lobster. I had the cod with broccoli rabe in a lemon broth, very tasty. The lobster was served in the shell, which was a surprise to all that ordered, it was a small lobster(11/4lbs?)but they enjoyed it served with roasted potato and artichoke hearts. The other choice at the table was the tuna in wonton wrapper with wasabi. The portion was very large and the flavor on that dish was good as well. The mashed potatoes vere nice and garlicy but a bit watery. By the way, you could also order an entree from the specials they have and have it be a part of the prix fixe, nice touch.They ruined it with dessert! Served family style, it was a platter of fruit and a few...I mean few ..micro pieces of cake garnishing it. After a wonderful meal, it was really a bad ending. Its sad because the tiny bit of cake that I tasted was good. I would definitly go back again. The value was outstanding. Good food at a very reasonable price.

Goldfish in Ossining

Thx Otis and Sam. Looking forward to going. I'll let you know how the Friday Prix fixe goes.

Goldfish in Ossining

Going there for girls night/dinner out. Any feedback? Not too many posts listed for this place so any comments would be appreciated. Looks like the have a nice Prix Fixe menu.

Lunch in Yorktown/ Cortlandt Area

Not a big favorite of mine but Murphys is kid friendly and has a couple of good lunch salads. You can always go to Southside, they are very kid friendly and have a few healthier options. Hey, there's always Friendlys!

Best Breakfast in Stowe - Gables Inn

Thanks for providing the true name! I came across this place when I planned a last minute visit to stowe and could only find accommodations at the Grey Fox. They had a meal plan which included breakfast so I had my 4 day fill of "pannekoeken"! The room was fine, a bit outdated and dingy. We got a room with a jacuzzi and fireplace so that was a nice addition. I do have my favorite places that I stay when in stowe but in a pinch would chose the grey fox. Not sure I could eat the pancakes everyday though!

Jan 08, 2009
xecuchef in Northern New England

Best Breakfast in Stowe - Gables Inn

Dutch pancakes are just that...DUTCH "pancakes". They can not be compared at all to american style pancakes. Apples and oranges. They are very thin and extra large, almost crepe like. Some sweet, some savory. One will really fill you up if you can even finish it. . I dont know the history of dutch pancakes but I would even assume that they aren't even called that in their homeland. It's a must try just to experience it even if they are not your cup of tea.

Jan 07, 2009
xecuchef in Northern New England

Best Breakfast in Stowe - Gables Inn

I have eaten at the Gables many times and have found the food to be just ok. Yes, homemade but I found it to be run of the mill fare. Haven't been in some time so maybe things have gotten better and I'm not being fair. McCarthy's does a good breakfast. Not as upscale as Gables but good food at reasonable prices. If your in the mood for pancakes, the Dutch pancake house is always good for that.

Jan 07, 2009
xecuchef in Northern New England

Favorite place to eat at Mohegan or Foxwoods?

You can sit at the bar a Summer Shack in Mohegan and feel right at home. The apps are much better than the entrees.

Fresh Crusty bread in Northern Westchester

Thanks for the Ace bread suggestion. Tried a couple of the breads and they were very good. Nice to have that option in the supermarket.

Can one substitute good chopped liver for liver pate in Beef Wellington?

you can replace the pate with mushroom duxelle(basically fine chopped mushrooms, shallots,garlic cooked down with red wine or port) and if you purchase a cheaper brand of puff pastry you will find that they use margerine instead of butter.

Dec 23, 2008
xecuchef in General Topics

The pizza stinks around here!

I think the pizza at Peppinos is very good. Make sure you order it well done. it is pretty thin for regular pizza and crispy enough that you can pick up a slice and the tip doesn't flop down. The crust actually cracks when you fold it in half, if your a folder like me! The sauce is very tasty, doesn't taste like that canned pizza sauce at all and the cheese is really good quality. Try the meatballs, excellent. Since you live up in this area, I will tell you to stay away from Frank and Augies pizza in Jefferson Valley. It has to be the worst, tasteless, soggy pizza I have ever eaten. Let me know what you think of Peppinos

The pizza stinks around here!

love the pizza at zero otto nove. Peppinos has locations in Stamford, Somers and the Bronx. I have only had the pizza(sandwiches) from the Somers location and when ordered "well done" is really good. Can't vouche for the other locations. Up here in Northern Westchester, there are some REALLY bad excuses for pizza so this is a nice change.

Emme's White Plains

I'm curious myself. Big shoes to fill and so close to Sams. The menu(viewed it online) looks kind of boring and pretty pricey for what they offer. I would love to hear a review.

Mid-Westchester cozy Italian for Saturday night?

Take a look at Rosies Bistro in Bronxville. Been there numerous times and the food is always great as is the atmosphere.

Favorite drink with a steak

I don't care and I know it's not a proper pairing but give me a cold bottle of Veuve Cliqout and a good steak and i'm there!

Dec 08, 2008
xecuchef in General Topics

One or Plates or 42 or other suggestion for special dinner?

Thanks dolores. No I have not been to The Iron forge, actually never even heard of it so I'll take a look. It is sad to say but I don't think there will ever be a place quite like Harralds. Hard to find a place with so much love and pride put into a restaurant and boy did it show. I'll keep searching. Maybe one day we will find it. It's too bad but my hopes are not high.