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Thai Green Curry Chicken Thighs

Aug 23, 2015
NordeastB in Recipes

Good salad bars?

On the skyway in the Oracle Building, the salad bar at Dave's Downtown is my go to. 4 different greens, lots of toppings, well stocked and very clean. $7.99/lb currently.

Shorewood Restaurant closed

Bill, Jim's brother I believe, passed away. See

It closed a few months later.

Shorewood Restaurant closed

Sorry, I meant the bar & grill in Spring Lake Park. Remember the old Nicklow's on 36 & 100 fondly. We tried the food at Shortstop a couple times; usual suburban bar eats unfortunately. Haven't been back in years.

We stick to Brick's in Blaine in this part of town. Good food and great beer selection.

Shorewood Restaurant closed

Couldn't compete against the Shortstop and $2.50 gigantic Bud Lights.

Seriously though, we'd have apps or split a Greek entrée in the bar once in a while because it was close and this part of town is a restaurant desert. The food was pretty standard off the nationwide food service truck stuff but it was good for that type of offering. Always had great service. Thought they would make it; especially with the live music on the weekends.

Nicklow's up Hwy. 65 closed a few months ago as well after the father passed away. IIRC he was a brother to the owner of Shorewood.

Good quality rib roast. Where to buy.

We're reserved one at Jerry's. USDA Prime not Lund's "Choice" for $13.99 lb. For grocery store cuts, we prefer the meat at Kowalski's and Jerry's to Lunds/Byerlys.

Heidi's closing

When the Chow Hubby worked at a steak chain downtown, all servers were paid out at the end of the night on whatever the tips were. Cash or credit card. 95% of the tabs were CC. The POS figures everything out.

Food trucks in Downtown

Check out this Twitter account which aggregates tweets from operators:

Bourbon Trail--Lexington, KY

I think Wallace Station's sister restaurant, Windy Corner Market, on Bryan Station Road is better. Larger dining room and more variety to the menu.

One Two Three Sushi

Walked through the IDS on the way to Brothers Deli yesterday at 12:30. Line was 25-30 people long.

Too many places DT for me to wait that long.

Delivery or take out near 694 and 35W

There is a Viet Noodles in between SuperAmerica and Taco John's on Silver Lake Rd. We get take out from there occasionally and always liked it.

Breakfast in Northern Suburbs?

I'll put in a plug for RJ Riches too. Good food, family-owned, busy breakfast and lunch traffic.

Favorite restaurants from the past

Many good memories of late night runs to Two Pesos.

Northern burbs

I'll three more to the list.

1) Pompeii Pizza in DT Elk Rriver (Punch-like pizza and better than Punch IMO).

2) T-Box on Hwy. 65 in Ham Lake. This one and Brick's in Blaine are both owned by the Tournament Liquor guys.

3) New Mandarin Restaurant on Coon Rapids Blvd. Not for the Chinese; get the Vietnamese menu. Only pho and bun in CR.

Pittsburgh Blue or Manny's?

FWIW, I've always been told by people who work in the local steakhouse circuit that the steaks Manny's and PB get are exactly the same. And they are not USDA Prime but "Manny's Prime."

We prefer Strip Club or Ruth Chris if not grilling at home.

Roasted Pear in BP?

True but there aren't a million of those places in or near Brooklyn Park. The Nectar in dt Osseo and 3 Squares over in Maple Grove are the only ones I can think of in that NW corner off of 694.

Best Italian in the Twin Cites is in White Bear Lake!

I was there last fall. Yes, it was packed on a Saturday night. No, it's not as good as BLG. But for that part of town with its limited options....we'd go again.

Friday Fish Fry - where is the best one?

The school is closing at the end of the term. Not sure if the parish is being consolidated as well.

Friday Fish Fry - where is the best one?

Went to St. Matthew's fish fry last night on the West Side of St. Paul. Fish was wonderful: cornmeal batter, not greasy at all and plenty hot. Plate is served with baked potato and corn with cole slaw (tasted like some shredded apple was included) at the condiment bar for potato fixings and tartar sauce.

St. Matthew's does serve beer as well. Saw large, non-descript wine bottles too but did not inquire about price per glass.

Everyone gets tickets for desert which last night were ice cream sandwiches. All of us were very pleased.

Where can I get ground veal near Champlin?

Ditto on Brother's Meat Market in the Grove. Very nice guys.

What's missing from MSP's culinary landscape?

I agree that it's the technique, the ovens and the dough. For by the slice they par-bake the pie, then put it in the over for 2-3 minutes to finish baking after you pick out your slice. Something I've never seen here.

Il Gatto closed

Closing like this is SOP for corporate restaurants. If staff knows they are being let go, bottles of wines and frozen meats/seafood tend to disappear. This was not the case with M&S Grill as the staff were being transferred down the street to McCormick's.

Knife Sharpening

Agreed. We go to Eversharp. Great guys.

the Smack Shack Downtown Minny Food Truck

Jim, they server in their 1029 digs every week. Free to park on Marshall.

Ingebretsons Scandanavian Foods/Minneapolis/ Lake St near Nicollet

Cash or check only. No plastic on the meat market side.

Bluefin sushi

It's almost fished to extinction. I doubt you'll find it in the East Metro.

Searching the Skyway...

All the previous recs are spot on. I'll throw in Dagwoods in The Crossings building for when you want to get a walk in. I love their Roast Beef Dagwood; toasted bun and nice vinaigrette.

The decline of Porky's !

Do the Truelson's (Tryg's and Porky's) still own the University Ave spot? Never saw anyone at the Central Ave location. And they put up quite a fight to put it in there.

TC: Ice Cream Parlor?

Grandpa's Ice Cream on East Moore Lake Drive in Fridley. Family owned, just ice cream, sundae's, malts. Make a point to stop there every week.

Grandpa's Ice Cream
1258 East Moore Lake Drive, Fridley, MN

Uptown Cafeteria

Been there twice for HH. Saw Phil Roberts patrolling the floor both nights. Never went up to the roof so cannot comment on that. For happy hour, it's okay; nothing's going to blow your socks off.

Disco Fries: crinkle cut fries with gravy and cheese sauce. Not poutine but for $3 I wasn't expecting it either.

HH Burger basket: actually a pretty good burger again with crinkle cut fries. Pink in center, came hot to the table.

Wed. nite special of beef stroganoff: split it with BF. Good; thought the chunks of beef were kinda big. My grandma always cut it in strips so I'm biased that way.

They ran out of HH wine the 2nd time (first Thurs they were open). All that was left at 6:30 was white zin. We stuck to the beer though. Heard they are trimming happy hour back to end at 6 instead of 7.

It was certainly overstaffed so didn't have a problem with getting water, clearing plates, etc.