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Spring = Shad Roe and Morels

Thanks. Better hie there!

Spring = Shad Roe and Morels

[Boy, has Chowhound changed....]

I gather it is too late for shad roe. I do see that morels are in. I just got some at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods and have yet to check Formaggio, which might have them too. BUT we are wondering whether any restaurants are serving excellent morel dishes now. Any sitings? Any suggestions from past experience? Western 'Burbs, Cambridge, and Boston are all good, but we will go farther afield if necessary.


restaurants in Somerset area

Thanks to all of you! This is most helpful. I will report back on where we end up eating.

Jun 16, 2010
ErstwhileEditor in New Jersey

restaurants in Somerset area


My SO, daughter and I are headed down to Somerset for a few days. I started digging around in the boards but am running out of time before our departure tomorrow morning, so I am asking for interesting restaurants in the area--not limited to Somerset but probably within 15 or 20 miles maximum. We tend to favor serious ethnic restaurants, especially Asian. Tapas would also be great.

Thus far, I have uncovered Hoysala, Chopstick, and Coriander. Are they all still in business? Comments? I doubt our daughter would like to eat Indian food every day.


Hoysala Restaurant
2 John F Kennedy Blvd Ste 5, Somerset, NJ 08873

Jun 16, 2010
ErstwhileEditor in New Jersey

Anyone Been to House of Chang in Cambridge?

For the record, Denian's is closed. The big loss, IMO, is their fabulous pot stickers, succulent and flavorful like none I have had elsewhere.

Flying in the face of "Chow Wisdom"

Mmmm. I agree re Gourmet India. At their best, the palak (saag) paneer and the channa masala (the reddish one, not the darker one) are excellent. Their naan can be great. I recently tried and fell in love with their achari chicken, although the second time I got it, it wasn't quite as wonderful. I just wish they would have lemon rice again....

Sichuan Gourmet: Lucky Brookline

I was at Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica getting takeout and learned that there is going to be a third SG at the site of the former Chef Chang's on Beacon St. There will be a period of renovations before Sichuan Gourmet opens there.

I gather this restaurant has been closed for a short time? I am so out of then loop, that this came as news to me!

A search revealed this:


Foods you love at Trader Joe's that got discontinued? [OLD]

Balsamic Glaze (yeah, I hoarded the last bottle THAT long).

Apricot Sauce--so much nicer than the ubiquitous applesauce.

Puff Pastry--what happened to that? It was sooooo much cheaper than what one could buy (with butter) anywhere else.

WHAT has happened to the dried Blenheim apricots? They were lovely and tangy. The new Patterson variety is MUCH too tart--and I like VERY tart things. Ugh for eating.

Longer ago: the frozen apricot tart from France.

The good news: I had been told their gingerbread had been discontinued. On a whim, I decided to check whether it was back as a seasonal item--and it is! it is so moist and yummy. (Try layering it with a pumpkin pie type filling, whipped cream and candied ginger for a nice trifle-type of thing.)

Nov 26, 2009
ErstwhileEditor in Chains

Where to get fruitcake ingredients???

Hi! I wanted to make sure this was still the case before I posted; hence, the lag....

The Cheese Shop in Concord Center has wonderful candied orange and lemon peels from France, plus a candied bitter orange peel from Morocco. They don't have a huge supply, but they do try to keep it in stock throughout the year.

I have been hoarding and occasionally nibbling on the orange peel over the last year! I sampled the bitter orange peel today, and it had a nice bite--and a long-lingering flavor.

The Cheese Shop
29 Walden St.

Tom Yum Koong II Arlington Heights - pretty good but needs some improvement

I live fairly near this restaurant and have been there once thus far. I thought their tom kha gai was a tasty rendition (yes, maybe sweeter than the norm, and these soups in general seem to lack the unctuousness of what one could find long ago). The pad Thai was disappointing after that--not much flavor and also wet. (The wetness may be a matter of personal preference, but I don't like it.) I want to try the son-in-law eggs, because I have never seen them on a menu before.

Kebab and Tandoor Waltham, Best Indian Inside 128

Yes, anyone who likes Indian food MUST go to the Pongal in Billerica! I vastly prefer it for lunch, since there are many great dishes to try, some of which are not on the dinner menu. Although I have not seen them recently, they have, for example, even had quail and tiny lamb chops on that lunch buffet.

H-Mart Burlington!!!

That's good news, I guess. I noticed that the parking lot was packed, with the police again directing, even in what would have seemed to be off hours during the day today.

I have managed to go three times--and aborted the mission at least two times because of the traffic jams. I have also managed to eat in the food court. (Note that the usual strategy of arriving before noon doesn't work!) I sure wish I knew what people were eating around the day it opened--it looked kind-of like dark chips of tendon heaped on rice. I may be totally wrong, since I just saw this in passing, but many people seemed to have that. Nothing I see on the menus, which have areas blocked out, look like what I saw.

I also got a number of items at the bakery. They all seemed to look a lot better than they tasted for me, but then I tend to like bold flavors. :-)

Asian grocery store in Porter Exchange mall?

The Lesley University book store is expanding into that space. (Alas.)

Aunt Mary's world cafe, Lexington

I read about Aunt Mary’s World Cafe a while ago, and I have driven past it numerous times, but only recently, after reading many rave reviews, did I decide to try it. I am wondering why I didn’t try it before. Perhaps because I first heard talk of their soup, and I have to be in a certain mood for soup? Whatever reason it was, I am now kicking myself.

As I walked in the door toward closing time, I saw various people waiting for their food with, it seemed, pleasant anticipation. I was greeted warmly and helped as I tried to decide on which of the numerous Armenian goodies I would get. I was pleased to be reminded that one can get a combination plate that consisted of several of their offerings.

As I waited, I sampled some baba ganouj and muhamarra with a homemade chip (singular—a difficult thing to limit it to one!). They were so good that I had to get a small container of each, along with another one of a minty white bean salad. It became increasingly clear that these dishes had been tinkered to perfection. In fact, if you are into flavor, like I am, the renditions at Aunt Mary’s are what you are always seeking but have not yet found at the shops in Watertown and Belmont.

The combo plate was a lovely presentation consisting of tabbouli, hummus, eech (they later told me how to spell it, but I may have forgotten), and falafel, all nestled artistically on a bed of mixed greens and tomato slices. The minty tabbouli tasted ultra-fresh. The hummus and eech provided interesting contrasts to the tabbouli’s sharper flavor. The beautifully browned falafel managed to remain moist inside, which is extremely rare. Even the dressing was wonderful. (I was skeptical about that, usually wishing the dressing was a less heavy rendition.)

I will surely be back there again. Maybe even tomorrow morning to sample the corned beef hash.

Aunt Mary’s World Cafe
321 Woburn St., Lexington

And the best corned beef hash I've had in the Boston area is from...

Oh, that is so funny! I just posted my rave about DTD and decided to see what folks were talking about now. I saw this header and wondered whether this was also going to be about DTD, then no, that would be just too much of a coincidence. (No, this is not a plot!)

A Perfect Brunch at Deluxe Town Diner

Wow! I had not been to Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown for a long time, mostly because my daughter never wants to go. But she is out of town, and my mind turned to pancakes. I was going to quench this craving with a visit to a maple sugar barn in New Hampshire yesterday, but that didn't happen, so my mind turned to Deluxe. I pondered whether I wanted buckwheat or blueberry pancakes--so hard to decide. Thus, my first pleasant discovery was that one just adds blueberries to whatever pancake one orders. I didn't remember whether one should order a short stack or not, but luckily ordered the short stack (2 pancakes as vs. 3) because the pancakes take up the whole dinner-sized plate! This was complemented with REAL maple syrup, freshly squeezed OJ, and 3 slices of bacon. So frequently one decides they want thus and so only to be disappointed in some way with the reality, but all of this was just perfect.

Also perfect was the service. The young waitress (Kendall) was very pleasant but not gratingly so, and perfectly attentive without being the least bit intrusive.

As I left, I was thinking that I will make it a point to return soon.

Your favorite inexpensive, spicy meals?

The last time I went to the Brookline S Garden, the tendon in the Fu Qi Fei Pian (sp?) was practically raw! So awful, I have never returned.

I have only been to S Garden in Woburn once, and I was not pleased when my soup dumplings arrived in a burst state!

My daily double: Chacarero for lunch; Farm Grill gyro for dinner

Near New England Mobile Book Fair? If true, I can combine two missions!

Seeking Best Tempura in the Western Burbs

Hi all,

I rarely am in the mood for tempura, even moreso after my first and last visit to Lexington's Teppanyaki almost a year ago. Ugh. Recently, however, I have found myself wanting this. I have tried the small appetizer version at Blue Fin in Porter Square (nice, but obviously not a meal), and also the one at Daikanyama in Lexington (a better assortment of veggies but somewhat greasier than Blue Fin's). I need to find a really good, meal-sized offering to get this unhealthy desire out of my system. And suggestions? (And do I need to win at Megabucks [which I don't indulge in] to afford it?)

Looking for great eggs in Boston

Thanks for that clarification. That is, at least, better than totally cooped up.


Too late for Thanksgiving, but I heard Savenor's had them this year.

La Riviera's croissant changed? M&S Conv Indian Lex

The food is from either Bollywood in East Lexington or Bombay Cafe in Boston. The little market is owned by the same entity. Seems to me they may have subsequently started getting all of their food from one or the other, but I forget which one. Actually, the last time I picked something up there, I didn't think it tasted like Bollywood's food, so that may be a clue. The selection is never great, alas, because the combo meals are a decent price.

Yoma (5/20) - long

Perhaps it is because of the parking situation? I have wanted to go there for years, but...

Looking for great eggs in Boston

I also have been going to Chip-in for several years. I suddenly realized one doesn't see their hens out and about. (Perhaps a few, which fits into the petting zoo, kid-friendly concept; maybe not even a few.) That bothers me. I also am getting tired of cracked eggs, when I am not buying those specifically.

Twin Seafood in Reading

Ah. Maybe this is the thread I was thinking of....

I went to Twin Seafood in Concord a couple of nights ago and happened to remember some discussion of the chowder there. While eating my lobster roll (which seemed to have more filler shards than usual but still was quite good), I saw a Kettle Cuisine board with various of their soups listed. Not coincidentally, they were the exact same flavors that Twin was selling. I nonetheless decided to be very sure--so I asked about both the chowder sold for consumption there and for takeout, and I was told they did use Kettle Cuisine chowder. The older man whom I spoke with indicated this was because KC's chowder was consistent from batch to batch.

That being said, I had previously liked their chowder and found it pretty lackluster on this visit. Hmmm. Now I want some good chowder.

Asian supermarket H Mart coming to Burlington

Food Court?! Be still my heart!

I hope my move within the next year is not out of range!

Party Favor cupcakes

We do like the frosting--and the filling. Hmmm. I suspect we'll have to go to Coolidge Corner next week. I can't imagine why. (I guess I'd better check to see whether our destinations are open beforehand.)

Tsunami Coming to Arlington?

That would be an improvement, right? My daughter and I had one gloppy meal at S and T, and we were not the least bit inclined to ever go back.

Is the Brookline Tsunami related to the one that was (or is) On Boylston St. in Boston?

ISO Jian Bing

Thanks, all. Sounds like Ming's rendition may be all there is here. Boy, I wish we had some Asian hawkers in this area. Are there ANY Asian food carts at all?

Party Favor cupcakes

We left Brookline over 14 years ago, but my daughter still needs those cupcakes several times a year. I also have to traipse back there to get her birthday cake every year.