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Where to buy non fat coconut milk?

Trader Joes

Apr 01, 2008
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Pizzeria Mozza Visit #2: Electric Mozzaloo!

I to had lunch at two on the same day. Walked in and was seated promptly at the Pizza bar. I notice Mario having lunch with what looked like his family.
This was my third visit and i will have to say they really got it going on. My meal was perfect. I had he chicken Liver Brochette and a pizza with salami and peppers. Washed it all down with a bottle of Primitivo.

Jul 15, 2007
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Auntie Em's Kitchen. Truly, a cake in a cup.

We have breakfast on the weekend with our seven month old all the time. He LOVES it!

Nov 18, 2006
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750 ML, South Pasadena

He does operate a Cobras and Matadors in Portland so it is probably the same guy.

Nov 18, 2006
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Oinkster in Eagle Rock

Just shared a pastrami sandwich and the pulled pork sandwich. The pulled pork was tasty and the pastrami was not. Neither were a good value. We also had an order of fries very small portions. we'll try again down the road.

Oct 01, 2006
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