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Marrow Bones and Foie Gras - where to buy?

Harmony Farms in La Crecenta

Jan 22, 2010
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Beat my street: best food within 2 miles of your house.

Eagle Rock/Glassel Park =
Columbo's (good old-school vibe)
The Coffee Table
Pizza Bianca
Auntie Em's
Senor Fish

Nov 28, 2009
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Gourmet Truck: for beach birthday party

Does anyone have a suggestion for a catering or gourmet truck that could manage a party of about 50+ people at a beach party? I'm sure that some of the more high end, popular trucks that are discussed on this board are not in this kind of market - but I wonder if there are any other services that the Chowhounders know of and would reccommend.


Aug 20, 2009
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Superbowl: East side/Downtown without the "mass"-factor?

Hi folks -
Any suggestions re: a place to catch the game, have some good grub and drinks on the East side or
Downtown that will not be over-run with people? We'd prefer not to end up at a zoo like we know the ESPN zone downtown will become.
Thinking more along the lines of Taix on Sunset - or another neighborhood joint that has a few well placed TVs and a decent bar menu.
We're in Eagle Rock - so are happy to go to Silverlake, Echo Park, Glendale, Pasadena or Downtown.
I know this crowd will have some good pointers for us.
We're a small group - 4 to 6 ppl. - and the price range is not a big issue. Any type of food - bar grub or otherwise, as long as it's tasty is welcome.


Jan 25, 2009
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Rivera: Sleek but Kinky

Maybe we had enough tequilla so that it rounded off the pointy edges. I think I'm also a little hesitant to really slam them for some of the inconsistencies because they are so new. I hope that they rev up the timing - reconsider some of the pricing - and keep driving forward with fresh ingredients, great service, and ....of course....lots of great tequilla options.

Jan 20, 2009
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Rivera: Sleek but Kinky

Overall - the prices were mid-range.
"Snacks" (to your point some should have been free) - ranged from $4 - $8
"Tapas" $8 - $13
"Main" - we didn't have any, but if I recall were in the $13 - $22 range
"Drinks" - a little high at $12 - but fresh ingredients make a difference
Tequillas had a very wide range - but we were thrilled to see so many unique and delicious selections. I'd rely on the bar manager to suggest.
Website is really tedious and overworked - with navigation titles like "Philosophy" and "Principals" - I'm not sure we need both - but you guys can judge:

Jan 20, 2009
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Rivera: Sleek but Kinky

We tried out Rivera (Downtown on Flower/11th) on Saturday night, and were both puzzled and pleasantly surprized. They definitely have some kinks to work out, but overall - the staff tried really hard and the food was decent.

First, I should say that it was only their second night "live" - and the waitstaff was exceptionally attentive. REALLY attentive - because we were two of only 8 people in the place. I thought this was odd because when I'd called for a reservation - I was told that the place would be "packed" and that the only available times for seating were 5:30 and 9:00 PM.

We picked 5:30, and when we arrived - we saw only two other patrons. We were escorted to a corner counter that had a clear view of the kitchen. We sat, alone at the counter that would have seated 12 for over 1 1/2 hours. Tables throughout the restaurant were also available - so I'm not sure why we were relegated to the corner -but I digress.....

We started with a $4.00 serving of roasted habanero "hound's snout" salsa and "mini chips". The chips were salty and stale, and the roasted pepper salsa was not remarkable. Better has been served gratis at many a decent Mexican joint.

We then received the "Crudo" - which was a soft and fresh combination of thinly sliced scallop with cucumber, and strangely flavorless horseradish "pearls". The scallops alone saved the dish.

We also had the mussels with chorizo - which was supposed to come with grilled bread. The bread came after we finished the mussels. So - we used it for dipping in the delicious sauce. The mussels were not so special - but the broth was really something special.

We then added the mini-lamb chop and roasted duck tapas to our order. Both were well seasoned and perfectly cooked.

The best part of the meal was our dessert that was a baba cachaca - a little sweet bun with chantilly cream and blood oranges. Super!

The drink - "Rivera's Cup" - a mosh of lime, cucumber and anejo tequilla, was refreshing and a delightful blend of the light ingredients.

We then enjoyed a few tequilla suggestions from the bar manager - both were amazing.

I'd go back again just for the duck, the tequilla, and the really friendly staff!

Jan 19, 2009
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Best Italian Everything In LA?

If you are willing to drive to Eagle Rock - the Eagle Rock Italian Bakery and Deli on Colorado. They have fantastic baked goods - cookies, fresh canoli, breads, etc.
They also have fresh dough and sauces. The sausages are good too.

Dec 31, 2007
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

In the 60631 Zip - Good place for Business Dinner

It's an expense account folks -
Anyplace that has a full bar, delicious food, and room for a party of 8+ is welcome.

Dec 06, 2007
eliciare in Chicago Area

New and Notable Sushi Mid-City/East Side?

I'm not opposed to going west - but would prefer to stay fairly close to home. I've been to R23, Sushi Gen, Sushi Go 55, Komasa, O-Masa, and many of the J-town staples. Looking for someplace new to try. We don't go in for the crazy-roll kind of joint, but we can't affort Urusawa prices either. Something with a traditional flair would be OK, up to around $100.00 per couple with drinks. Any suggestions are much appreciated. If you have favorite dishes, or details about the chefs and ambiance - that would be appreciated too.

Thanks everyone!

Nov 25, 2007
eliciare in Los Angeles Area


There are quite a few operators down in Ports-O-Call that will fry up your fish selections, and a few fish markets as well. Does anyone have any favorites or suggestions for which is the best?

Nov 07, 2007
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Where to find Croque en Bouche?

I wanted to order a Croque en Bouche for my husband's birthday, as I used to do when we lived down in Long Beach, and could have Babette's Feast make them for us. Unfortunately, I do not know of any French bakeries on the East or West side of Los Angeles.
I'm hoping for bakery recommendations near Eagle Rock/Glendale or Santa Monica.
$$ not an issue.

Many thanks!

Nov 05, 2007
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Traditional Sushi recs - Union Square-ish

I'm coming into town from Los Angeles for the Game Developer's conference, and would like a few recommendations for exceptional Sushi spots. Not a big fan of the over-produced tricky rolls or "rockin'" scene - but would love to find a place that just does good quality sushi/sashimi. Neighborhood joint is fine, does not have to be fancy. We'll be in the Union Square area - but don't mind a cab ride to find what you experts suggest!

Cheese Nut Balls: Where to get them or How to make them

It's Christmas time, and that means Cheese Nut balls. I would like some opinions on where to get the best Cheese Nut balls -or, how to make one.

Dec 08, 2006
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Kauai bound for the Holidays - need suggestions please

We're headed out to Kauai for the Xmas holiday with the family.
We have my sister's two young kids traveling with - so I don't think we'll be too welcome at any fancy joints - so we'd like to keep it both reasonable and also family friendly. Open to suggestions for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I know that avoiding spam may be futile - but I'd like to try.


Restaurant/Catering suggested for holiday party

I am planning to have a holiday party the second week in December and really don't want to do all the prep/cooking myself. I was wondering if anyone has used Whole Foods or another reputable market for any kind of catering. Also open to suggestions for restaurants or good delis that would do a few nice appetizers and plates. Mid-City to East Side preferred. $$ not so much of an issue.

Nov 19, 2006
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Silverlake/LosFeliz/EagleRock - Birthday dinner for 6

We've been in the Eastside area for quite some time, so we've done the usual Vermont, Edendale, Blairs, Columbos....
Does anyone know of a good spot that would have cocktails as well as good food for a party of 6? Moderate to Expensive is fine. Ethnic selections OK too. This weekend.

Nov 15, 2006
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Indian Tonight - Not Too Far From Silver Lake

Oh for the love of God, please do not go to Electric Lotus.
Tantra is also an abomination.

You may have to slip up into the valley or something, because there just is not so much in the way of edible near Silverlake. Bummer because I too live on the East Side.

Maybe Bollywood - it's tiny, but the tikka is good. On Ventura.

Oct 22, 2006
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

your top five cheap restaurants in northeast LA/glendale/pasadena?

I second Dave's Chillin and Grillin - on colorado - great sandwiches....and you'll get a few good stories while he's building your sandwich.
Spitz - on colorado, also good sandwiches.
La Cabanita - Mexican in Montrose area
Porto's Bakery - Brand Ave. good pastries to go - and the meat patties are pretty tasty.
Kim's Kitchen - near Verdugo/Colorado- Korean - can be a little greasy, but the soon tofu soup is good.
Blue Hen - not great, but good- and I like their spritzers.
The coffee table - also not great, but I like their "eggs from Hell" for breakfast - and the coffee is good too.

Oct 22, 2006
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Girls' B'Day Dinner in Silver Lake/Los Feliz Area - Any Good Recs for a Monday Night?

In Los Feliz -

We still like Vermont (on Vermont) - great cocktails too.

Can't get behind Tiger lily - kind of gross. Super nice service, but the food is a wreck.

In Silverlake -
Since the weather is still warm, maybe the Edendale. The patio is nice, the drinks are good, and while the food is not amazing - if you all share some of the appetizers and salads - it may still be within your budget.

Oct 22, 2006
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Iroha vs. Blowfish vs. Fat Fish

Please don't go to Iroha. Honestly, the food is soooooo mediocre and every once in a while, downright bad. It would be one thing if you were local to the area, and had no other choice on a Sunday afternoon. But if you are visiting, and looking for something good - Kiriko is a great option. We also like the omakase at Mori sushi. There are a number of places that you could stumble into on Sawtelle that are better than passable, don't get caught up in the hype of places like Sasabune. En sushi on that side of town is also a horror show.

Oct 22, 2006
eliciare in Los Angeles Area

Where to eat in Negril

We'll be staying in Negril for about a week around New Year's - and we were hoping to get some recommendations for dinner/lunch out and about.

Thanks -

Tadich grill ...YES or NO

We had a really lovely dinner at Tadich's last night. I reccommend the chowder, and also anything that you can slap some of that tartar sauce on. The atmosphere - and the service (surprise?) was great.