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Pre-LION KING meal...


Taking my daughter (who is turning six) to the Lion King this week. Any suggestions for a restaurant to take her to for Lunch (before the show) and/or dinner (after the show)?


Aug 19, 2012
tapioca in Manhattan

Ippudo MSG?

I know this has been brought up before, but what is the verdict on whether Ippudo uses MSG? I eat there all the time but I wouldn't know MSG from XYZ, so I really have no idea.

65 4th Ave, New York, NY 10003

Mar 11, 2012
tapioca in Manhattan

Best Ice Cream Sundae in Manhattan for mom's bday???


Want to take my mom for a great ice cream sundae for her bday tomorrow...doesn't have to be a sit-down place or fancy, just looking for ice cream with some quality hot fudge....any suggestions???

Apr 18, 2010
tapioca in Manhattan

Best Dumplings in NYC....(?!)


I have one nomination for best dumpling in NYC and would much appreciate hearing what others on chow think is the best....

My favorite: the chicken potstickers at Pho 32 & Shabu (been to locations on St Marks pl and K-town in Manhattan). Ingredients seem high-quality (no crunchy mystery bits of meat) and they have squeeze bottles of hoisin sauce on the tables, which does it for me.

Aug 30, 2009
tapioca in Manhattan

$100 to spend near 54th & 5th

I have exactly $100 to spend on dinner tonight for me and my girlfriend. I'm looking for someplace great in the vicinity of 54th & 5th (willing to travel a few blocks up, down and side to side) for a great meal.

Jan 10, 2008
tapioca in Manhattan

Yogua Bar?

There is a sign up that reads "Yogua Bar" on an under-construction slender storefront on the north side of 23rd Street between Park and Lex. I've googled the name and come up with nothing; does anyone have a clue what this place will be?

Given the name, location, store size and the pastel hue of the logo, I have a hunch that it could be another pinkberry imitator.

Anyone know any better?

Dec 31, 2007
tapioca in Manhattan

Pre-Theater Dinner (also birthday)


I'm taking a date to see Wicked on Broadway tomorrow night (51st and Broadway). We are twenty-somethings and it's her birthday; any suggestions on places to go? Looking for an interesting place and I have no particular type of food that I'm committed to (though Thai or other Asian cuisine is a favorite).

I would very much appreciate your advice!

Thank you


Feb 06, 2007
tapioca in Manhattan

First time in Astoria - Where to eat?

Heading over to Astoria for the first time. Can anyone recommend some great places to eat (any variety/ethnicity of food,etc.)

Sep 30, 2006
tapioca in Outer Boroughs