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Anybody been to Gordon Ramsay in New York Yet?

Thought the food was very good, but was shocked by the poor service (the service at his restaurant in London was impeccable). Forgot my after dinner drink, then brought the wrong one after reminding them. The bus boy did the cheese tasting - everything was too similar and he didn't tell us what anything was. Just dropped the cheese down and disappeared. I've been to the London bar and like the food quite a bit, even if it is drastically overpriced. Don't exactly think of it as tapas though, as I've seen it described...

Jul 28, 2007
mccloud in Manhattan

Ess-A-Bagel...the winner

I was a big Daniel's fan when I lived in Murray Hill, though admittedly haven't been there in several years.

May 02, 2007
mccloud in Manhattan

Del Posto on an expense account

I thought the veal chop for two was amazing...not a bad way to go if you don't do the tasting menu

Apr 16, 2007
mccloud in Manhattan

Wolfgangs for dinner

Definitely get the bacon app. Mandatory two slices.

Apr 13, 2007
mccloud in Manhattan

Sports bars w/ decent food & NHL package

Blondie's on the UWS is pretty good; wings are good, rest of the bar food is fine, and its a Pitts bar (at least for football) so they should have the Penguins game on.

Apr 13, 2007
mccloud in Manhattan

Philly Cheese Steak in NYC.

I had one of those in Tijuana once, it was awesome.

Jan 12, 2007
mccloud in Manhattan

How is Carve?

Carve is pretty decent, but I don't think it has seats (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Perhaps it has a counter, but I imagine the person who has trouble walking wouldn't want to stand. I like Hell's Kitchen (47th and 9th), but you should check the prices to see if it works. For a cheaper option, I like Hurley's Saloon (48th between 8th and Broadway) - it is bar food, nothing more, but I think its well done. (I may be biased because its my favorite after work watering hole).


Dec 29, 2006
mccloud in Manhattan

NYC Bacon Night

Agreed Randy, and not to make you jealous, but I have 8 o'clock Wolfgang's reservations tonight, so some time around 9:30 I'll be enjoying a slab or two of bacon...

Dec 21, 2006
mccloud in Manhattan