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Bob's Donuts

I was there about 2 weeks ago in the early afternoon and it seemed a bit.....grimy. But the doughnuts were still tasty.

Doubling and Tripling Recipe Guidelines?

I frequently double chocolate chip dough recipes using my stand mixer. It isn't big enough for a triple batch though, once the chips are added.

And I suppose you already freeze the dough in balls on a cookie sheet for 2 hours, then put the dough "balls" into a ziploc. A la Debbie Fields.

May 26, 2010
recycleit in Home Cooking

Ham on sale at Trader Joe's

i picked up one of these in Walnut Creek last week but there were only 3. May have been more in back I'd call before to check on stock.

I'm joining in the packed lunch crew. Need some ideas.

my Japanese bento lunch - left over chicken teriyaki, small container of leftover rice, sheet of Korean style nori (seaweed - coated lightly with sesame oil and sale), edamame and a piece of fruit. My family eats the rice unheated when they eat it with the nori,

May 08, 2010
recycleit in Home Cooking

I'm joining in the packed lunch crew. Need some ideas.

I do almost the same salad but with edamame instead of chickpeas (can buy cooked and ready to go at TJ) and mozzerella cubes instead of feta.

May 08, 2010
recycleit in Home Cooking

higashimaru kabayakino tare ?

Higashimaru is a proper noun in this case, probably name of the company. Kabayaki is grilled eel, usually grilled over charcoal. "Tare" is a noun for sauce, "no" indicates ownership or close association.

Inverting the grammar so it makes sense to English speakers would be "Sauce for Kabayaki".

Another use would be to make rice balls, baste them lightly with this sauce and then grill the entire riceball (preferably over charcoal), until it has light brown score lines.

May 07, 2010
recycleit in Home Cooking

Fried Dough in the Bay Area

The only glazed doughnuts I will eat are from Johnny's doughnuts on Mt. Diablo in Lafayette. They are just perfect.

Kopitiam in Lafayette Closing

I don' t think it was the food. I think it was the Trader Joe's next door and the *tiny* parking lot. The previous owner of the occupant of the spot, Togo's Sandwiches, told me TJ's killed his business. Lava Pit, of Orinda, is going in there. Construction has been going on for over a month now.

Hot Fudge Sundae in SF

And be sure to look for the print from "UP" featuring Fentons. Its hanging on the wall on the right hand side between the main dining room and tne back dining room.

ISO Best Cupcake recommendations for cupcake-off in East Bay

There is a Teacake Bake Shop in Lafayette, too, in the same shopping center as Chow's but probably the same inventory as the one in Emeryville, which was their first location.

Teacake Bake Shop
35 Lafayette Cir, Lafayette, CA

Haute Vietnamese in Walnut Creek - Eleve

Sorry about forgetting the address!
And the City of WC made them take down the original signage as non-conforming. Owner said new signage "has been ordered" but until then you have to find it using the address!

Haute Vietnamese in Walnut Creek - Eleve

Have gone twice now to Eleve. Surprised to have not turned up anything in Search on the Board! Eleve is an up and coming Slanted Door but without the parking headaches or high prices. Really enjoyed our meal there - cubed filet mignon is a sweet soy reduction, sturgeon in their classic curry/veggie saute (xao lan?),, salmon sate and crispy tofu. We started with the Vietnamese beef carpaccio.

The standouts were the beef dishes and the sturgeon - the carpaccio garnished with finely shredded mint and sesame seeds was just delicious. The Filet Mignon is their signature dish and although a bit salty, also great. The sturgeon was the star of the meal - firm meat like shark but much more delicate in flavor and the xao lan curry sauce was like none I have tasted at other Vietnamese restaurants.

They have a very interesting cocktail menu although we didn't drink this evening.

The decor is cool modern - dark wood with brushed chrome. Sparse and elegant.

Street parking and also a 3 story city garage attached to the Lesher center, 1 block away.

Bill Fujimoto is back in the game

I am SO happy - Full Belly Farm heirloom tomatoes, dry farmed tomatoes in 2 sizes, at least 6 different kind of peaches, all delicious.

Bill Fujimoto is going to singlehandedly raise the quality of produce "East of the Tunnel". We are not worthy.......

Powell's (Incredible) Sweet Shoppe

We just got one in Lafayette! Whoo hoo! I needed cinnamon hots for a cookie woman/man project and wandered in and was amazed. Walked out with lemon drops, root beer hard candies, and for the kids, that funny ground up sweet tart powder candy that comes in a very long tube.

On a warm summer night, take the gelato out the back door - there are about 4 tables and your can sit outside and savor your gelato.

Amazing Tapas - in Medford Oregon!?!?

Every year we make our annual trip to Ashland Oregon. Having done this for 15 years now, we have our favorites in Ashland, but decided to venture out for a change having just finished a Saturday matinee. Googling wasn't turning up much.

Found references to a fairly new restaurant- Elements, a tapas bar, in the old Samovar location. Tapas, in Southern Oregon? But we were "wow"ed!

Started with chilean sea bass with a pepper, paprika and infused olive oil sauce. Couldn't believe how good it was. Not the least bit over done and the skin just slightly crispy. Then had duck slices with a cherry cinnamon sauce, spiked with whole fresh cherries. Another amazing dish. The table next to us ordered a 2nd dish of duck. Had the patatas bravas, spicier than I have had in San Francisco but good. The medley of 3 lamb meatballs at the next table would have been our next dish, but we wanted dessert. Finished with a fresh strawberry granita and husband had a flourless chocolate cake with housemade vanilla bean ice cream.

Amazing food in the middle of a somewhat moribund downtown.

If you are in Ashland, definitely worth the 20 minute drive for food as good as in any major city on the coast.

101 East Main Street, Medford, OR

Jul 26, 2009
recycleit in Pacific Northwest

Daniel Holzman, who was the former chef at SPQR coming to Chow-Lafayette

Great news, the menu has been getting kinda tired......but still packs in a crowd every single night so this should only make it more popular.

Update on Cesar, Berkeley

After a similar experience with food being dried out or lukewarm bordering on cold when it got to the table (Berkeley), I have moved my alliances to Dopo in Piedmont. Parking is easier, too.

Sashimi grade fish?

Surprised Berkeley Bowl hasn't been mentioned. Isn't their fish sashimi grade?

Wu Liang Ye - Lex - underwhelming

Good point ----since I was traveling with my parents who are in their late 70s I couldn't order the Dan dan noodles or any of the duck dishes. I should have gone with the braised beef dishes though, and will know next time to ask for the hot pot menu. It looked very, very good. Thanks to all for the recs, I am in Manhattan every other year.

Apr 24, 2008
recycleit in Manhattan

Wu Liang Ye - Lex - underwhelming

It should have been a signal since there hadn't been any significant buzz since late 2006 but it was close to my hotel and WLY was better populated than several of the nearby restaurants.

Really disappointing. At $9 - $13 plus per entree it is one to two dollars more than I am used to paying in San Francisco but it is NYC so it wasn't inexpensive, either.

Everything we had had a curiously flat flavor - chicken in lettuce cups, baby eggplant w/spicy garlic sauce(in a gloppy hot sauce), Szechwan beef, Lo Mein with Pork. I was looking enviously at the next table where they were having some kind of hot pot dish but I didn't even see it on the menu, it might have been Westlake Beef Chowder.

Are there any dishes that are good at this location or have they just gotten lazy since it is not a "neighborhood" place where they do not depend on repeat business?

Apr 23, 2008
recycleit in Manhattan

Children's Choice School Lunches

Our elementary school uses Children's Choice. We have been very satisfied. A nice range of food, I can always find something for my picky eater. Their ordering internet interface is very good, great resource for the working parent. And one day when I forgot to set up my menu for the month, they went ahead, fed my child and just billed me, which was great because otherwise she would have gone without lunch. My personal experiences with them have been positive.

Reliable source for Korean short ribs in East Bay

Sorry to be so late but Hankook Market on Monument in Concord is very authentic and very good. Owner also owns the restaurant next door.

Anthony Boudain in Lafayette - anybody?

I heard about it too late to get tickets. Would somebody dish about the event, please?

Where to eat dinner in Lafayette?

Gigi's (in the old Kaffee Barbara space) is delicious and an excellent value - high end homestyle at its best. They had cardoons the night I was there and I haven't seen cardoons since eating at the Chez Panisse upstairs about 3 years ago.

Metro is very nice but pricey expect a $40+ bill with a drink, about the same as Postino.

The Patio has passable tapas, if you are in the mood for such.

I'd check to see whether Kopitiam has opened for dinner - for the first few months they were only doing breakfast and lunch until they were up to speed.

Lily's house is only good if you order from the Shanghai menu. Try the fish cheeks. The Cantonese items on the menu are not remarkable.

Pleasant Hill - Back Forty Texas BBQ - exhausting experience

So, we finally tried Back Forty Texas BBQ in PH in the new location.

The new location is said to seat 450 people but that would include the upstairs bar (with live music) which is only used on weekends, and would also include the very large banquet room, which I would guess is infrequently used.

The pleasant host told us 50 minute wait at 6:20 on a Friday, Since _usually_ the host will overestimate your wait time, we agreed to wait (party of 4). 1 hour and 5 minutes later we were finally seated. Three large groups of 8, 8 and 10 who undoubtedly had reservations were seated significantly ahead of us, but the host should have allowed for that in the wait time. People in groups of 2 and 4 were getting visibly irritated with waiting, watching these big groups walk in and get seated in less than 15 minutes. We got there at 6:20 and left at 8:40.

The pork ribs were just plain dried out. The sauces were OK but as tasted about the same as a high quality bottled sauce from a supermarket. The garlic mashed potatoes were tasty but were lukewarm. By then, we were so desperate to eat we didn't both to send the potatoes back for warm up. The "homemade" vegetable soup used frozen or canned peas and corn. There were fresh tomatoes in the soup but not much else about the soup was fresh.

Nice touches - a sampler plate of warm breads - 2 kinds of cornbread, a buttermilk bisquit and banana muffin. The live music (local band). The free valet parking (since the parking lot is very crowded). The efficient and eager young servers. The fact that a $16.95 dinner included soup or salad and bread sampler.

Not so great - the food, the wait and the noise level. There are so many people in the dining room people are literally shouting across the tables to talk to the other people in their party.

If you value quantity over quality, like the all in one pricing structure, and aren't picky about the quality of your bbq, this must be your place because it was very, very crowded. We won't be back, though. I can't remember when I have waited so long for such mediocre food.

Back Forty Texas BBQ
100 Coggins Drive
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Tel: (925) 935-1440

best local birds for Thanksgiving?

I prefer Diestel as well.

But the owner of Willie Bird is a marketing genius, he always gets lots of free PR this time of year and really knows how to schmooze the high end chain owners and buyers.

East Bay Paella - Your Thoughts

You could give The Patio, in Lafayette, a call.

The chef is/was Peruvian. I have seen paella on the menu but can't recall if it is a permanent menu item or a special.

New Belgian Beer Bar in Old Oakland

I know the owner's wife. This place is/will be a real labor of love. Give them a try when they open, Chuck is really serious about Belgian beers and will put 110% into it.

Dinner at Swad in Lafayette

I was there last night (Sunday). We had aloo gobi (cauliflower and potato) and peeli (sp?) a yellow curry/cumin lentil dish and it was all good. Maybe Swad does a better job on the vegetarian entrees than the meat dishes.

And the place was packed. While it wasn't a long wait, there was frequently one group waiting for an inside table.

My personal favorite in Lafayette is India Palace, the old blue roofed Miraku building but since Antica had a 30 minute wait, we went to Swad.

Lunch in Moraga?

Husband thinks they purposely don't bother with improving the acoustics to give it a "happening/popular" place vibe and so the tables will turn more quickly. A close friend also doesn't eat there because he has impaired hearing and can't hear the table conversation.

On the weekend, it is full of families, and poster specificially mentioned "not too noisy".