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Bread and Bagels Ft. Myers

Thanks....I think we will stop by the Fresh Bagel place mentioned. Someone else had mentioned a place called the European American Bakery. Might swing by there also. We'll get enough to last a few days, then see what is available on Sanibel. Just don't want to get stuck with Lenders!!!!

Apr 29, 2009
siobhan37 in Florida

Bread and Bagels Ft. Myers

Thanks for the info - do you know the name of the shop?

Apr 28, 2009
siobhan37 in Florida

what's good up north? Northern LP MI

Try The Cooks House on Front Street. Tiny place--only seats about 18, but the food is wonderful. They have either a five course chefs dinner ($45) or a seven course chefs dinner ($55) that I recommend. The chef is choosing your dinner, but everything is so good it's nice to let him choose. It does not have a liquor license, so stop in at Jack's Market across the street before you go and pick up some wine for dinner. They let you bring your own and they provide the stemware. They are open for lunch and dinner. Reservations are a must for dinner as they are so small.

Bread and Bagels Ft. Myers

I will be staying on Sanibel in a condo for eight days beginning this Friday. Flying into Ft. Myers. Wanted to stop somewhere along the way and stock up on some great bread and bagels for the stay. Any ideas?

Apr 27, 2009
siobhan37 in Florida

Charleston Visit

We are spending four nights in Charleston in mid October. The concierge at our hotel has recommended Sienna, Cru Cafe, and 39 Rue de Jean for dinner on three of the nights. We would like something very, very casual the fourth night, as we have evening plans and will be eating fairly early. I'm talking burger, soup, salad, or sandwich type places.

Also, are the three recommendations good? Is there any really good ethnic food--the concierge said Charleston was the wrong city for ethnic. Thanks for any help.