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Best freshly made baklava/pastries in DC area?

Where can i find freshly made middle eastern baked sweets (w/ phyllo dough, nuts and honey) in the DC area? I live in near Aspen Hill/Olney, so DC/Maryland would be preferred, but will drive out to VA too, obviously.


Southern Style Cafeteria or Southern food in Baltimore Area?

I'm looking for a Southern style cafeteria and/or Southern food in general in the Baltimore area. Any recommendations?

Indian Buffet in Baltimore area?

I live in the Pikesville area and was looking for a decent Indian buffet reccomendation. Thanks!

Balducci's and Dean & Deluca vs Whole Foods/Trader Joe's

So how does it compare??? You say you miss it. BTW, the balducci's & D&D stores here are MUCH smaller than in NYC, but they are still decent.

Balducci's and Dean & Deluca vs Whole Foods/Trader Joe's

I just stopped in Balducci's today for a browse. They truly have unique items that even Whole Foods seem to lack. However, as far as prices go, a lot of their prices are truly out of this world.

Their focus is more epicurean than Whole Food's natural foods approach. I admit that a lot of Whole Foods offerings are poor. They are bland and still yet overpriced. Whole Foods bread is horrible.

Is Balducci's really worth the extra money? What items ARE worth the extra money? Anyone here do their regular grocery shopping there? What is your opinion on Balducci's (and i guess Dean and Deluca), although since Balducci's has 4 locations over D&D's 1 location.

Finally, how have they changed since they switched from being Sutton Place Market stores, except that the Reston store has closed. Thanks!

Good Nuevo Latino in the DC area?

I'm going out with a friend next weekend and want a place with good Nuevo Latino food in a (somewhat) trendy atmosphere, but is not too overpriced.

What are some good places? Has anyone eaten at Gallery or Ceviche in Silver Spring? Or any other places one can recommend? And please do not say Jaleo!!!

Best Pannini in the DC area?

Any recommendations for good Italian-style pannini, with the black marks on the sandwich, preferably in MD/DC?

Best Local Sub Sandwiches?

Is three brothers any good? (their subs or their pizza or pasta? thanks. and are mama lucia's subs any good?

i will try to check out santuccis and lucia's and the suggestion in college park. they are all reasonably close to where i live.

Best Local Sub Sandwiches?

where are santucci's and mangialardos? any local delis with good sandwiches?

Best Local Sub Sandwiches?

What are the best local stores or chains for tasty subs (hoagie-style)

I have heard about the Italian Store, but i live in wheaton-- too far to go regularly.

I'm looking for good turkey subs, italian, etc.

i realize some of these suggestions aren't exactly chow-worthy, but if you've tried them, please comment. thanks:
BTW- rockville, bethesda, silver spring, college park, gaithersburg, columbia and nw dc preferred!

1. Marcone's (Wheaton)
2. Jerry's Subs and Pizza (are their subs any good?)
3. Manny and Olgas
4. Pizza Bolis
5. Giuseppis (rockville)
6. Local delis?

Even chains?
Potbelly's (i've tried them and they are good, but a bit small)