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Sweet Smoke in Oakville

The Big Smoke closed a year ago and is not replaced by a Wild Wing. I'm sorry but The Big Smoke was really not in the same class as Sweet Smoke. I went once, but the flies in the restaurant were terrible.
Sweet Smoke had a fabulous chef and the food was consistantly good.

Sweet Smoke in Oakville

Sad news. Sweet Smoke has closed. We have lost a culinary treasure here in Oakville. Does anyone know why he closed or if he will be opening elsewhere.

Oki Sushi in Oakville. Fantastic place.

It is closed and has been for a few months. Sadly this was a favourite of mine. Mye in downtown Oakville is still open and a great Japanese restaurant. Sushi excellent!

Cynthia's Chinese Restaurant - what's the scoop?

This is a great restaurant! The service is wonderful but yes, it is expensive. I have been there many times and love the food.

Best Bakery in Toronto

Rahier is great, but my favourite is The Bake Sale on Bloor St. W., just west of Royal York. Beautiful desserts, cakes and breads. My favourite is their Lemon Bars.