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Lemon, Lime and Bitters recipes

Hi all - Just got back from a trip to New Zealand and Australia where I had this drink. Does anyone have a good recipe for this? I want to have some friends over to bore them with my picture and serve them this drink since I have never seen it here. Thanks for your help.

Jan 12, 2009
smokeandashes in Home Cooking

adjusting roasting time for a small chicken

There is a butcher in my area who has great Amish raised chickens. I purchased one and had him spatchcock it to use in the CI Crisp-Skin High-Roast Butterflied Chicken with Potatoes. The recipe calls for a brined 3 1/2 to 4 lb bird cooked at 500 on a broiler pan with potatoes in the bottom of the broiler pan. My problem - my little bird only tops out at a little over 2 lbs. Is there anything I need to do to adjust the cooking times (about 20 minutes, rotate pan 20 to 25 minutes more breast temp of 160). Should I start checking at 15 minutes or just watch the little thing like a hawk during the whole process? Any suggestions?

Oct 24, 2008
smokeandashes in Home Cooking

I want to make bread

There are several websites that I use for recipes. The Fresh Loaf (www. has quite a few recipes both for people with equipment and without. A new one I came across is I also have the Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Baking book, which has a lot of great recipes.

Oct 15, 2008
smokeandashes in Home Cooking

Uses for thai dragon chiles

The farmer's market has a beatiful selection of thai dragon chiles that I couldn't resist. I have a recipe for an asian style ground meat dish and a vietnamese Shrimp and Glass Noodle Salad (Nigella Lawson) but I am looking for other recipesor uses for them. Thanks for your help.

Oct 15, 2008
smokeandashes in Home Cooking