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Hilton Head Island -

We'll be on Hilton Head for 2 weeks and need some ideas for eating out. A casual lunch place with a water or marsh view woud be good, and other casual places for lunch or supper, and dinner places would also be welcome. We recall that Old Fort Pub used to be very good. Is it still?

Old Fort Pub
Hilton Head Plntn, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

Jul 24, 2011
andrea12345 in Southeast

coffee on I 95 near fayetteville SC or south of there

Any suggestions? Am driving through and would prefer a local place, but would even take advice on starbucks that are near I 95. Thanks!

Great pub near Old Post Office?

Friends from out of town were told that there's a great pub with good atmosphere and good food north of, but near to, the Old Post Office Building,

Crab cakes on Solomon's island

Any recommendation for best place for crab cakes on Solomon's Island?

Vegan in Charlottesville

Will be entertaining a vegan this coming weekend, taking a trip to Monticello. Any recommendations for places with some vegan options (other than the traditional pizza-hold the cheese). A Google search came up with Garden of Sehba (African), Maruthi (Indian) and Ming Dynasty. Any commments on those, as well as other suggestions, would be welcome. We can go pretty much anywhere in the Charlottesville area and it doesn't need to be fancy.

thanks in advance!

lunch in leesburg or middleburg

We went to the Hunter's Head Tavern (my dear husband was determined to celebrate REALLY casually, so wore shorts, which didn't seem the right look for either French Hound or Girasole, based on our pre-departure look at their websites). We had a lovely evening - had a delicious turkey pot pie and sticky toffee desert that not only had cake AND toffee, but also creme anglais (or whatever the pub name is for creme anglais). We waddled out. We never made it to Leesburg, but saw both Girasole and French Hound and they both look like they'd be well worth the drive through the countryside, which was beautiful, even in a bit of rain. Tuscarora and Lightfoot both got great recommendations from friends, so it seems that we'll need to go back, especially as we didn't buy any antiques, so still have the shopping excuse, as if we needed one.

Thanks to all for the recomendations!

lunch in leesburg or middleburg

Thanks to you all for the recommendations!

lunch in leesburg or middleburg

Casual anniversary celebration tomorrow with some antique hunting and lunch in Va horse country. Recommendations for a nice lunch? Doesn't have to be fancy, but would like the food to be really good.

Florence, SC - dinner and breakfast

Thank you! I feel like we should stay for the weekend ......

Florence, SC - dinner and breakfast

You're right! I'm glad I just get on 95 and drive without having to know which state I'm in.... thanks again.

Florence, SC - dinner and breakfast

Is Red Bone Alley still good for dinner? We're staying right on 95 but could wander a bit for a good meal, especailly BBQ and/or Southern.

Also, any good breakfast recommendations?


DC - 19th and L area (+/- a block)

Thanks to all for the suggestions!


DC - 19th and L area (+/- a block)

Meeting a friend for lunch on a weekday at noon. Want a place with good food but would like a tablecloth/conversation place and spend about $20 more or less for each of us. Ideas?

Vidalia Lunch

I had shrimp and grits -- very tasty, and chess pie for dessert -- one of the best chess pies I've ever had.

Good Restuarants near JW Marriott

We've had two excellent meals at Oceanaire -- but it's a bit pricey. But good.

Dinner for 10-15 near Washington Hilton

Thanks very much - we've been to Dino's once before and really liked it -- good idea, and had not heard of the Little Fountain Cafe, so will look into that. Other ideas welcome after you rest...

Dinner for 10-15 near Washington Hilton

Unfortunately we have some older family members who will probably need taxis (although the younger ones are eager to use Metro during the whole visit).

Dinner for 10-15 near Washington Hilton

Need suggestions of restaurants that are close to the Washington Hilton and Towers hotel at 1919 Connecticut Ave. NW. We've already thought of the steak places, like Smith and Wollensky, and we've thought of Bocca di Beppo, but would welcome other recommendations, and perhaps something with a bit more local character.

About 10-15 person family gathering around a memorial service, and we'll be there for two night, so a couple of nice, informal restaurants that are in close proximity to the hotel or taxi ride.