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Suggestions for Thai in Bay Area while Ruen Pair is closed?

i was all set to try Ruen Pair this weekend and once we found out it was closed, we ended up at White Lotus on Solano Ave. It was very good and I am surprised that it isn't mentioned on here. A Red Snapper mousse dish was a standout, along with Pad Se Ew and a sauteed chicken with string beans. Spicy seafood soup was excellent! and very spicy!!

Thai in Contra Costa

Do Sit Thai in Palos Verdes Mall is where we ended up. Since I was dining with some friends who don't want the heat cranked up too high, we didn't order it to be anything out of the ordinary. Everything was quite tasty, although I did find the sauces to be a bit too sweet overall. A crispy whole fish (tilapia) in a sweet and spicy sauce and fried calamari and fried fish cakes were standouts. The red Beef Panang Curry was excellent, although I would like to try it with more heat. Mixed seafood sauteed with noodles was pretty good. Green curry with seafood was a bit disappointing. I would say this place is good for CC County, perhaps a cut above Amarin and a few others, but probably not better than Thai Osha.

Thai Osha Restaurant
1968 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

DO Sit Thai Cuisine
1520 Palos Verdes Mall, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Thai in Contra Costa

Excellent suggestions, thanks! I have been to Thai Osha in Pleasant Hill a few times, and although it was good for a while, I thought it had slipped on our last visit. Three Thai in PH was good also, but I just might try Lemongrass, as I have read about that one elsewhere also.

Thai Osha Restaurant
1968 Contra Costa Blvd, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Thai in Contra Costa

Looking for any recent Thai discoveries on the East side of the Caldecott....Plearn in Walnut Creek is popular, but a far cry from anything in SF, Oakland or Berkeley. Went to Amarin Thai twice recently in Lafayette and it was extremley disappointing (lackluster food, nothing with legitimate heat, too watered down in general). I love Soi Four in Rockridge (even though I realize it is not as truly authentic as some choices in SF), but have found nothing close farther East. Anyone have any suggestions??

Italian in San Francisco for 8 +1 toddler

After much checking on this board and other sources, yesterday I was looking for a place to go to that would be sort of on the way to SFO from East Bay, and decided on Bacco. We had a great dinner! Although this was our first visit, apparently the recent death of the owner has not diminished the food. All the desserts were particular standouts, but my son had the seafood Fregola that was fantastico! Also, don't miss the stuffed calamari appetizer...

Need help with trip to Napa and San Francisco

Teatro Zinzanni: A fun show, food is nothing special.

Great street to stroll for food: Valencia in the Mission.

and if you really want to do Napa right, suck it up and get a limo! Pure Luxury Limousine Co. is the best, IMO.

Wanted: BBQ to go

another idea: Sunrise Catering in Walnut Creek. they do bbq.

Wanted: BBQ to go

how about Kinders?

Pho in Concord area?

Da Lat in Walnut Creek is a good choice. Still, nothing here like Downtown Oakland, but this one is reliable. Also, try the RJ Noodle House on Newell Ave. in WC near Whole Foods. Small take-out spot run by a husband-wife team (she is Vietnamese, he is Caucasian). They have a bit of an interesting menu that is different from the other Vietnamese places in WC. I have never been to Saigon, but I imagine this is more like a street-style noodle house from over there....

Forli Italian Restaurant in Alamo

Anyone tried this place? Planning to go there on Sat. night. Our other option is Xenia, also in Alamo...

Le Cheval in Walnut Creek?

Went to new Le Cheval this week for lunch. Good food and similar menu - just like i remember from Oakland, which I have been going to for 20 years. Higher prices and nice atmosphere.

Good Food in Livermore?

Tequila's is very good. But there is another Taqueria around the corner on First St. that I liked even better. Can't remember the name, but it is right in the middle of the block near most of the other small cshops. Might have been Ancestro's, which is mentioned above.
Other than that, I think for the overall experience, Wente is hard to beat.

AD HOC-please advise

Brix and Bistro Jeanty are both good. Aslo, try Bistro Don Giovanni in Napa (north of town, close to Yountville.) We had a very enjoyable experience there a couple of months ago.

Can't-miss wineries around Sonoma?

Last summer we spent a day up there and found a bunch of neat little small wineries on and around Olivet Rd., just west of Santa Rosa. Take River Rd. exit off 101...our favorite winery there was DeLoach. I also love Ferari-Carano, as much for the place as for the wines.

Castro Valley/Hayward spots to check out?

Good luck. Castro Valley is famous for having no good food. You might venture down to some of the Mexican spots on Mission Blvd. in Hayward. There used to be some good ones there...

Wine country birthday spot

The current hotspot is Cyrus in Healdsburg, but I have heard it is quite difficult to get in.

Went to Don Giovanni (Italian) in Napa a couple of weeks ago. Very nice spot. Others I like are:

Brix (California-wine Country Cuisine with a nice vineyard view)
Martini House (the Kuleto spot in Wine Country)
Tra Vigne (the original top0of-the-line Wine Country italian Bistro, still good, but nothing like it once was)
Bistro Jeanty (Country French Bistro)
Domaine Chadon (expensive, French, snooty)
Haven't tried but heard good things about:

Terra (expensive)

Best/San Francisco "must-go" Lunch Spots

You are going to the Ferry Building Marketplace. That is it. Don't even listen to any other suggestions. Go there or you will regret it always. It is simply food heaven.

Other great choices are in the Mission District for burritos. There are a few good places for quick cheap eats in the Financial District, but you have to go the the Ferry Building at least once, although I would say that you will want to go back most likely. And allow LOTS of time there...

One night in New Orleans - where should I eat?

Got back yesterday. Went to K Pauls and enjoyed it very muich. Highlight for me was the Shrimp Etouffee (sp?)

As great as the food was in NO, the music was even better! Some of the best kick-ass Rock and roll I have ever heard. And every night! You just don't find that much to do and to eat in one City, even here in SF. I will definitely be back!

Jan 25, 2007
WCFoodie in New Orleans

One night in New Orleans - where should I eat?

these all sound good. Thanks!

Jan 22, 2007
WCFoodie in New Orleans

One night in New Orleans - where should I eat?

Hello New Orleans, from a visiting SF Bay Area Chowhound. I have just 1 more night here to eat out, tonight, and I want to go somewhere authentic and great. Last night we ate at Arnauds, which I thought was very good.

Where should I go? Am staying downtown walking distance to French Qtr. I don't have a car so I want to stay close...

Thanks for your help!

Jan 22, 2007
WCFoodie in New Orleans

Any recs in Pittsburg?

You must go to The New Mecca (homestyle Mexican). It is not incredible food, but you have to eat there at least once. It is an absolute institution (they have catered many events for East Bay groups and companies for decades, including one of the mainstays for the A's, for a long time). The owners are incredibly involved in the community, and it is really the only local place people think of in Pittsburg. There is not much else of note that I am aware of...


Le Bistro: wonderful charm, excellent food, PAINFULLY slooooowwww service...

Phnom Penh House, Oakland

I used to go there all the time back in the late 80's - early 90's when I worked in Oakland. I went back about a year ago and found that the quality of everything I tried had slipped quite a bit from my memory. I always got the bbq chicken and sauteed mixed seafood plate, and both were not up to par compared to previous visits. So it sounds like if I go back I will try some of these other suggestions.

Sushi in Berkeley??? I have had in the East Bay.

DAT - Scott Howard

After much searching here, I chose Scott Howard for a group of 5 this past Saturday night for dinner. The attraction was that they were offering samplings of their normal menu for DAT options, not "special" or watered-down version of their usual offerings, or worse yet something totally different as I think many of the restaurants do in this promotion. The meal was excellent, with highlights being the Short Ribs, the Monkfish, and the Carrot soup, which I have read about here and elsewhere. Overall, we were very impressed with the amazing decor and look of the place and the experience was great, although the portions were a bit small and my dessert was not up to par with everything else (skip the chocolate cake). Plus we ordered a side dish of polenta and brocolli rabe which our server forgot about and didn't bring until we were almost finished with our meals, and then it wasn't very good (I thought they should have taken it off the bill but no such luck). Still, for the DAT price of $32 it was well worth it to experience this highly-rated and talked-about place.


Va de Vi and Croby's both work, but I think both are overpriced when speaking of the food quality. Bing's atmosphere is very cool and unique, and the martini bar is fabulous. Va de Vi is worth it for the wine flights. Ephesus does have a unique Mediterranean menu and is very good. Other good choices are Italian restaurants, one is called Salvatore's, on Main St., and also Montecatini on Civic near Main. both are very nice atmospheres, family run Italian, although Montecatini can be a bit crowded and noisy. Lark Creek Walnut Creek on Locust St. (1 block W of Main St.) is the other "upscale" downtown choice. Part of the Bradley Ogden/Lark Creek group, and similar California/American menu. Nice atmosphere there.

Best Dine about Town options?

I am going to Scott Howard tomorrow night, partially because of the fact that they are offering a pretty fair sampling of their regular menu for DAT, as well as the overall good reviews I have seen here and elsewhere. My first time there so I am very excited to try it.

Best Dim Sum - East Bay

I think your description was accurate. Tin's has been getting better since it opened out here, however. I will continue to go there about once a month. One of my favorites in SF is City View. any comments about it from anyone?

Good Udon in East Bay?

Try Koreana Kitchen in Walnut Creek on Bonanza. More of a lunch and quick-serve spot but I like their noodle soups.

For full-service Japanese, Miraku is better than both Tokyo Lobby and House of Sake. So is Fujian (inconsistent). But Miraku is the best, I think, (and most expensive).

Actually there is a great place in North WC on North Main St. not far from Treat. I think it is called House of Sushi and Teriyaki...not sure if they have udon, though.

Best restaurant in Contra Costa, Orinda

I agree with The Mediterranean in Concord. Excellent falafel. Actually, there are a few others in the Park n Shop center on Willow Pass in Concord. Decent mexican and vietnamese there.