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The Mouse, the Man, and the Sandwich

For me it was the BBQ place in Frontierland at Disneyland. It was good bbq and I had never had cornbread so sweet and moist. My Southern grandmother did not believe in sugar in cornbread. My hubbie also took me to all the character breakfasts at Disney World, something my parents never did. Disney can be better as a grownup

Oct 31, 2006
Cigarlady in Features

Perfect Margarita

This sounds awfully sour. I use 3/4 oz of Triple Sec and then add about 1/2-1 oz of simple syrup. I also add 1 oz El Presidente brandy but that's optional. This makes a more balanced sweet and sour drink, plus Triple Sec is a lot less expensive than Cointreau. I also shake the drink with ice and strain it into a chilled glass, so the ice doesn't water it down. What is the deal anyway, don't bars use simple syrup anymore. Imagine a Mojito without it, ugh.

Sep 28, 2006
Cigarlady in Recipes