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Anyone been to Italian Village lately?

In other words, it hasn't changed since 1987, which was about the last time I ate there. Thanks for the heads up. Why they're still in business is a mystery.

Dec 31, 2007
xtopher in Chicago Area

New Yorker seeks Chicago Steakhouse comparable to Peter Luger?

You nailed it re: Gene & Georgetti's.

I can't recall ever eating a meal where I had it rubbed in my face that because I was not a celeb or a regular, I was therefore a jerk-off who deserved (and got) a lesser quality of service. Not food, mind you, just service. It was as though I'd stumbled into a private club that for unknown reasons allowed me to order a meal. Which was grudgingly and ungraciously served.

Dec 31, 2007
xtopher in Chicago Area

Best Chicago Foodie 'Hood

The worst neighborhood if you want good food that's just around the corner is Streeterville and the Gold Coast. Nothing but places that cater to tourists and/or business travellers on expense account. Sure, within walking distance are some great places. But they're not the sort of restaurants you just drop into for a bite. Unfortunately, a lot of NYers who move to Chicago who don't move to LP end up living here because they're the neighborhoods with the most NY-y vibe.

Oct 10, 2007
xtopher in Chicago Area

Cedar or Cedars butcher - McLean, VA/Old Dom Hwy?

lebanese butcher is my favorite middle eastern restaurant in greater DC. dirt cheap, too. i'm always amazed how many of the other diners are low-ranking employees --drivers and household staff -- of arab/middle eastern embassies in town.

Taste of Georgetown This Weekend

I have to agree.

Taste of Chicago caters to suburbanites who work in the Loop. Once City Hall realized it had a real money-maker on its hands, ToC became the exclusive property of poliitcally-favored restaurants willing/able to pay City Hall's fees.

I stopped attending ToC years before I moved away.

Heh, which sucks worse: Jewel or Dominick's?

Fellow Texan here, Aelph -- so I remember WF when it still had its dirty hippie ambience.

My experiences with the TI on LSD and the one on Wells were nothing like yours. I never really noticed their supposed European ambience. Just a decent place to shop that had many brands/items I didn't have to go to a specialty store to find

If you want European ambience, come to the McLean, Virginia, Balducci's. There's nothing like watching the butcher carry on a screaming match (in French) with one of the customers. Then he very politely turns to me, apologizes for her "ignorance" and ask how he may serve me.

You'll NEVER see that at TI.

Sep 29, 2006
xtopher in Chains

Food for taking on board plane at Dulles

Thanks for the help.

I'm kind of surprised that a 6:45pm flight from Dulles would serve breakfast but not supper. If they're going to serve one meal, I'd rather it be something a few hours into the flight instead of something just before landing.

I'll eat before boarding. Eating anything halfway good is likely to piss off my fellow passengers for reasons of smell alone.

I once sat next to someone on a flight from National to O'hare who brought along Chinese takeout. His steamed brocoli was so nasty I nearly gagged.

A friend who's an exec at United told me their all-time nasty food aboard one of their planes was a passenger who brought along some very garlic-y calimari. The plane very nearly had to be fumigated afterwards.

Heh, which sucks worse: Jewel or Dominick's?

Before moving to McLean, Virginia, I lived for many years in Hyde Park. Then I went north to Lakeview and the Gold Coast.

Yes, Chicago grocercies are shockingly bad compared to their chain counterparts in LA and WashDC. (NYC is a special case.)

I'm surprised more people don't shot at Treasure Island. Great prices and great selection.

Sep 28, 2006
xtopher in Chains

Lebanese Butcher Report


I used to fly into DC once a week from Chicago for a day or two. Whenever possible, I'd eat here before flying back out. Now that I live here, I find myself eating there 2-3x/week. The I get a little tired of it (or my GF does and refuses to come along) and stay away for a month or so.

Amazing how many of the other diners work in some capacity for the various Arab and Middle Eastern embassies.

Lunch Around The Library of Congress


25 years ago, the first time I lived in DC, this place was said to have the best sandwiches in town. I worked at 17th and Penn and sent our interns to mangialardo's to pick up our lunch orders.

A few weeks ago, I went back for the first time in decades and fond teir food to be as good as ever.

Food for taking on board plane at Dulles

I haven't flown out of Dulles in years. But tomorrow I'm on Air France to Paris where they're only serving breakfast.

Any recommendations for buying food at Dulles or should I get something before I arrive at the airport.