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Le Pain Quotidien - Coming to Toronto?

It depends - both the food and the atmosphere is great (i've been to locations in Brussels and London), particularly for weekend brunches (I used to love sitting at the communal table on a Sunday with the Sunday Times).

However, I am a bit surprised by the choice of York Mills/Bayview for the first location in GTA - my impression of the concept would be that it would be located where there would be plenty of pedestrian traffic or an existing "cafe culture" in the neighbourhood (i suppose eglinton / avenue would fit the profile)

Regardless - good to see them coming to town (just need one to open in my neighbourhood!)

Best prime rib in toronto

The prime rib special sounds interesting - have they got a menu online?


I think you're also referring to Hot Pot - there have been discussions bouncing around on it now and then. I went to Dow's Noodle at Hwy 7 (Commerce Gate) the other week, not a bad deal for around $19 AYCE - and it included a whole crab for our table.

I'd go again, but if there are any other places that are better....

Niagara OTL - hot stone and fondues

I know tefal makes something like it, here's the link

its close, but you have a table top stone grill instead of one per person...

place for a casual anniversary dinner?

Hi - I've got to sort out a venue for a dinner tonight - It will be one year since I've met my GF, and I'm looking for something either in the Yorkville/Bay/Bloor area or at yonge/sheppard/finch corridor for a dinner celebration...I love steaks, but she's more into lighter fare like rack of lamb - also looking for a cozy environment to boot.

any thoughts?

Chinese soup dumplings


I've just returned to Toronto after eight years in the UK and have a craving for Chinese soup dumplings (shui long bao - my rough phonetic spelling) - little dim sum type dumplings, but filled with soup along with a filling.

I've heard that Asian Legend has got them, but I was wondering if there was anything else out there (and accessible to a downtown dweller...)