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Best Onion Rings

Bourbon in Adams Morgan


We try not to go out on Valentines day. We occasionally get takeout from Bangkok 54 in Arlington on V-day which is delicious, romantic, and super easy. Pair with a nice bottle of champagne and voila.

Best thin crust pizza in the DC area

Pie Tanza in Arlington is relatively thin crust and very fresh. I like it better than 2 Amys.

java GREEN - meh...

I used to go there all the time when I worked on 20th and K. I agree with posters on the service issue. On the menu side of the things, it all depends on what you order. I loved their salads (esp. very berry and sesame soy with spicy chicken), the chicken chili wrap, and the green soup and the seaweed soup. I also loved their teas and coffees.

New, cheap healthy in farragut square?

It's really good. It's all faux meat but it's really convincing; especially the spicy chicken (I'm not a vegetarian) which I usually get on top of a salad. Also the green soup is delicious (I know it's not really soup weather right now...). Enjoy and go a few times so you can try a bunch of things. The staff is very helpful!

New, cheap healthy in farragut square?

Have you tried Java Green?

Northern NJ- Family Dinner for 35ppl

I just wanted to report back that our family had a wonderful experience at Vivo's in Lyndhurst on Saturday night.

Delicious food and attentive service for our party of 30. Back in December, we reserved the private room and put down the deposit. About a week ago, we made our menu selections.

They served appetizers family style: the calamari especially was delicious. Apps were followed by a pasta course (a nicely prepared penne in vodka sauce), a salad course, and then a meat course (we had a choice between 2 fish and 2 chicken options). Everyone loved the food.

We brought our own cake with they cut and plated for us.

I thought the value for the price was overall outstanding. Highly recommend!

Northern NJ- Family Dinner for 35ppl

Thanks all for so many good suggestions. We do not have a preference between full service or BYOB. I know this is hard to do but we're leaning toward Saturday evening. I've done some calling and I know that difficult. Not impossible but difficult.

In terms of price, mid-range is ideal.

Parking is not too much of an issue, we'll be carpooling. We moved away from this area about 10 years ago so are fairly familiar with physical layout and locations. Our actual preference is Bergen, but we're flexible.

Northern NJ- Family Dinner for 35ppl

Hi- DC hound in unfamiliar territory. I need suggestions for a restaurant in Northern NJ (Bergen or Passaic Counties... could go a bit further) where we can have an intimate family celebration. A private room would be nice, but am thinking more of "back of the restaurant" atmosphere where our group could be tucked away, even if part of a larger dining room.

Cuisine is not inherently important- but American, European is more our pace (Italian, French, Greek) with the grandparents in tow... (Not really Indian, Thai, Chinese restaurant kind of grandparents). Would do lunch or dinner.

The Brownstone in Paterson and the Paris Inn in Wayne have been suggested to me but I have no idea. Would love some chowhounds to weigh in with other thoughts and suggestions.

Our party would be in the Spring (April/May) so no need to take holiday crunch into consideration.

Thank you!

Chocolate tour of DC

There is a guy who sells at a number of the NoVa farmers markets. (Sorry I don't remember his name?) I've seen him Wednesdays at Clarendon and Sundays at Columbia Pike. His banner says "Virginia Chocolate Company." He keeps the chocolates in two large coolers. I've found his truffles to be quite tasty. I'm curious if others have spotted him and given any of his items a try.

I cannot find him on the web. Also- if you have a chance to meet him ask him how he came to make chocolates, it's an interesting story.

Jacksonville, NC Catering

Would love your recommendations for a catering group in Jacksonville, NC. We're looking to host an event for about 100 people. Thanks in advance.

Chocolate tour of DC

Belletini Chocolates Inc--- I think that's the place in Olney.

Bebo is Disgraceful

Gosh--- we ate at Bebo last week and the service was horrendous (thank you to the original poster for going into such detail- I cannot pain myself to relieve the experience). We escalated our issues to the manager (calmly and in a relaxed fashion... kind of like"this must be a fluke please help us") and he was totally indifferent. Not just a little but totally and completely.

Our food on the other hand was quite good but it could not make up for the overall horrible experience.

cute, character, cheap.

Bangkok 54 in Arlington. Yum.

Brownie Muffins!

I'm not sure. It's certainly worth a try. I bet it will turn out fine consistency wise- but the flavor is where you'll need to do some experimentation. My advice would be to use a cake mix that you know if very flavorful on its own because the flavor will become more subtle (or at least that's the result the chocolate mix produced).

My paper liners did not turn pink.

Please report back once you try it.

Jun 20, 2007
ChocoHound in Home Cooking

Brownie Muffins!

I just tried this recipe this evening. It was very hard to mix- the recipe is spot on about it being a VERY thick consistency before putting in the oven. Considering there are only 2 ingredients I guess the simplicity makes up for the elbow grease.

I liked the way they came out. Nice texture- chewy, good mouth feel. The flavors are nice.... chocolatey but in a more subtle way (this is not a decadent brownie). I like them. I will keep them in the fridge overnight and see how the flavor is tomorrow. I'd also consider icing them or garnishing with cool whip.

Jun 19, 2007
ChocoHound in Home Cooking

Arlington Bday Dinner

Have you been to Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike? The interior is very nice. The food is amazing. It's close to Clarendon--- right down Highland Street in Arlington.

Best Pizza in DC Metro Area

I tried Cafe Pizzaiolo last night. We got 2 "NY Style" pies: one plain and one with roasted garlic and mushrooms. I thought it was just okay. Too greasy and they need more sauce (there was virtually none- way overwhelmed by the cheese). I really wanted to love but did not. It is better than average though.

The prices are good, especially for the 14''

Fairfax Wegman's

I am going to Wegman's for the first time (gasp!). What's not to be missed in their prepared food selection?

Best Pizza in DC Metro Area

That is the correct listing for it. I work a block from there and have never tried it. I'll report back once I do.


I also really enjoyed the drinks and that amazing popcorn at the bar. I would like to make it too, but don't have a clue how. Dinner was good- but after the bar it didn't quite compare.

Best Pizza in DC Metro Area

Little Cafe in Georgetown is gone.

Farmers Market Vendors

I like Susie's Cookies at the Clarendon. Everything is good, but tell her what type of things you like and she'll help you pick. Also, at both Clarendon and Courthouse markets Christopher Bakery. Check out the blueberry scones. The French bakery from baltimore at the Colubmia Pike farmer's market --their apple tarts and croissants.

I think for produce the Columbia Pike farmer's market is the best for a few reasons: compact so you are not too overwhelmed by choice, a few different farms so you can have your pick of what taste best from that week of competing in-season produce.

Casual Festive for Group- Thinking Pizza?

Matchbox would have the perfect atmospehere (although it's located downtown) but they too are plagued with the "we don't take reservations" policy. I think Pizzeria Paradiso might be your best route with this.


My experience was similar to yours (although not nearly as tragic): good food, service needs work.

Cafe Atlantico, what do you think??

Try the Latin Dim Sum brunch. It's just wonderful.

Ice Cream in DC

I like Cone E Island in the 2000 Penn building. Others may scoff, but I like their soft servce frozen yogurt. The peanut butter flavor is very good. I could do without the hordes of GW students though.

Eastern Market Burns!

My gosh!

vapiano (ballston) report

I am curious to try it especially the pizza (how does it compare to Pie-Tanza?).


You should write them a letter. That's totally unacceptable.