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Birthday Dinner for Dad- help- Dovetail, Marea or Tocqueville???

Taking dad out for 70th birthday dinner. He fancies himself a foodie of sorts. Trying to decide between Dovetail, Marea and Tocqueville. I've haven't been to any of them. Looking for some inspiration/thoughts/etc. Please let me know of your positive experiences at any of these places...

Jul 20, 2012
Max Dugan in Manhattan

Lavagna or I Coppi????

My wife and I have a much needed break from our 1 year old daughter on friday night and have dinner reservations at lavagna and i coppi. we've never been to either place and have heard good things about both. As much as we'd like a quiet dinner in a nice setting, we're really into interesting, high-quality italian fare and wine. Any thoughts generally on which place you would choose? Thanks all-

May 30, 2007
Max Dugan in Manhattan

Tres Leches Cake

Does anyone know where I could purchase a respectable tres leches cake in manhattan (pref. on upper east or west side)? going to a cinco de mayo party tomm. and need to pick bring dessert. any other good ideas?

May 04, 2007
Max Dugan in Manhattan

If you were skipping work tomorrow......

and wanted to take your signif. other somewhere fun/tasty for lunch downtown (village, LES, chelsea), where would you go? looking for some inspiration. nothing too fancy and don't want to make reservations. no partic. genre in mind, but someplace w/ a good vibe that serves lunch w/ sandwiches, salads, apps. perhaps. Any favorite lunch spots?

Sep 28, 2006
Max Dugan in Manhattan