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Maine (Portland, Wiscasset, Camden, Bar Harbor) Advice Sought

Lily Bistro in Rockland is definitely worth a stop!

If you want to support lobster fishermen, visit Pt. Clyde. Local coop. Mostly owned by Linda Bean (as in LL) She's been dissed a lot ,but she has done a lot for local fisher people. Maine lobsters are branded as "Maine lobsters" No subsitutes

Lily Bistro
421 Main St, Rockland, ME 04841

Maine Island Hoppers In Search of Good Eats

Yes. The name of the shop is Lily, Lupine & Fern. Right on Main St. It's a great place!

Best Pizza in Mid-Coast Maine?

If you're headed north, It's right on Rt. 1 on the left just before you hit Camden.

Best Pizza in Mid-Coast Maine?

The best pizza in the area is at a small, non-descript restaurant attached to a motel - The Cedar Crest Restuarant. One of those hidden treasures!


Well, I can no longer put off a visit to my hometown to see the relatives. After long tortuous visits with aged aunts & uncles (I swear their houses haven't had a whif of fresh air in at least 15 yrs & coming from midcoast Maine this is severe culture shock!), I plan to get together with friends.

We plan to visit Glenn's in Newburyport & Michael Timothy's in Nashua. I'm wondering about Bistro 5 in Medford. I had a fabulous meal there several years ago but since then have heard scattered reports that it has gone seriously downhill.

Does anyone have current info? Thanks.

Rockland Cafe, Rockland, ME

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Thomaston Cafe (10 mi south of Rockland, right on Rt. 1)

They serve a wonderful breakfast - everything freshly prepared. And they usually have fishcakes as well as freshly baked bread!

Haunted Restaurants?

I worked at a fine dining restaurant in midcoast Maine with upstairs & downstairs dining areas. The building, directly across fro the harbor, is over 200 years old.

One evening as I went upstairs to the kitchen, one of the servers was standing there - wide-eyed & pale as a sheet. I just saw a fog-like fog form go into the kitchen she said. Another time the chef saw a swirling amorphous form of a young girl - dancing & twirling in front of the large bay window. One night I was on my way downstairs from the kitchen & I heard a male voice call my name - it sounded as though it was right in my ear. There was only one male server working that night so I called down asking what he wanted. He said he hadn't called me. I turned around to the hostess who was right behind me. I heard it too, she said...

Things would frequently fall off shelves without anyone near.

Apr 27, 2007
finewineserver in Not About Food

Looking for a fun place to go away w/the girls!

I always have fun in Newburyport, MA Lot's to see and a great town to walk around And you won't find a better beach than Plum Island right next door!

And Glenn's downtown has wonderful food and ambience They do have a bar but it is not the usual "club" scene.

Winestyles Store

I find this whole concept very disturbing. I am first of all, a strong beliver in shop local & support your neighbor. Secondly, when I go to my local wine/cheese shop - they know what they're talking about without referring to a manual.

Mar 14, 2007
finewineserver in Wine

When you leave a small tip...

For the record - bisque is cream-based & should never be served "piping hot".

Mar 13, 2007
finewineserver in Not About Food

How to compliment a chef on a fabulous meal?

In Maine servers make less than $3/hr. Sending a glass of wine to the chef seems silly as they can probably get a glass of wine for nothing. And I've never worked in a restaurant where drinking was permitted during service.

Mar 07, 2007
finewineserver in Not About Food

Portland's Oolong is Long Gone

Ooops - Billy Joel.

Portland's Oolong is Long Gone

Harry Chapin?

Server Makes a Mistake - In Your Favor

Have we forgotten - thou shalt not steal. And another oldie-but-goodie - treat others as you would like to be treated.

Mar 03, 2007
finewineserver in Not About Food

newlywed would love some of your tried and trues

I guess it's my New England roots, but for me the Fanny Farmer cookbook remains my favorite for the basics!

Feb 28, 2007
finewineserver in Home Cooking

Any good food factory tours in the NE area?

I don't if this counts, but a tour of the Anheiser Busch brewery in either Nashua or Merrimack, NH is fun. And you get a sample!

Whole Foods--Portland, ME

Oops - that would be purchasing. Sorry.

Whole Foods--Portland, ME

According to the local news, Whole Foods is purching Wild Oats.

Stomach Flu--What to Drink? Nibble?

In addition to the classics - gingerale, saltines - I would add chicken bouillion & dry toast. Although I'm not a tea drinker, I've been told that peppermint tea soothes the stomach.

Feb 19, 2007
finewineserver in General Topics

Describe your favorite Ice Cream Sundae

There used to be a place in Boston, Bailey's, that served the most outrageous sundae that I still hold to be the "be all & end all" of sundaes!! Thinking about them still make me salivate...

Peppermint stick ice cream, hot fudge sauce dripping all over the plate, marshmallow sauce dripping over it all!

Feb 13, 2007
finewineserver in General Topics

Camden/Rockport, ME

I second the vote for Francine's. Cafe Miranda next door in Rockland is awesome!

No, no, no to Conti's!

New England Pride - Gift Foods? [moved from Boston board]

Are they older than NECCO?


Feb 12, 2007
finewineserver in General Topics

Definition of "amuse" (in the food sense)

I was taught that an amuse bouche was rather like a "wee welcome", rather than a taste of what was to come.

Feb 06, 2007
finewineserver in Not About Food

Not-to-be-missed Food Festivals?

People come from all over the world for the Maine Lobster Festival - 8/1-5, Rockland, ME

Feb 05, 2007
finewineserver in General Topics

Help, I am afraid to make shrimp cocktail.

Don't know where you're located, but for me, there's nothing better than Maine shrimp.

I buy them cleaned, put them in a pot with just enough cold water to cover, add some fresh ground pepper & a squirt of lemon juice. Bring to a boil, remove from heat & let sit for a minute. Drain & rinse in cold water.

Feb 03, 2007
finewineserver in Home Cooking

Chocolate or cheese?

As much as I like chocolate, I can't imagine a life without cheese! Triple creme French Brie, Camenbert, Goat - on & on!

Feb 02, 2007
finewineserver in General Topics

Tipping on Wine [ Split from Manhattan ]

Did I answer your questions about the wines on the wine list? Did I help you make a good choice? Did I present/decant/pour properly? Did I keep your glass full, as I would your water glass?

My goal is to make your dining experience wonderful.

If I'm not reimbursed fairly, why don't I just put the bottle on the table & walk away?

Sorry if I sound a bit snippy, this subject always raises my ire.

Jan 26, 2007
finewineserver in Not About Food

Breakfast -- Always, Sometimes, or Never?

Always! Up at 5:30 - coffee, check the news, & then Cheerios with fresh fruit (August rules when blueberries are in season!) or Eng. muffin w/peanut butter!

Jan 09, 2007
finewineserver in Not About Food

second bottle of wine etiqutte

The second bottle should be presented just as the first. The "taster" should be given a clean glass. The server should then check the other glasses to see if any refills are needed.

Jan 05, 2007
finewineserver in Wine

What's your favorite type of pie such as apple, mincemeat, etc? (We'll save pizza pie for another day)

Maine wild blueberry pie with chocolate ice cream!

Dec 23, 2006
finewineserver in General Topics