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Averting starvation when you have no sukkah

You can also get wraps made with corn flour (corn tortillas) and gluten-free breads made with brown rice flour or other non-mezonot flours. A corn tortilla with tuna is quite good.

Filling snacks include bananas, dried fruits, and almonds.

Oct 09, 2011
ariellasdaddy in Kosher


After three years they're still going strong....

May 04, 2010
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

The incredible shrinking tuna

The kosher companies (Dagim, etc.) still use 6 ounce cans.

Jul 14, 2009
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Recommended Discoveries at Pomegranate?

They have a crumb pear kugel that is quite good.

Oct 25, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

best challah in NYC

Depends what you're looking for in a challah. If you like super eggy, try Pomerganate, which is essentially a fresh version of Zomicks. If you like it somewhat eggy but not cakey, try Chiffon's. For water challah, Korn's.

Oct 10, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Brooklyn catering

I recommend The Bagel Express Shop. Used them for a bris and they were excellent.


Sep 03, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

boiled egg question

There are several variables here. For instance, certain pots retain the heat better than others, so this isn't a perfect method. That said, if using this method, I'd do 15 minutes. Ten seems too low, and you risk runny eggs. With 15 you're better off, and they don't overcook.

Aug 27, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Home Cooking

pomegranate store in bklyn

Interesting what you say about the butcher talking to you for a while. I heard they have workers walking up and down the aisles asking people if they have any questions. They also have workers on every register and the clerks are friendly, which for a Brooklyn store is a shock.

Aug 26, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Pareve Chinese Food in Brooklyn

Anyone familiar with a place that has decent mock Chinese? Last year Taam Chinese on Avenue M had the fake stuff, it was great, but they're not offering it this year. Any ideas?

Aug 03, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Dutch Wonderland's Glatt Kosher Eatery

I've been to DW for the past three years, and must tell you that the food is terrible, and the place is a massive ripoff.

Grilled chicken wrap - very little chicken, some shredded lettuce, and a mouthful of wrap bread.

Falafel - three balls with about a tablespoon of salad.

A hot dog is a safe bet, but costly, and the chicken nuggets are standard Kosher Delight frozen fare.

So you're better off bringing food from home and eating it in your motel.

Jul 22, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Canned Salmon

If I recall correctly, the Kirkland Wild Alaskan from Costco has bones and skin, but as Queenscook says, mash em up and you won't even know they're there. A hundred times better than their other salmon.

Jul 22, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Meal Mart "amazing meals"

You're absolutely right. The kosher food in Dutch Wonderland is absolutely HORRIBLE and a huge rip off. You're better off bringing your own food.

Jul 22, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Canned Salmon

I'm the one who started this thread way back when. I've had the wild Alaskan salmon from Costco, and it is way better than the skinless, boneless.

Jul 22, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Matzo meal: just ground-up matzo?

My guess would be whatever is cheapest.

May 16, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Shmura matzo prices

Ciompletely agree with you that there's got to be some price gouging going on. I'd buy one pound of hand and the rest machine. Or better yet, machine shmura for the seder. Show these clowns that their tricks won't fly anymore.

Apr 01, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Big Issue-Kosher Deli in Brooklyn

The owner says he will be opening on March 1.

Feb 06, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Help! I spilled salt in my homemade chicken broth!

Sorry, but the potatoes-soaking-up-salt is a myth. Robert Wolke ("What Einstein Taught His Cook") did a test and found the water was just as satly.

Jan 30, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Home Cooking

My Bubbe, Your Bubbe

Why haven't they had any new episodes since October?

Jan 28, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Features

Red Lentils in NYC

Good Housekeeping also had a recipe for a red lentil soup.

Jan 23, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Home Cooking

Can I Steam Without a Steaming Basket?

Doesn't the food then sit in the water?

Jan 17, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Home Cooking

Can I Steam Without a Steaming Basket?

This is what I have. Got it at Whole Foods.

Jan 17, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Home Cooking

Can I Steam Without a Steaming Basket?

I want to steam leeks (according to CI it's the best way) but I have only a steaming basket that goes on top of a pot uncovered. The recipe recommends covering it. I can always use silver foil, but would it be easier to place a colander or strainer in a pot with a see-through cover (so I can see the progress), and would it work? In other words, would I get the same effect?

Jan 17, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Home Cooking

Making Burgers Tonight - Cast Iron or Grill Pan?

I have both, want to know what will produce better burgers. Thanks

Jan 16, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Home Cooking

The Chocolate Girl - Park Slope

Are you sure it's that type of place? I was under the impression it's an Oh Nuts! type of store.

Jan 15, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Any Blogs Similar to Cooks Illustrated?

I'm a huge fan of CI and ATK (anything from Christopher Kimball). I enjoy the process of experimenting and finding out why things work and why they don't.

There are plenty of recipe sites and blogs with recipes. They're a dime a dozen, but I'm curious if there are any blogs that take a similar approach to CI. In other words, they take a recipe, show what they put in and why, perhaps tell you why they leave certain things out, and so on.

Anyone familiar with any of them? Thanks.

Have you used the Spice and Spirit cookbook?

Made the challah from there. Pretty good, although not the best I ever had.

Jan 13, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Kosher

Rice Krispy Treats without marshmallows?

I've had treats that use peanut butter instead of marshmallows. Quite good.

Jan 09, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Home Cooking

Ground Chicken Question

I have a bunch of ground chicken in my freezer, but the problem is when I make chicken balls (instead of meatballs using beef) it gets dried out. Same with using ground chicken for burgers or in stuffed cabbage. Is there anything I can do to prevent it? I understand the fact that it's got less fat means it won't be as moist, but there's got to be something I can do with it that's flavorful. Thanks in advance.

Jan 08, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Home Cooking

Another thing about cast iron.....

Does it matter if my cast iron skillet has rusted or is slightly burnt on top?

Jan 07, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Cookware

Jim Leff's Satmar Potato Kugel

Who is Jim Leff and what is his potato recipe?

Jan 06, 2008
ariellasdaddy in Home Cooking