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Sunday evening business dinner in Financial District SF

Would like to host a small dinner not far from the Palace Hotel. Many places closed on Sunday. Any suggestions? Thanks!

best breakfast near nob hill?

Help! I had great breakfast a couple of times a few years back in a great cafe on a southwest corner near Larkin and California but I have never been able to find it since (the friend I went with lived in the area and since left town). Big windows, tiny with a counter and a few tables.

Dinner suggestions for diverse visiting friends in SF near BART route

If you're interested in Burmese food, why not try Nan Yang in Rockridge instead of coming into SF?

Pastry in San Rafael

My last search for pastry dates back a year or so, but after a movie a friend and I wandered west from the San Rafael Cinema (is that C Street?) 4 or 5 blocks and turned north and a couple of doors up there was a little bakery with lovely stuff! Sorry to be so vague.