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Sushi Tenn Makes Me Deliriously Happy

I just received an email from Itacho welcoming chef Tatsumi Hanzawa to its team.

Dec 30, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

In search of... Japanese Whisky for sale in L.A. area

Silverlake Wine has five types of Nikka for sale:

Dec 11, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Broguiere's Eggnog Update – seen any yet?

I like the way you think (drink) Mr. Owen.

I'm partial to the Kentucky Eggnog Spike from Epi. It will zhuzh up any store-bought eggnog just right.

The relatives are fixin' to come for the holidays this year so I better get to it and make a double batch, right quick.

Dec 02, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Has anyone seen me?

okay, so I keep coming across ice cream articles…

LA Weekly lists Salt and Straw www.saltandstraw.com/ on Larchmont as its #1 choice for "weird but awesome" ice cream flavors in LA and writes about two goat cheese flavors: Spiced Chevre Pumpkin Pie and Black Olive Brittle and Goat Cheese.


Nov 29, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

What type of squash is this and how do I cook it?

Cucurbita ficifolia aka: chilacayote, shark fin melon?

Has anyone seen me?

recently read that Jeni's will have a storefront in LA soon:

Nov 28, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Thanksgiving with a small single oven

Butterflied/spatchcocked 12-14 lb bird done in 80 minutes

You might even have room to use 2nd shelf.

Also, I remember seeing other recipes where stuffing was placed under butterflied bird and caught the drippings.

I butterflied a 23 lb turkey last year with great results.

Nov 22, 2014
yinyangdi in Home Cooking

A leisurely lunch at the neighborhood sushi bar


it all looks delicious, but, especially the kelp halibut, sayori, Japanese mackerel, pompano, aji & anago.

wondering if your "regular nondescript neighborhood sushi bar" is open next Thursday …?

Nov 19, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Hache LA

I've only tried this place once for dinner (earlier this week) and the burger, swiss w/caramelized onions was … okay. I, too, asked for medium rare but was told "we don't do medium rare, only medium." I was taken aback and said, what? Dude repeated himself, then added that "medium is still juicy." I was on the verge of about-facing it out of there but decided to stay and give it a try as (1) I was already there, (2) hadn't had lunch that day and (3) had pictures of really great looking burgers stuck in my head. Also, I read somewhere that the fries were "triple cooked" and was really expecting something special. Nope, just ok. Best fries in recent memory: #1 Belcampo, #2 District 13.

Nov 14, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Mr. Baguette Downtown? In The Bonaventure?

it's a secret?!
pool deck and/or just across the ped bridge from UnionBank.

Sep 22, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Roll 'N Rye 'n Culver City Closing?

all ready happened :(
9/14 @ 4PM

Sep 17, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

From EaterLA: "Grand Central Market Makes Bon App's Best Resto List"......My question is "Who Made This Happen?"

Here's a link to current vendors @ GCM:

Aug 21, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Hitt up the Palm before it movies, i haven't even been yet myself.

"…The Palm is also known for the caricatures of its celebrity customers that cover most of the walls of the restaurant. The company says it is inviting all those depicted in the illustrations to take their images home.

…[Bruce Bozzi Jr.] plans on taking some of the portions of the West Hollywood walls, framing them and putting them up in the new location. He's also working with artists to create some new local art.

'The walls in West Hollywood are a time capsule of 40 years in California with people who worked in show business,' …"


Aug 15, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

"Neighborhood" restaurants in Hollywood

It's been a couple of years since I lived in the neighborhood, back then I used to:

drop in for the 1/2-chicken plate at Milk

show up for the izakaya plates at Itacho (sushi was was surprisingly decent if you sat at the bar).

veg out at Bulan Thai

go to Tinga and order delicious tacos, and elote especial (grilled sweet corn, w/creamy puree of lime, chili & poblano) and wash it down with house-made horchata

eat clean macrobiotic food at Inaka or M Cafe de Chaya

grab a German/Austrian beer and jager schnitzel at Wirtshaus

get take-out tandoori chicken & onion cilantro nan from East India Grill

order bavette steak or swedish meatballs at The Fat Dog

Aug 14, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area



Aug 13, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Low priced sake in LA area?

I used to live near WFM @ 3rd/Fairfax and it had a surprising amount of 300ml bottles of sake and a decent selection of bigger bottles, too. idk if this is still true as of 08/12/14 or not. imo, Nijiya and Mitsuwa don't have the huge selection they used to.

Aug 12, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area


On numerous occasions I've been served uni sashimi by different itamae at very good sushi-ya here in Los Angeles. Sometimes the uni was solo or belted with nori or served on a shiso leaf, all sans rice. Back in the day my favorite places would start me off with a selection of sashimi which later on in the same meal would be offered again as neta (different knife work). mmmmmmm.

Aug 12, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Wexler's Deli - Yesterday

Does Wexler's close earlier that other stalls?

GCM website has these hours posted (and was also reported in the Downtown News as of 07/03/14):

Hours: 8AM - 6PM daily
Thurs, Fri & Sat until 9PM


Aug 12, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Shibucho, boy, have I missed it.

I liked your review of Shibucho. Makes me think of the good old days of many late-night omakase dinners ;)

But, I'm fairly certain that Shibucho on Beverly is the original location and that Shibutani-san opened Shibucho #2 at Yaohan Plaza after selling the Beverly store to Shige. Shibucho #3 followed in the OC.

Jul 31, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

FARMSHOP charging .30 for paper bag. Every other market in area charging 10 cents

I'm a longtime user of reuseable bags and often buy additional bags as "punishment" when I forget mine at home. I too, was having a hard time wraping my head around a $68 jute bag until …

FARMSHOP first partnered with Apolis Global Citizen in 2012 bringing this tote to market in support of their Bangladesh Project. The jute bags are crafted by a women’s cooperative in Bangladesh that teaches skills of the craft while paying fair wages, offering health care, and building savings for the women to strike out with businesses of their own (having now spawned hundreds of successful independent craftswomen) or setting up college funds for their children. Know that when you purchase a FARMSHOP market tote, you help us to support these causes …


If my funds were unlimited I would buy one of these bags for everyone I know. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

I like Dommy's "doggie bags" link -- these would be good for lining cloth bags when buying meat or for bathroom waste cans.

Jul 30, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

seeking miniature ice cream cones to buy (to fill myself)

Joy mini-cup cones

Store locator




EDIT: found 5 stores w/i 10-miles of zip code 10012 that carry box of 42-minis using Joy's store locator.

hope this helps

Jun 26, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Easter Brunch/Lunch - Downtown

I haven't eaten at Chaya or Border Grill in a while but received emails from both restaurants about offering Easter Brunch:

Apr 16, 2014
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Pre-minced garlic and ginger?

just discovered that Fresh & Easy carries Dorot's garlic, ginger, basil & cilantro.

Apr 11, 2014
yinyangdi in General Topics

Any Recent, Great Lunch Spots in Downtown LA?

Haven't been, but what about
Bunker Hill Bar & Grill ? BHB&G is only open for lunch (11am - 3PM) right now and the pictures look good on Y.

601 S. Grand Avenue

UrbanDaddy w/link to menu


Sep 04, 2013
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Looking for a chill Gastropub in Downtown, glendale, pasadena area.

+1 for the Sixth Street Tavern @ 6th/Hope (in the old Urbano location by the same owners). The Bistro Burger is DELISH but the fries … despite the dark golden color that leads one to believe they are crispy, were the opposite @ quite mushy. Also, 20+ beers on tap. BTW, there are no dedicated ordering stations (like FO) and, in my experience, it can be hard to get the attention of a bartender to place an order.

As for parking, there is validated self-parking directly across the street (on Hope, just thru 6th intersection heading towards library for $5 by my last recall). http://sixthstreettavern.com/

May 22, 2013
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Bludso's BBQ is coming to Hollywood at old Tar Pit location!

I remembered reading that Shook/Dotolo couldn't afford signage when they opened Animal:

… Shook and Dotolo opened Animal a few months before the drama of the 2008 recession. "We did not order tablecloths because tablecloths are not cheap," Shook recalls. "You have to keep them fresh, and they cost you about 10 to 25 cents per table. These are all costs you have to pass on to the customer. We didn't put up a sign because we couldn't afford it. We wanted to spend all of our money and put all of our focus on the food we were making, and we made exactly the food that we wanted to eat." … By the time the two opened their second place, Son of a Gun, in 2011, they could afford tablecloths but opted to skip them. The starched whites had become not only a literal option but a symbol of what was past. "Our plates at Son of a Gun are made by Heath — that is not cheap," Shook says, "but they are beautiful objects. And our tables are made of zinc."…

Mar 19, 2013
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area

Traci Des Jardins's Carnitas Tacos

recipe reads deliciously; will make soon!
as for the tortilla chip questions from 02/07; dip in guac and/or salsa and enjoy…? ;)

Feb 13, 2013
yinyangdi in Recipes

Pre-minced garlic and ginger?

tracylee, Ralphs is owned by Kroger and it looks like it would be "Fred Meyer" in your area …?

Feb 04, 2013
yinyangdi in General Topics

Pre-minced garlic and ginger?

Ralph's sells several of the Dorot frozen cubes, too. My local store has garlic, ginger, parsley, basil & cilantro. I like dropping in a cube of ginger & garlic into chicken broth. Yum. Also add garlic & basil cubes to jarred marinara, etc. off heat to add pops of fresh flavors.

Who knew there were so many!

Jan 30, 2013
yinyangdi in General Topics

Cheapest place to buy mason jars?

Jan 30, 2013
yinyangdi in Los Angeles Area