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We Need Vegetarian Cuisine!

Must rant! Boston only has a couple of Asian vegetarian restaurants. Compared to other cities we seriously have a void to fulfill. How about a gourmet vegan restaurant like Blossom in NYC? Or a vegetarian bbq place like Red Bamboo in NYC? With all of the students and academic types there must be a market for another vegetarian restaurant besides buddhas, grasshopper, and tj's takeout!

Sibling Rivalry- Bad Food!

I had a horrific experience there as a vegetarian. At the time, not sure if it is still like this, they did not offer 2 vegetarian entrees and compete among siblings like they did for all of the meat entrees. Instead I got a plate of steamed vegetables. Nothing else. No pasta, no rice, nothing but steamed vegetables for like 25 bux. Give me a breat! A true chef can whip up a gorgeous vegetarian entree.

3 you CAN'T live without?

1. Shino (cheap sushi, usually good)
2. Teatro
3. Buddhas Delight

Former Bostonian needs your help for a fun place to bring people from the midwest!

Reserve an area or table at Peking Toms - great place for cocktails, lounging and late night snacks.

coffeehouses, cafes, quiet places to work ...

Uptown Espresso on Columbus ave in the South End, a block in from Mass Ave is one of the area's best kept secrets! Wireless internet, outdoor patio and cozy indoor space. Delicious coffee drinks, and amazing smoothies and sandwhiches too! I go as often as possible.

Your Favorite Night Out (downtown)

I second that suggestion! My bf and I love this place for an affordable romantic special night.