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Ideas for cooking for a large group?

I'm having approximately 30 people over for my son's first birthday. I would much prefer to cook as opposed to catering or buying something. Obviously I'd like something that is not too difficult to prepare or that I could somewhat prepare in advance. The only idea I have thus far is lasagna -- it's my go-to for big groups. Any other ideas? I looked for a similar thread but didn't come up with anything...

Mar 05, 2009
Lisellini in Home Cooking

Do you remember the first dish you ever cooked?

Not sure if this counts as "cooking" but I'll share anyway. When I was little, my mom refused to purchase sweetened breakfast cereals. One morning I decided I must have Honey Nut Cheerios (after having had them at a friend's house). I put a drop of honey and a chopped pecan morsel on individual plain Cheerios one by one until I had bowl full of them. Yummy!

Jan 08, 2007
Lisellini in Home Cooking

Whitefish/Kalispel/Big Mountain...Good places for a dinner date

First of all, you are going to love the area -- I'm very envious...

Some of my favorites include:
Tupelo Grill (downtown Whitefish) - it is described as "continental cooking with southern flair" (you may think, "southern in Montana?", but trust me, it's good - the chef grew up in Louisiana)
McGarry's Roadhouse (Whitefish) - here is where you will find steaks, seafood, pastas, & tasty house fries
Truby's Wood Fired Pizza (downtown Whitefish) - exactly what it sounds like
Buffalo Cafe (downtown Whitefish) - great breakfast spot
Hellroaring Saloon (Big Mountain Village) - if you go skiing (which I'm assuming you will), this is the best lunch spot
Great Northern Bar (downtown Whitefish) - fun place for your apres-ski beer

I just reread your post and realized that you were only looking for a dinner restaurant, so I'd say Tupelo Grill or McGarry's. I left the other recommendations just in case. Have a good time!

Chicago, next weekend, Bistro or Pizza???

If you are willing to travel up to the Lincoln Square neighborhood, Bistro Campagne is always one of my favorites -- great food and a lovely space.

Oct 17, 2006
Lisellini in Chicago Area

Chicagoans in for the ING Marathon - Suggestions Please

Thanks for the comments, Jill! I had a feeling that I would be choosing between Eleven Madison Park and Blue Hill. Decisions, decisions... And Sarabeth's appears to be very close to the finish line -- perfect for a post-race brunch.

Oct 13, 2006
Lisellini in Manhattan

Chicagoans in for the ING Marathon - Suggestions Please

Hello fellow Chowhounds,

My husband & I will be coming to NYC the first weekend in November for the ING Marathon. While my husband will be the only one running, we both plan to engage in a lot of dining, drinking (after the race, of course), and general good fun. I have only been to NYC once (ate at Babbo-was great), so any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also, I've done some research and would appreciate comments on my ideas as well -- what's overrated, what's great, etc.


We will be heading over to the Javits Convention Center early evening to hit the expo. After that, I'm interested in just about anything for dinner -- preferably more on the casual side, rather than upscale. Pegu Club or Employees Only for dinner/drinks? Alta for small plates?


Breakfast -- Ess-A-Bagel or Via Quadronno, perhaps?

Lunch -- Cafe Azuri, Di Fara Pizza?

Dinner -- No suggestions necessary. We have reservations at Lupa. Marathoners need their pasta...


Lunch -- Because I expect my husband to be exhausted & starving, I would prefer something near the finish line (Central Park South) or near our hotel, which is closeby in Midtown.

Dinner -- I need help. I want something nice, with outstanding food. I've been looking at other posts and come up with the following: Blue Hill, Eleven Madison Park, The Modern, AOC Bedford, Pastis, August. I'm open to others...

Alas, we must then return to Chicago. Thanks in advance.

Oct 11, 2006
Lisellini in Manhattan

Where to Go for the Best Hot Dog

My favorite is Hot Doug's on California (northwest side). I guess it isn't representative of the typical Chicago hot dog, but it sure is tasty. Plus, the duck fat fries on Friday and Saturday are worth the trip. Speaking of, it is not that easy to get to via the El.

Oct 03, 2006
Lisellini in Chicago Area