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Queen's Louisiana Po Boy Cafe [San Francisco]

I have always wanted to try a deep fried turkey, but have already bought my turkey for this year's Thanksgiving meal.
Is there any chowhound who would like to split a fried turkey with me (for the sake of research), or maybe you just need a little extra this year for unexpected relatives?

SFBA Dish of the Month (Nov 2014) - Nominations/Voting


Best Fried Rice in SF

I love the chipotle fried rice or the hot link fried rice at SO in San Francisco.
It is a huge portion that seems to never end, with a good kick of heat from the meat.

SF Dish of the Month (February 2014) - Nominations/Voting


Chowdown at SF's Grand Hot Pot Lounge

Melanie, thank you for organizing this chowdown event.
It was great to try such a quantity and variety of dishes at this newly renovated restaurant.
Surprisingly, I found that my favorite dish was the understated snow peas in broth. It was well seasoned and perfectly cooked.
The other dishes were not so much of a hit with me. The noodles in the garlic noodles were overcooked, and the spice level in the spicy numbing pig's ear, tofu skin salad and bean jello in red chili sauce did not live up to the heat level I expected.
It was my first time trying guiling rice noodles, and I liked the version here. I don't know if I would return to this restaurant with so many other good ones to try, but it was a fun lunch!

SF Dish of the Month (January 2014) - Nominations/Voting


SF Dish of the Month (October 2013) - Voting


Champa Garden SF Branch to open soon -- any favorites?

I tried four dishes at Champa Garden last week. Like you, I would return, though not all of the dishes were amazing.
The lao sausage was good, but not as spicy or complex as the homemade ones at Venitian Cafe in Oakland.
The duck curry was delicious, well balanced and flavorful.
The chicken soup with homemade noodles was pure comfort food. It just slithered down my throat.
The least successful dish was the pumpkin curry with pork. The pumpkin was undercooked, the pork was thin, lean, and tough, and the dish was too sweet and one dimensional.
The owner could not have been nicer, asking me how I liked everything at the end of the meal. He seemed to know that the pumpkin was not properly prepared, and said that the chef was "working on it". He then took it off my bill!
The rice salad was good, especially since it came with an abundance of fresh lettuce and cilantro.
All in all, a good meal. I am anxious to go back and try more of the menu.

Any place one can buy Kouign Amann in SF?

I went there a couple of weeks ago, and tried their levan bread and kouign amann. I like both Starter Bakery's and B Star's better. The one at Le Marais was too light and airy for me. The bread was good, and had the advantage of not having to pre order it three days ahead (like at Tartine Bakery), but it was no where as complex or tasty as the loaves you can buy at Bar Tartine on Wed through Sun.

SF Dish of the Month (September 2013) - Voting

I love the idea of DOLSOT BIBIMPAP ! Put my vote in.

Need to buy La Bodega Sherry wine vinegar

Did you try Rainbow Grocery?

Bellwether whole basket ricotta @ Berk Bowl for $3.50 [Berkeley]

Which Berkeley Bowl did you get it from?

SF Dish of the Month (Aug 2013) - Voting

Second your vote for CHOW MEIN

New Pal's at La Movida has Lao sausage sandwich [San Francisco]

I just tried the Lao sandwich last week, after anticipating the reopening of Pal's and the deep fried sausage sandwich.
I was slightly dissapointed. The sausage itself was delicious, crispy, chewy, salty and flavorful. The bread seemed not to complement the sausage, though. It was a liitle too firm, with not enough "give". There were far too few pickled vegetables for me on the sandwich.
It was served with some red cabbage salad and homemade pickles, with the cabbage tasting almost undressed.
If my expectations had not been so high, I might have enjoyed this sandwich more.
My companion had the poached chicken sandwich, which she said was underseasoned and did not have enough dressing (I did not get a taste of this, unfortunately).
When I crave the Lao sausage again, I will probably just go to Vientian Cafe in Oakland instead.

SF Dish of the Month (July 2013) - Nominations

Chow mein

Breakfast Sandwich - SF Dish of the Month June 2013

Today I tried a breakfast burrito at Devil's Teeth Bakery on Noriega. It had fluffy scrambled eggs, potatoes, peppers, cheese and salsa.
Very fresh (made to order), and with a delicious Bicycle coffee,it was around $7.
I prefer their homemade breakfast biscuit sandwiches (a steal at $5, with bacon and eggs), but the burrito was satisfying.

Chowdown Report: Ming Kee in San Francisco

One more vote for the succulent pork shoulder with green beans and sliced jalapenos. This dish alone is worth a trip to Ming Kee (before it closes). It was well seasoned, appropriately fatty, salty, and delicious.
The mixed mushrooms with rock cod and baby shrimp was subtle. It was best appreciated on the plate by itself, without allowing any of the flavors from the other dishes at the table to interfere.
As expected, barbecue rules at this restaurant. The char siu and roast goose did not disappoint
Many thanks and a happy birthday to Melanie. It was a great sampling of food from Ming Kee.

Dish of the Month SF (April 2013) - Nominations

wonton soup, please

Chowdown Report: We’re on a Roll Trailer @ New England Lobster Co. (South San Francisco)

Just having tried the uninspired and overcooked lobster roll at French Dipped (the new Fillmore Street location), I found this lobster roll incredibly sweet, well cooked, generous, and satisfying. The New England style roll was properly buttered and toasted, the lobster filling devoid of celery or mayonnaise, and the portion was a good value, with chips and coleslaw.
The corn and lobster chowder was only a fair soup. The corn tasted like it was canned (a shame during corn season), and there was not a huge lobster flavor.
Turning this into a sandwich crawl, two of us went on to Bar Tartine to try their new lunch menu. We ordered the langos, a fried potato bread with sour cream, garlic and fresh dill. It was decadent, nicely flavored, rich, and delicious. Even though we were far from hungry after the lobster roll and soup, it was hard to stop eating this.
Also ordered were a trio of tartine (open faced) sandwiches. The smoked sturgeon, potato and dill sauce with horseradish tasted like a NY Sunday breakfast.
Smoked eggplant, white bean, olive and smoked tomato tartine was the favorite sandwich, with each element being delectably more smokey than the last.
The last tartine was the goat cheese with broccoli, onion jam and chili. It was OK, but unremarkable. BiRite does a much better version of this combination, IMO.
The grainy sprouted rye bread all of the sandwiches were served on was interesting and unusual.
The crawl then continued on to Salumeria, in the Mission. We sampled the Sausage sandwich on pretzel bread (which turned out to actually be on an Acme baguette). This sandwich was filled with sweet caramelized onions , and flavored with mustard and coriander seeds. I found the sandwich a little too sweet, and the sausage was lacking the snap that I crave in most sausages, but it was a well made sandwich.

"Mozza Cookbook" Pizza Dough - trouble

Pizza Mozza is my absolute favorite restaurant, and I was thrilled to be able to try to make Nancy Silverton's pizza dough at home.
It took me 5 hours (mostly unattended, rising time), and it surpassed my high expectations.
What a delicious dough, almost as good as the restaurant's.
I did have to add about an additional 1/2 cup of flour in the last mixing, and the dough was still very sticky. I used a flexible pastry scraper to get the dough out of the mixer and into another container for the final rise before shaping, and it was very shapeless and soft.
After this rising, I followed her directions and shaped the dough into 7 ounce balls, heavily dusting my surface with more flour.
The pizza baked up soft and chewy, very flavorful, wonderful! if I have the time to do this, I will make the Mozza dough every time from now on.
I did give it another drizzle of olive oil and salt after coming out of the oven.

Jan 06, 2012
sfpizzalover in Home Cooking

Vegetarian catering for offbeat Napa wedding

Living Room Events in San Francisco meets all of your criteria, and makes some of the best food anywhere.

Curry Dive Chowdown Report: Viva Goa in San Francisco

Thank you, Melanie, for organizing this delicious chowdown. I had been passing this restaurant and wondering about it, so it was a great opportunity to try a good sampling of the menu.
I thought the fish curry was the best dish that we tried, with a good heat level approaching spicy. Surprisingly, the pork vindiloo was not packing much heat at all, even after requesting it hot.
The chicken 65 reminded me of a Manchurian dish (which I loved), combining a sweet ketchup flavor with garlic and a nice fried crunchy component. I know, junk food, but satisfying.
One surprise for me was the roast beef with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The sliced beef was very well seasoned and the potatoes were creamy an buttery. Not what you would find in a typical SF Indian restaurant.
The naan was light and airy, and served hot from the kitchen.
Overall a nice meal, and I would return to try some of the other Goan dishes.

So Restaurant is back -- Chicken Wings, Potstickers! -- on Bryant St. now -- anyone been there? [San Francisco]

I would add that the fried fish appetizer was wonderful, too. Crispy, even with the spicy sweet garlicky sauce enveloping the fish.
I also loved the hot sausage fried rice. It was an endless portion, and it seemed like the leftovers I took home were as much as I ordered.
Ma po tofu with beef was comforting and well seasoned, especially delicious with the homemade noodles.

I'm getting tired of Deli Sandwiches that cost $7-10. in the Bay Area. Any great cheaper ones?

El Metate on Bryant Street has the best chicken sandwich on a roll, served with a side of homemade (usually tortilla) soup. It is around $5, and enough for two to share.

Whole Fish in San Francisco

Lers Ros has a sensational crispy whole fish with mango on their menu. Very reasonable (under $12, I think), and the bones are so crunchy you eat them too!

Fried chicken to rival Ad Hoc

Yes, same people as Mission Street Food. They make 15 portions of chicken a day.

Mission Chinese Food
2234 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Fried chicken to rival Ad Hoc

Just returned from trying the new fried chicken sandwich at Duc Loi Supermarket. Go get this amazing sandwich before the take it off the menu (they just took off the vegetarian sandwich recently).
The chicken was a generous portion, crispy, well seasoned and not greasy at all. Best of all were the rendered pieces of chicken skin (shatteringly crunchy and paper thin) that they added to the sandwich. It added a component similar to a potato chip, but chicken flavored!
This is the best piece of fried chicken I have had since Ad Hoc's!

Ad Hoc
6476 Washington St., Yountville, CA 94599

Duc Loi Supermarket
2200 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

Report - Pi Bar - Better than Arinell - but that doesn't say much

I went to Pi on Sunday for an early dinner. We ordered a spinach and homemade sausage salad with feta (good, enough for 2 to share, but a little too heavily dressed), and an extra large pizza with housemade meatballs.
The pizza was huge, delicious, and almost as good as my memory of a good NY pizza (having lived there for 24 years). Crust was good, cheese was plentiful, and sauce just right.
The bill was not cheap ($41, just pizza and 1 salad, no beverages or dessert)), but worth it. I prefer Tony's in North Beach by just a hair, but considering the parking it was well worth it.

Modern Thai

How does it compare to Lers Ros?

Napa: Brix brilliant brunch buffet - an American classic … From Laughing Bird shrimp to Fatted Calf pate to carved beef filet to hot blackberry cobbler

Their website lists the adult price as $44 per person. Is it worth it at this new price?