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Best Omlette in SF

Where can I find the biggest greasiest omlette in the City? I don't want a gourmet style omlette with foo foo ingredients but something that will clog all my arteries my lunch time.

Raw Bar

I'm looking for a good raw bar with an excellent choice of oysters and knowledgable servers. Something from an atmostphere standpoint more like Balthazar and not like Grand Central Oyster Bar. Thanks.

Sep 03, 2007
marc949 in Manhattan

Dining Alone - A Voce, Hearth, Craft, Gramercy Tavern?

I'm travelling to NY on business from California and have two nights of dining solo. Which of these restaurants have a bar area to eat at and are the menus at the bar the same as in the main dining room? Thanks.

Jul 28, 2007
marc949 in Manhattan

Best Souffle in LA and OC

Morton's has great souffles. I think what does it for me is that heavenly cream they serve with it.

May 02, 2007
marc949 in Los Angeles Area

Pinkberry in the OC

After reading so much about it, I'm dying to try it. Does anyone know definitively when Pinkberry is opening in the OC? I've heard that there will be ones at the Spectrum and at Bella Terra. Any other locations people have heard?

Apr 23, 2007
marc949 in Los Angeles Area

Eating Alone at Komi

I'll be visiting DC on business and am interested in eating at Komi. Does anyone know if they have a bar area to dine alone?

Crush, Union or Mistral

Thank you everyone for your responses. I made a reservation at Mistral for next Saturday. I'm looking forward to a weekend of food gluttony. Also on the itinerary are Matt's in the Market, Happy Hour for oysters at Elliott's, Cafe Juanita, Red Mill Bugers, Top Pot and the 5 Spot for breakfast.

Sep 29, 2006
marc949 in Pacific Northwest

Crush, Union or Mistral

I'm going to be visiting from LA and have one dinner slot left to choose. Its between Crush, Union and Mistral and have read mixed reviews from previous posts. Quality of food is more important than price and I'm looking for the best Northwest experience. Any pros and cons of these restaurants would be appreciated.

Sep 27, 2006
marc949 in Pacific Northwest