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Does parking make a difference for you ?

There is a strip mall of mostly restaurants in my neighborhood that I never go to because the parking lot is so damn big and ugly.

Jul 16, 2015
atheorist in Not About Food

Restaurant Web-Site Fails...

1. Good food, good vibe, good prices, plus half assed or no website.

2. Average food, corporate vibe, overpriced, plus professionally tended website.

I know these are not mutually exclusive conditions but I know my priorities. Is this Chowhound or the Gotcha police?

What makes me sad are those annoying websites with autoplay music, expensive photography and gimcrackery. I guess someone too busy with food to spend time online and know better got snookered by a web developer.

Mar 21, 2015
atheorist in Not About Food

Foodies going to Providence and then looking at Maine or Cape cod?

The lively town on Cape Cod where you can stash the car for days on end is Provincetown. Walk to fine beaches, but you need to drive if you want surf.

24 Hours in Providence- help us narrow it down!

oops Twins is closed Mondays. Chez Pascal too I think. Better check any of them!

24 Hours in Providence- help us narrow it down!

Chilangos has a better drinking vibe, but Rancho Grande wins by a mile for the food.

Twins would be the choice for a pizza and sides probably unaccustomed in Brooklyn. Caserta only if you do not want to make the trip.

Chez Pascal, Rancho Grande, and everything on Broadway are all right on a bus line. Worth considering. Half the cabs around here are grimier than the buses anyhow.

What do you put in your chicken stock to make the most flavorful soup?

Herbs belong in whatever finished product, not in the long cooking process that creates stock.

Still, I am surprised no one has mentioned the indispensable chicken soup herb, lovage.

Jan 08, 2015
atheorist in Home Cooking

Eating out - Low Sodium - Providence?

Is anyone out there managing to enjoy eating out while obeying doctor's orders to consume less than 1800mg of sodium per day? Can you share any strategies (other than hoping that a weekly binge can't really hurt) or destinations?

Here is what I can report so far...

Sashimi. Yay! I plan to make the rounds of Japanese restaurants.

The search is on for *Premium* ice cream. (Why is Somerset Creamery so far away plus closed for the season?)

Had a fine, full course dinner at Blaze. Sadly, that kind of thing can be an occasional but not routine expense. They did however promise they can work things out for pizza, burgers and fries, so I will go back soon.

Rasoi promotes their health and diet consciousness so I finally tried it but they could only adapt one cauliflower dish, which was tasty but will not be making a regular out of me.

I despair for so many carefree, economical favorites: Asian, pizza, Mexican, chowda, pub grub etc. The once great dining vistas around here now seem so closed off. Must I simply give up?

The Elusive Pizza Strip


Careful what you say! Do you want shops to stop calling them pizza strips and start calling them Focaccia and triple the price?

Attention Apple Hounds!

If you are apple curious, take a trip to Middletown RI: This little orchard curates over 60 varieties. You can find apples you only remember or only heard of or never heard of. They are happy to talk about each one.

Also, Pears.

Extra super bonus - lots of quince!

Scenic Drive from NYC to Boston..

I am picturing one of the more established farm stands or orchards that have an indoor shop with locally made bread, pie, quiche, cheese, chutney, pickles, jams, etc. Some have a deli counter. Had I taken better notes on my travels I could mention other specific ones. Add a big jug of fresh cider and bring a picnic to say, Quabbin lookout.

Now Eating RI Vol 2: 9/14

Apsara Asian Restaurant on Public Street. I had not gone for a few months. Must not let that happen agsin. They are always on their game.

Scenic Drive from NYC to Boston..

True, route 2 has better vistas than 9. And those little eateries in Greenfield are nice enough. But I think the most chowhound fun is found at say, an apple orchard in full festive harvest swing or some lovingly tended tourist-welcoming farm in the valley south of Greenfield. I hope someone else can give out a few more specific names and places. All I can say is it's a rather distinctive little agricultural district and I usually have good luck just randomly exploring back roads around there.

Scenic Drive from NYC to Boston..

Route 9 is another nice Mass Pike alternative because you will be in Pioneer Valley by the time you get hungry. Look up Atkins Farm. Try a cider doughnut or go to Cook Farm in Hadley and greet the cows before you order ice cream.

Get your coastal scenery on in Cape Ann. Search the Boston board for fried clams in Ipswich or a lobster dinner in Gloucester.

PVD/RI * August '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

La France ?

Now Eating Vol 1: PVD/RI 8/14

We have been taking out food from rock solid institutions:

Catanzaros - today's gold standard for RI style pizza

Blount seafood shack - Richmond St, also Crescent Park

Sandwich Hut

Boone's in Portland Maine: Excessive cost for average food & service

Painful expensive lesson, winding up at Boone's. What was I thinking, strolling about Portland as just another hungry tourist without doing some chowhound homework first? Ouch!

Providence or Newport for birthday dinner

I feel safer walking around in Providence than I do in a car on East or West Main Road, especially at night. "Look at the Stats."

Ice cream stop in southern vermont I 91 or VT 9 - WRJ to Bennington

Must praise Walpole Creamery! So creamy and they use lots of fine ripe fruit in the fruit flavors.

Careful: Last year they moved to bigger quarters across the road, but now that shop is merely OK. The real worth-a-detour Walpole Creamery moved back to the little plaza next to the laundromat.

Cheap American Beers, Ranked

He got this much right: Utica Club and Narragansett in the top 4.

Never thought I would have a reason to travel to Minnesota.

Jun 04, 2014
atheorist in Beer

What to order on the menu?

And if you get a lobster, remember that every part of it is edible except the tail and the claws.

Uses for Anchovy Paste (Other than Caesar Dressing)?

Schmear some on cream cheese on a bagel.

Season a Bloody Mary.

Feb 23, 2014
atheorist in Home Cooking

Paczki, Providence

Are the Fat Tuesday paczki even more awesome than the ones Polonia sells every saturday?

I think you have nothing to compare it to because there is nothing to compare around here.

They are not paczki, but if you believe that only stellar doughnuts are worth eating, you should know about Silver Star bakery on Ives St.

How to stretch pizza dough?

One of those things where everyone has to go through their own trials and errors.

While you are stretching the dough, hold it up to a light or a window. You will see the thin spots before you make them too thin.

Try to pull the dough to make the circumference bigger. The diameter will take care of itself.

Jan 30, 2014
atheorist in Home Cooking

If you opened a restaurant, what would you call it ?

I want to have a pizzeria where the special is like omakase. You come in, I chat you up a bit and invent a surprise combination pizza for you. And you better like it.

Pizza Nazi.

Jan 19, 2014
atheorist in Not About Food

Pizza toppings - over or under the cheese?

If I do not add the cheese half way through baking a pizza, it gets burnt brown long before the crust gets crusty. Stone or pan. So the toppings get a chance to roast first. When the little bits of garlic look perfectly golden, the cheese goes on.

Deep-dish pie not a pizza. It is a casserole, pizza mush as you say, but my pizza is not like that.

Nov 22, 2013
atheorist in General Topics

When Cheapo is Better than Pricey?

Amen on wine. At one new year's party there was a whole gamut of champagnes on hand. We organized a blind tasting contest. I do remember that the clear winner cost about $10. I wish I could remember what it was.

Beer too. The best beer is one or two notches up the price scale from the bottom. I can do without all the fawning over fussy overdone beers.

And Pizza! You can go out for a $100 pizza dinner around here but my favorite pizza ever is sold all over NYC for $3.00 or less a slice.

Nov 16, 2013
atheorist in General Topics

Walkable restaurants near South St. Providence

Bad advice, telling people to drive. Don't you know people get killed in car crashes every day?

Plus, when walking, no one needs to be a designated driver!

Fun in Providence near Renaissance Hotel

Nothing wrong with having that pizza and wings for dinner!

Help! Stuck waffles :(

How much butter or oil was in the batter? I use a recipe with 2 eggs/ 2 1/2 cups liquid/ 2 cups flour and 1 stick butter. You do not even have to grease the iron. It still works pretty well with 3/4 the butter. Half the butter can lead to trouble.

Also, you can not check for doneness by looking. If you hear sizzling or see steam coming out, they are not done. If you gently try to open the iron and it seems stuck, just wait. During normal cooking, the waffles stick like glue. Have faith. When they turn golden brown, they come unstuck.

A toothbrush can be good for cleaning.

Jun 02, 2013
atheorist in Cookware

Arriving at JFK... Next stop Pizza!

Thanks! New Park, well done, was the ideal welcome home pizza. Later for the party.

May 12, 2013
atheorist in Outer Boroughs