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Fondue in Central or Western New Jersey.... other than The Melting Pot

The Grand Colonial in Hampton (off Rt 78, west of Clinton) has a nice fondue.

Grand Colonial
86 State Route 173, Hampton, NJ 08827

Sep 18, 2011
10gallonhat in New Jersey

Dallas, near Hotel Indigo, Downtown Historic District?

560 looks ideal. Any issue with underage (~15) hanging out with a few adults in the bar/snack area? Thanks so much for your input.

Dallas, near Hotel Indigo, Downtown Historic District?

No, we will not have a car, but a cab fare of ~$10 is no big deal for a decent meal. Pecan Lodge looks great, just hope the timing works out, dinner is out of the question, but late lunch lookspossible. Any suggestions for CFS, my son liked the version at Love and War in Grapevine, was that a good example?

Dallas, near Hotel Indigo, Downtown Historic District?

My son and I will be staying at the Hotel Indigo in Dallas (@Main and South Harwood) for 3 nights. I need some suggestions for meals while we are there. Ideally, a great take-away or casual breakfast spot, a high-end deli/sandwich/lunch spot (take-out would be nice, we'll be at the convention center each day), and three interesting dinner spots- two not overly fancy, and one for a special treat. Type of food is open with the exception of no Indian (he's not into that). Burgers, steaks, BBQ, tacos, noodle shops, asian, good pub food, CFS, chicken are all great. Not so interested in Italian, we're from New Jersey, so we are surrounded by good Italian, but I would consider it if the place was something special/unique. Thanks in advance for any insights that could make our visit memorable.

Local Restaurants to the Wellmont Theater Montclair

I would agree with this review of Ruthie's. I know some in the past have complained about the owner's attitude, but this is not my experience, he seems engaged and friendly. The pork ribs are a bit on the fatty side, but considering their formidable size there is more than enough succulent smoky meat to satisfy. Their double fried hand-cut Belgian-style fries absolutely rock, especially when accompanied by one of their tasty dipping sauces. BYO is always a plus and nicely offsets their slightly higher than average prices for barbecue.

Apr 09, 2010
10gallonhat in New Jersey

Max's Bistro (Flemington) Closed

Do you mean "California Cafe" in Flemington? That place is pretty good (love the monster salads), but also a bit pricey. The last few times I went there (in the last 6 months) it seemed business was slow, maybe they're branching out or trying again.

May 27, 2009
10gallonhat in New Jersey

All I want for Xmas is a Cookbook-which one?

Dean & Deluca Cookbook written by David Rosengarten. Actually, your best bet is to go to your county library, check out a few and sit down for a read. Pick the best sounding book, try out a few recipes and return it in your 2 week time frame before committing to a purchase. Best to make copies of the recipes you try before using them, don't want to splatter a book that isn't yours. That being said, I'll stick with Dean and Deluca. Good luck.

Nov 14, 2008
10gallonhat in Home Cooking

Searching for Sushi Pizza - Central, NJ

Bank 34 in Somerville (Pan-Asian) has “smoked salmon pizza with horseradish cream ($10) The pizza, served on rice flour flatbread, turned out to be an interesting translation of this favorite's sturdier traditional version. The pizza is also available for the same tariff in a sushi-grade raw tuna rendition with wasabi cream and pickled ginger”. I have had the latter version and it rocked, excellent price value as well

Apr 28, 2008
10gallonhat in Mid-Atlantic

Old River House in Clinton, NJ

Any opinions of the Old River House in Clinton. I haven't been there in a few years since it was Muddler's Minnoww (or something like that). Anybody been there recently? Thanks.

Mar 07, 2008
10gallonhat in Mid-Atlantic

My Kingdom For A Good Bagel!

Sandwich menu:
bacon/tomato/cream cheese is $3.25
Ham/salami/provolone is $5.50
pastrami/swiss/lettuce/tomato/onion is $5.50

Are you saying they give you a bunch of separate packages to take home and assemble for the price quoted? They are clearly selling pork products in either case, I doubt they charge for suggesting a combination that you need to buy elsewhere.

Feb 15, 2008
10gallonhat in New Jersey

My Kingdom For A Good Bagel!

Strange thast their web site says "kosher" all over it and they offer ham (read sandwich menu board). How does that work?

Feb 15, 2008
10gallonhat in New Jersey

Real Barbecue in Central Jersey

GRUB Hut in Manville is excellent (and real barbecue, not grilled meat slathered with sauce)

Nov 12, 2007
10gallonhat in New Jersey

Macoun apples?

Melicks on Route 523 in Oldwick

Oct 23, 2007
10gallonhat in Mid-Atlantic

Soho On George,,, %$^&(

Boy, you hit the nail on the head. I went to Soho twice and would not return. The food was actually fine (especially a memorable hanger steak), but the service was awful. Both the wait staff and the hostess were unbelievably arrogant. The place can get quite loud as well.

Oct 16, 2007
10gallonhat in Mid-Atlantic

Tapastre in Somerville, NJ

Four of us had dinner at Tapastre about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I thought the place was really nice and everything we sampled was great. The space itself is beautiful and was even decorated for Halloween (with skeletons sitting at the outside tables). Service was perfect. What was most amazing was the price/value...our table ordered 12 tapas/10 adult beverages/2desserts and the bill w/o tip was only ~$205. This place is a winner, I would encourage people to visit, we'll certainly return. Looking at their website I see they restored the upstairs restaurant (Il Pomodoro), I haven't been there in several years bu based on Tapastre I am looking forward to re-trying that as well.

Oct 16, 2007
10gallonhat in Mid-Atlantic

Suggestions Around Maplewood, NJ?

Several times a year my son has fencing tournaments in Maplewood NJ. I have not found a decent restaurant nearby (yes Lorena's is awesome but we usually have 2 kids [12yo/10yo] in tow, so that's not going to work). Is there any place someone could recommend? The only cuisines that we pass on are Indian and Japanese. Thanks.

Oct 04, 2007
10gallonhat in Mid-Atlantic

Captain Fresh closed up

What is AFC? I usually hit the Chinese Supermarket on Route 18 in East Brunswick, kind of like Captain Fresh on steroids.

Sep 19, 2007
10gallonhat in Mid-Atlantic

Batali got the boot (from FN)

Completely agree with David Rosengarten, his Dean and Deluca cookbook became my fave after watching him for a year. Michael LaMonaco was also a great chef, he was just on Today in NY this past wekend, I miss him.

Sep 06, 2007
10gallonhat in Food Media & News

Point Pleasant, NJ?

I will be in Point Pleasant, NJ tomorrow and would appreciate any suggestions for someplace for dinner. Thanks in advance.

Aug 07, 2007
10gallonhat in New Jersey

Fun meal for a college student in New Brunswick?

Old Man Rafferty's

Dec 21, 2006
10gallonhat in Mid-Atlantic

Where exactly is Chao Pthaya ??

If your driving away from the center of New Brunswick take a left turn at the traffic light before the Boston Market (this is Foxwood Drive, the Barrood office building will be to your left). Go up Foxwood Drive ~1/10 mile, there will be a very narrow entrance to the strip mall on the right, turn right here. After you enter the parking lot the restaurant will be on the corner of the building immediately to your right. Or, if you'd rather... come up Easton Ave out of New Brunswick and take the jughandle at JFK Boulevard so you are now heading back toward NB on Easton Ave. Turn into the entrance of the IHOP and Chao Phaya will be in the back corner of the building to your left. BTW, I highly recommend this place.

Dec 14, 2006
10gallonhat in Mid-Atlantic

Need a nice restaurant in Princeton

I second Brothers Moon. Food is great, seasonal menus change with whatever is ripe, polished service. Also it's a BYOB (bring your own bottle, if that's something weird in Denver?). Last time I was there (~3 weeks ago) I was again very pleased. Check their website to get an idea if it fits:

Oct 19, 2006
10gallonhat in Mid-Atlantic

boston chowhounds looking for chowish food in the bridgewater, nj area

Chao Phaya on Davenport Street in Somerville is an excellent Thai restaurant. Be warned, "two peppers" is plenty hot, "three peppers" is insane. This is a BYOB so it is a great bargain as well. I find Origin (already recommended) to be good (though pricier)and more than a bit pretentious.

Oct 17, 2006
10gallonhat in Mid-Atlantic

Thai food in Central Jersey

Whoever said Origin in Somervillle was overly impressed with themselves, hit the nail on the head. The food there is actually pretty good (and a good value at lunch, not such a value at dinner) but they are a bit aloof. Their dinner choices stray more into the French-Thai range. The 3 Thai kitchens (Bridgewater, Raritan, Hillsborough) are also pretty good but we can never get them to make the food hot enough, hot barely registers a tingly. Best of all is Chao Phaya on Davenport Street in Somerville (though they have a new location on Easton Avenue just outside of New Brunswick ...Franklin?). Love Chao Phaya, crave it actually. No afraid of spice, 2 peppers (on their 3 pepper scale) is plenty hot, 3 is insane, our friends frequently ask for "1/2 a pepper or 1/4 a pepper". This is always our first choice for Thai in central NJ. Everyone we take there (alot of combined Thai experience in that group)ends up raving about it.

Sep 27, 2006
10gallonhat in New Jersey