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new resto row: south Court St

Has anyone else noticed that the best eating west of the Gowanus is now on a short stretch at the south end of Court?

Caputo's has long been brilliant. The only place in the hood that's managed to make the transition from old Italian ladies to gentrifying foodies. Their (fior di latte) mozzarella is as good as what you get in Italy, their grilled artichokes and cippolini are great, and not only do they have a fine selection of goods, they focus on keeping *great* prices. The imported lentils cost almost half of what they do at Ottomanelli's about ten blocks north.

Next door Nine-D serves up the best thai food in south Brooklyn *by far* and the best I've had in the city in a place that's not really trying that hard, if you know what I mean. For best results, eat in, and if you don't, make sure you check your order--multiple disasters. (Go to dish: Pad Ki Mao. But I dig their whole fish offerings.)

There's Frankies obviously, which more than enough has been written about already.

Buttermilk Channel is the restaurant I've been waiting for, a cross between Smith St Grocery (too chi chi to chill out in) and Chestnut (not good enough food): casual, tasty, and not killing you in the wallet. Excellent beers on tap. Superb herb-crusted hake. Pickles are nice. Cheese plate solid. Not worth crossing bridges for, but what you want nearby.

Finally there's Luna Rossa. It may not be my favorite pizza in the city, but it is the most authentic Neapolitan place in the city, east village included. The food to price ratio is outstanding. Just don't order anything but pizza...

Dec 20, 2008
johnnym in Outer Boroughs

30 Rock Sandwich Day Shop Brooklyn?

One more for the great Defonte's.

Jun 27, 2008
johnnym in Outer Boroughs

New Pizza, Carroll Gardens

You all have to be kidding. South Brooklyn Pizza is the *worst* pizza going. It's the exact same pie they've been serving at the bar at PJ Hanley's for years, except now that they're using the coal oven they burn it to cinders. Lucali's is so much better, in the Grimaldi's/DiFaro's NYC tradition. That said, my money for best pizza in South Brooklyn is Luna Rossa down on Court just south of ninth. The atmosphere is awful, the appetizers not worth the time, but the pizza is almost exactly what you would get in Naples, which makes sense, since the guys who own it are from Fuori Grotta, a suburb of Naples. Don't waste your money on eating in--get it to go (and maybe bring it into Bar Vendetta next door and eat out in the garden--excellent cheap beer...).

Jun 27, 2008
johnnym in Outer Boroughs

MADINA - CIA - What Happened?

I was just there today. I had the veggie platter and it was great. Very fresh and not greasy. How's the rest of the menu, any idea?

Apr 07, 2008
johnnym in Outer Boroughs

Anyone try JakeWalk yet?

It's the exact same attitude and product as found at Stinky and Smith and Vine, right down to the annoying name, which comes with a full-page explanation on the first page of the menu. That said, we enjoyed our wines and cheeses, although we ordered a potatoes and melted cheese thing which was at best mediocre, and how exactly do you mess that up? Black Mountain on Union is better, but this place is still a good addition to the otherwise bleak offerings on Smith.

Mar 10, 2008
johnnym in Outer Boroughs

San Diego to Tecate via Jamul

I am housesitting for the month of October in the desert fifteen miles north of Tecate and am looking for any and all eating suggestions. I'm a vegetarian but not really at all, since my favorite things are fish, cheese, and eggs. Good markets in San Diego? Restaurants in Tecate? Is there anything of note between the two? I'm from Brooklyn so looking less for euro-based cuisines; love Mexican, all Asian, and Ethiopian. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Sep 27, 2006
johnnym in California