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Bored of options for lunch in Financial District

If you feel like Thai you can go to Rock Sugar on Batterymarch. The place has seating, but is a little small so I call ahead so I won't have to wait around.

M&M Ribs - Report/Review

M&Ms has consistently been one of the best in Dorchester.

Since they are in a truck I doubt if they have a phone #, unless he is giving out his cell. I've never noticed posted hours, but when they were on Columbia Rd it was a safe bet to find them open from 12 - 6 on weekdays and Saturday.

I normally get the pulled pork sandwich, but perhaps I need to order the rib dinner to see if I'll have the same luck as 2peas. :)

Unique to Toronto/Canada

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this post. I had to take some time away from the board because virtually exploring the dining scene in Toronto was making it really hard to focus on work. But I'm getting close to my time of departure and thanks to all of the recommendations I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to look for when I get there.

First, it looks like I'm going to be up against two obstacles. Time and money. We are only going to be there for 4 days and our budget will only allow for 1-2 higher priced restaurants (more than $25US per entree). So, we're going to focus on exploring the different neighborhoods and markets, eating within budget, and experiencing what it is about Toronto that has its CH members so passionate about their food. (As witnessed in reading this board for the past 3 weeks)

Some of the items, cuisines, and restaurants mentioned that I'm planning to seek out are:

Peameal bacon - I'd like to see how it differs from our American/Canadian bacon.
Butter Tarts
Maple syrup
Bloody ceasar - After looking at the nightlife I might need one of these
Balderson's cheddar - Might be a welcome addition to my mac n' cheese
Canadian chocolates
Portuguese chicken - Same as Brazilian BBQ?
Maltese cuisine
Veal sandwich
Korean fried chicken
Greg's roasted marshmallow ice cream

I’m also planning on making JKWB one of my restaurant choices. And if my wallet and waistline allow it I’d like to see if I can throw in a Chinese, Thai, or Italian place somewhere in there. But we’ll see how it goes. I'll be happy just to sample 3 things from my list.

Nordic Lodge

Thought I'd come back to report on this from my visit last year.

When I first entered the restaurant and heard them playing classic rhythm and blues I knew I was going to have a good time, regardless of the food. We got there about an hour after it opened on a Saturday. Besides a few tour buses it really wasn't as chaotic as I expected it to be. The lines, including the lobster line, were never more than 3 people deep. I found the two hour limit to be plenty of time to comfortably explore the buffet offerings. The lobsters were chicks, but there were plenty of them. I had about 4 or 5. The rest of the food I sampled, such as the shrimp scampi, filet mignon, and broccoli & cheese stuffed chicken, was average to good. I was pretty disappointed with their fried scallops and shrimp as they just sat on a wad of paper towels under a heat lamp. But finally I was surprised by their dessert selections. Several different cakes, chocolate dipped fruits, and a Haagan Dazs ice cream bar. My girlfriend and I shared a very luscious cheesecake with strawberries and a slice of carrot cake. After the last bite we were both stuffed beyond belief and went to the River Fire to walk it off. It was good night.

In the end it was a good experience. If I didn't receive a gift certificate I doubt I would have gone. However, in the future it is a place I can see taking my relatives from Pittsburgh as they love lobster and the all-you-can-eat concept.

Unique to Toronto/Canada

Thank you. All these recommendations are going to make the next two weeks at my job really drag. In my mind I'm already gone.

Unique to Toronto/Canada

Wow, thank you itryalot, Recyclor and hungry_pangolin. I'll search for the previous thread.

I'm a big fan of all breakfast sandwiches. Don't know what peameal bacon is, but I'll find out.

And that's what I'm talking about! I've honestly never heard of that being an option on any menu.

Unique to Toronto/Canada

Thanks, Kevin. Your recommendations are exactly what I am looking for. During my stay I plan on and doing alot of "tasting" so the street tips are appreciated, epecially since I will need to walk this food off.

And since my travel partner doesn't like raisins, I'm looking forward to trying the butter tart both ways. Any paticular place known for these?

Unique to Toronto/Canada


I'm visiting Toronto for the first time in August for a weekend of exploring the city. In my research about the local dining I'm finding the choices to be so diverse. In an attempt to narrow down my options I'm looking for recommendations of dishes or local favorites that I'd be hard pressed to find living in Boston and/or the States. An example would be poutines. Never knew about those until I visited Montreal, now my occasional cravings bring back fond memories of the visit.

I'm pretty much open to any type of food, but for the most part I'm a carnivore.


Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party

My girlfriend got me tickets at least a month ago for my birthday knowing how much I love BBQ. She kept talking up how great it was going to be and how much we were going to eat up until the day of the event. Having been to events like this in the past (and anything held on the concrete desert) I didn't have the heart not to get excited about it with her.

Because of another commitment we ended up going at probably the worst time, 7:30 Saturday night. And it was just what I expected, long we just focused on trying the out-of-state pits that had reasonable lines. We waited about 30-45 minutes in each and had some decent bbq, nothing to die for but nothing I'd die of. In the end I had a good time because I had lowered expectations, I ate, and I enjoyed the company I was with. :)

My only complaint was Trani ran out of cupcakes, but I can always walk over to the North End and try one.

Good Fried Chicken - particularly in Dorchester/Roxbury?

Lol, yeah there's something about those cheap drinks that makes anyone age a little more than normal....or at least seem older. You definitely see some individuals in there.

And I haven't been there in about 3-4 years, but I go past it almost everyday -- still the same amount of cars out front especially on game day. Plus, I have friends who go there about every other month and they haven't told me anything to lead me to think it's any different.

Also, the sides like mac n' cheese and collards are good. That's my one beef with certain places that make soul food and bbq. They focus so much on the meat but serve up some horrible sides -- almost like they were an afterthought.

ps...I've seen women play dominios. Got beat by em', too. :)

Good Fried Chicken - particularly in Dorchester/Roxbury?

Packy's Pub on Blue Hill Ave is known for it's fried chicken, epecially the wings. It's not chain fried chicken, it's more like the type you'd get for Sunday dinner in the church basement.

Topsfield Fair Eats

I went last week and had the apple crisp w/ vanilla ice cream from Learned's. It was absolutely delicious! In fact, I went online to see if they offered this someplace outside the fair, but no luck.

As for the rest of the fair offerings, besides the soup bowls and Kowloon's serving up combo plates, it did seem pretty standard. I was hoping to find some nice country slow-cooked BBQ, but unless my nose failed me (which hardly ever happens)...again, no luck.

Have fun.

Nordic Lodge

Hey, thanks for the replies. It was kind of what I expected to hear. But on the bright side I guess I'm fortunate on two fronts. I do like lobster and I won't be paying for it! I hope the drinks are good.

Nordic Lodge

Ever since I heard about the all you can eat lobster, seafood, and steak at this place I've been dying to try it out. But with the $70 per person price tag I've been hesitant to make the trip down to Charleston, RI. Well, I just received two gift certificates from work so now its looks like I'll be trying it out sooner than I thought.

Has anyone else been there? If so, what was your experience like? They seem to have a pretty extensive buffet menu. Any favorites or things to stay away from? As you can probably tell I'm trying to go down with a game plan. The worst thing is coming home from a buffet and saying, "Man, I really should have had some of that."

Finally tried Chacarero (OK) and Beard Papa (WOW!) downtown...

Damn, red peppers....just when I thought I had kicked the habit.

Finally tried Chacarero (OK) and Beard Papa (WOW!) downtown...

As twentyoystahs said, green beans. They come on the Chacarero original, along with cheese, avacado paste, some sort of hot sauce, and salt and pepper. The also offer a bbq sandwich, but I've never had one and the differences between the two aren't spelled out on the menu.

Finally tried Chacarero (OK) and Beard Papa (WOW!) downtown...

Former Chacarero junkie here.

Having worked downtown for almost a decade I think one of the main attractions to this place has been that it's just a little bit different from the rest. Just about every corner you turn around here there is a deli/sub/bagel/salad/Italian shop with little variation to what they offer on the menu. I agree that the ingredients are simple, but I think it's the combination (plus being in close proximity to most offices) that makes it a hit. And I admit when I first discovered it I spent a whole summer overdosing on the large combo with extra beans, cheese, and sauce. Now I just occasionally go there (before 11:30am to avoid the line) when I need a meat and heat fix.