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Best Banana Bread

good banana bread is so easy to make. takes little time. and nothing beats it right out of the oven.

Intelligentsia Coffee By The Pound - Can Anyone Explain Its Prices?

with Intelli beans, they give 10% + more than fair trade to the farmers.
as people are becoming less selfish, the idea of value shifts.

Mar 19, 2014
chocohead in Chicago Area

Toronto and fine SUSHI, is there such a thing or am I lost in translation....?

i havent had good sushi in toronto. That being said, i'm sure that if i spent a ton of money, it's possible.
That reality is fairly typical for much of toronto's good restos. i'm glad it's changing.

amadei chocolate

you must be mistaken. 'a taste for chocolate' has incredibly inflated prices. i could understand if they were on queen and had crazy high rent, but come on.

Uzel- Artisanal Turkish olives, olive oil

i have only been to Uzel once. bought 3 bags of olives.
... the olives were good but not great. wondering what the hype surrounding this place is for.

momofuku toronto

was just at the noodle bar at momofuku.
there was skill in the food, that is certain. but in both me and my sister's bowl, there was no salt or seasoning. hers had a square of nori and both of ours had pickled mushroom. but aside from that, bland city. maybe it was just an off night.

Ace on Roncesvalles...anyone know what is going on?

just went today for lunch. had some quinoa with finely chopped greens in it. it was pretty nice, but 16 isnt the right price for this. this should be a $9 dish. i dont get it.
also had swordfish on greens with a tomato sauce thing going on. it was good. nothing special.
the service was very good, mind you.

Bi Bim Bap craving...

ive had bbb in a fair amount of places. my favourite is at Roll House at Bloor and Euclid. very nice.


overrated . ive only been once back in the summer.
the service was apathetic. didnt get served our food for 45 minutes and the waiter didnt care. didnt say a thing.
i ordered a steak. it was really good, but for the price, it aint not thang.

Breakfast/Brunch during the week?

the Federal on Dundas east of Dufferin is open weekdays for brunch and is very nice. and for those grumbling about brunch wait times : if it's the weekend, it's generally 20 minutes or more at the good spots. toronto is brunch crazy and that's the way she goes.
what i do for brunch is eat a snack before i leave the house. that way if you are waiting, you wont get all pissy and ruin the mood

Uzel- Artisanal Turkish olives, olive oil

went there today. made a special trip actually. unimpressed. i'll stick to the nut house's olives.

Best places to buy pistachio nuts in the GTA , recommendations please?

the Nuthouse. bloor and emerson

Rikishi Rules!

really nice food. and if you are in the area and dont feel like ethiopian or korean, this is one of your best choices along with banjara japanese food made by actual japanese. what a novel idea, toronto. haha.
and the decor is a little old, but it's got charm. this place is real. better than most of the poorly conceptualized modern endeavours you see so much of.
anyone know how long RIkishi has been around? im curious.
been wanting to try their nabe. anyone had it?

Cheapest, High Quality Organic Coffee Beans

shouldnt the question include 'fair trade'? organic is garbage if the farmers are getting shafted.

Hirut...oh dear :(

the last time i went, it was way above average. i recommend going.

Anywhere in Toronto come close to 48 cents/lb ($1.06/kg) for frozen basted turkey I paid in Buffalo?

you get what you pay for. cheap birds pumped with hormones. maybe consider paying more and treating yourself right. life is short

Looking For a Restaurant/Bar Serving Belgian Delirium in Toronto

the tranzac has it on tap.

Why didn't my sweet potato fries get crispy??!!

i tried parboiling them and then oven baking them. the parboiling took out most of the flavour and left the sweet potato bland. i dont recommend this.

Jan 23, 2011
chocohead in Home Cooking

Madras Masala ?? next to Banjara....

just went there today for lunch for the first time. i ordered the mutton biryani. good service and really nice flavours in the dish.
. why two stars? because it was literally 90% rice and 10% mutton. really? has mutton become such an expensive delicacy?
also, i ordered the indian coffee. instant coffee with milk $2.
anyway...reading all these reviews makes me want to go back, but i honestly cant afford to eat out that much and i dont want to walk out of there with the same dissatisfaction.

Madras Masala
Toronto ON, Toronto, ON , CA

great seafood downtown

thanks. been meaning to visit oysterboy for some time now. I am curious about Little Italy or college in general. i've seen a few places up there...but i am hesitant to just chose one. so often i eat out and pay my hard earned dough for food i could do a better job of. I'm sure i am not alone in that.

great seafood downtown

oh i was asking for mains under 30. i checked out the website for rodney's. looks good. sushi isnt something i would take her out for...she has had such good sushi (and for much cheaper) out west that she would be too easily disappointed. Starfish looks good too and ... ah i dont know.
any other thoughts?

Honey / best of College-Ossington

hmmm. i tried the brunch once and wont be back. it was fun, yeah, but the food was pretty average.

great seafood downtown

Hello all.
My sister is coming in from the west coast and she is a vegetarian that eats seafood (don't ask). anyway, i am looking to find a great place for seafood in the GTA that is under $30. Also, we don't like white tablecloths and the like.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as i haven't had the opportunity to try many restaurants in this town.

Best Eggs Benny in T.O

check this out - today i went for brunch and for ten dollars i got...
a quality fruit salad with homemade yogurt
delicous eggs benedict on a whole grain english muffin (choice of backbacon or ham)
& a choice of coffee (i-deal) with Irish cream whiskey or a mimosa
that is the only thing made there, but it is pretty fantastic. nice details.
it is a new thing at the Tranzac (on brunswick just south of Bloor) only on Sundays

Best Espresso in the city...

who uses freshly roasted beans in toronto though? i know i-deal roasts their own, but there has to be more

BEST cookie in T.O - Le Gourmand

it's too bad about the atmosphere at le gourmand. the employees dont look so happy. makes me wonder about the owners. then again, i might be down if i had to serve all the princesses that go in there.
nice food though

Craving Croissants!!

hmmm . clafouti? really? their croissants aren't so all. it's a pitty, because the owner is a good guy.
patachou on the other hand is great

Possible to get good jarred Mole in TO?

buy the mole everyone buys . what you do is add ingredients to it. good chocolate, ground toasted pumpkin seeds.... everyone does it different

New Authentic Mexican food on Bloor (wed only)

i've been. the chef's name is julian. taught from his mother.
i only went once and just had guacamole but it was great. he was saying that not this wednesday but the wednesday after, he is changing the menu. something about chile poblanos (stuffed chile peppers), mole, and shrimp tostatas...aaaaahmmmmm . i am getting hungry

Making perogies [moved from Ontario board]

fair enough. i will have to remember that.
on a side note, i am making some from scratch tomorrow. ugh man. is there anything better than homemade perogies? really. the grocery store variety is like comparing a kit-kat with a Domori chocolate bar.

Oct 17, 2006
chocohead in Home Cooking